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Sarah Chalke biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sarah Louise Christine Chalke


actress, model

Birth Date

August 27, 1976


46 years

Zodiac Sign



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Handsworth Secondary School



Sarah Chalke family members

Father's Name

Doug Chalke

Mother's Name

Angie Chalke

Siblings names

Natasha Chalke (older sister), Piper Chalke (younger sister)

Is Sarah Chalke a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Sarah Chalke marital status?


How many children does she have?

2 (son Charlie Afifi and daughter Frances Afifi)

Surely, you have already seen Sarah Chalke in one of the numerous movies and TV series she used to take part in. She portrayed Ted Mosby’s fiancée Stella Zinman in the super popular series “How I Met Your Mother.” Then, she acted as Dr. Elliot Reid in the medical series “Scrubs,” the set of which she was busy during nine seasons. She also starred in big-screen movies, like the American thriller “Kill Me Later.” But Sarah is not just a popular actress, but she is also a family-oriented person. Let’s have a closer look at her family members!

Sarah Chalke husband

Jamie Afifi (ex-partner; babies’ father)

Date of birth: circa 1973

Sarah has never been married officially, but for 19 years, she was romantically linked to Jamie Gamal Afifi. They met in 2003 and immediately fell in love. Three years later, Jamie proposed to Sarah during their vacation in Hawaii. She said, “Yes!” but the wedding ceremony had never happened. Nevertheless, Jamie and Sarah parented two kids. The couple canceled their engagement in September 2002. They are not an item anymore.

Jamie Afifi was born in Canada. He was educated at the prestigious St. John’s-Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After school, he joined his peers at the University of Toronto, where he studied law. He used to work in the law firm “Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP.”

Currently, Jamie resides in Los Angeles, CA. He is a partner at the entertainment law company “Ziffren Brittenham, LLP.” Jamie stays out of the limelight, so the details of his private life are not publicized. Nevertheless, it’s known that he remained on friendly terms with his ex-wife Sarah. They stay connected as the doting co-parents who care about their kids’ interests.

Sarah Chalke kids

Charlie Afifi (son)

Date of birth: December 24, 2009

Jamie and Sarah welcomed their firstborn a day before Christmas in 2009. It was a boy, and later Sarah confessed that she was not ready to become his mother. She comes from a family with three girls, so she was sure she would become a girl’s mom. Although she witnessed some challenges at first, she soon got used to being a boy’s mother.

Sarah’s son was just two years old when he was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. It is an autoimmune health disorder, which is characterized by blood vessel inflammation. One of the difficulties, which Kawasaki illness can cause, is heart disorder. It took some time till Charlie’s diagnosis was discovered. The popular mother confessed that misdiagnoses are a popular problem for patients with Kawasaki.

In one of “Grey’s Anatomy” episodes, Chalke portrayed a mother of a Kawasaki-diagnosed child.

Sarah and her co-parent Jamie made their son’s diagnosis public to support people in similar situations. Sarah said in her interviews that it took her a lot of time to understand how she could cure her son. “There’s no similar Kawasaki treatment, but don’t fall into despair,” she says to parents with Kawasaki-diagnosed kids.

Charlie is home-schooled. Sarah doesn’t share his pictures on social media. But she tells a lot about the boy in her interviews. She said that Charlie is a big fan of car-animated films.

Frances Afifi (daughter)

Sarah Chalke kids

Date of birth: April 28, 2016

Sarah was so happy to be a boy’s mother – she liked to arrange car races and lightsaber fights with Charlie. But then she got a chance to understand another kind of mother’s happiness – she welcomed a baby girl with her then-partner Jamie. The actress named her daughter “Frances” after her great-grandfather from her maternal side.

Who are Sarah Chalke parents?

Doug Chalke (father)

Sarah Chalke father

Sarah’s father is still a Canadian resident. But the distance doesn’t prevent the daughter and father from being close. In her Instagram, Sarah wrote on Father’s Day that she “had won the dad lottery.”

Doug is still a Canadian resident. He resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and serves as the collaborative lawyer and mediator. For many years he has been solving family disputes and helping people to settle the right family relationships after the divorce etc.

Doug has been running the company “Resolution Law” since 2014. Previously, he was a partner at “Chalke & Co” law firm.

Angie Chalke (mother)

Sarah Chalke mother

Angela Piper Chalke, or Angie” is a mediator, too. With her husband, she ran an adoption agency, which helped families from Canada to adopt kids from poorer countries. Angie was born in the large German city of Rostock. As Sarah’s maternal part of the family comes from Germany, she used to learn the language of that country at school twice a week. Nowadays, the actress is fluent in German and can speak French a little, too.

Sarah Chalke siblings

Natasha Chalke (older sister)

Natasha Chalke older sister Sarah Chalke

Date of birth: 1974

Sarah was blessed with two sisters. The older of them is Natasha Chalke. The woman tries to stay away from the public eye, so we know about her just a few facts shared by her sister. First of all, Natasha resides in Sechelt, British Columbia. She studied law at the University of British Columbia. For more than 20 years, she has been serving as the director at Sunrise Family Services Society, the government-licensed adoption agency.

Natasha is completely involved in her work – she supports and educates parents from Canada and USA who plan to adopt a kid. She is a person with a busy schedule, but she doesn’t share anything about her after-work life. So, we don’t know anything about her personal life.

The actress confessed in one of her Instagram posts that she was very close with her sister. She had just a one-year age difference with Natasha. They have always been very close.

Piper Chalke (younger sister)

Piper Chalke

Date of birth: 1988

Piper was born when Sarah had already turned 13. That made her “a big sister,” and she liked that role very much. Till now, Piper and she maintain friendly relationships despite the busy schedules of both.

Piper stays out of the radar, and she is very private on social media. But she told herself that she was a traveler, dog lover, and adventure seeker.

Sarah Chalke yonger sister

Sarah’s younger sister earns her living as a family physician. As a doctor, she travels a lot to cure people in different parts of our planet. Mostly, Piper deals with female health and maternity care. Currently, she resides with her family in Metchosin, Canada.

In her interviews, Sarah used to tell that her younger sister – a doctor – inspired her to care about herself and maintain her health.

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