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Supa Peach biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Supa Peach


YouTube star, singer, dancer

Birth Date

March 7, 2003


17 years

Zodiac Sign



British Virgin Islands



Supa Peach family members

Mother's Name


Siblings names

older sister Precious Peach and 3 other older siblings

Is Supa Peach a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Supa Peach marital status?


Who are Supa Peach parents?


The name of her father and any other info about him aren’t publicized. In one of her Instagram posts she confessed her fans, that she had never had a daddy, and actually, her brother was the dad figure in her life.

Josetta (mother)

Supa Peach mother

photo instagram / _supapeach

Her mother’s name is Josetta. Obviously, she is a part of her daughter’s life. Josetta went into the limelight when she supported her daughter at The Rapper Game set. Then Supa was involved into a conflict with another participant Miss Mulatto.

Supa Peach siblings

Precious Peach (older sister)

Precious Peach

photo instagram / preciouslondyn

Date of birth: April 8, 1995

Supa Peach has an older sister Londyn, to whom she is really close. The young woman is widely known as “Precious Peach”. She serves as her sister’s manager and helps Supa develop her career of a YouTube star and an aspiring rapper. Londyn has a small daughter. Supa’s fans know her as “Mini Peach”. The girl has already launched her channel.

In addition to Precious Peach, Supa has a twin brother and 2 other siblings. She is the youngest child in the family. From Supa’s Instagram posts it’s obvious, that she is a family person and likes each her brother and sister so much!


It seems, that everything goes wonderful for Supa Peach, or Peaches, as the 16-year-old teenager is named in a tight family circle.  She tours around USA and performs in front of the huge army of her fans, which enlarges every single day. She has presented her new music video on the song “4 Wheeler” and released the set of songs “VII S.O.S.”.

The girl was born on the Virgin Islands and raised in Puerto Rico. From there her family moved to Atlanta, USA. Since the age of 10, she started to perform in front of the audience. Supa’s talent for rapping and dancing was obvious.

Supa Peach bio

photo instagram / preciouslondyn

She gained the first recognition as a social media personality. Supa launched her eponymous YouTube channel in July 2012 and it boasts with 416k subscribers now. She uploads her dancing and music videos and positions herself as a singer, dancer, and a model. Her music video to the song “Numero Uno” gained circa 757k views. She has a large fan base on Instagram and Twitter, too.

As a social media star, Supa Peach was noticed by a famous producer and Grammy holder James Worthy. He invited her and four other young rappers to participate in the contest show “The Rap Game”, which aired on Lifetime. Although Supa didn’t become a winner, and thus wasn’t signed with So So Def Recordings (the main prize on the show), she made her name popular due to her talented songs, vivid dancing movements, and conflicts with other participants. Mostly she had the confrontation with Miss Mulatto, who actually won the first prize.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Supa keeps her personal life in secret, so nobody of her fans know, if she had already dated anyone. She is speculated to be single now.
  2. She considered herself as the best participant on “The Rap Game” and told, that she didn’t demonstrate her rapping skills in full, because producers forced her to be someone she actually wasn’t.
  3. She is a very religious person and speaks about God in each her public interview.
  4. In 2018 Supa gave acting a chance. She appeared in the film “Groove Street”, starring Claudia Wells and Ryan Ochoa, in 2018.
  5. Her height is 5 ft and weight is 90, 5 pounds.
  6. She is really thankful to her fans, with whom Supa prefers to stay in touch through social media. Unlike other celebs, she is always ready to answer their messages and tells, that her success is inspired by their love.
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  • Jazmyn Stokes says:

    Supa Peach I am a year older than you and I want to learn more about you so you can give me your number and we can start from there and we can call each other when ever we want.I want to have her as bf and gf.

  • Leonard ross says:

    I want to have her as bf and gf

  • Leonard ross says:

    Supa Peach I am a year older than you and I want to learn more about you so you can give me your number and we can start from there and we can call each other when ever we want

  • Leonard ross says:

    Supa Peach I am a year older than you and I want to learn more about you so you can give me your number and we can start from there

  • Roger Rabbit says:

    You guys need to investigate your Bios before posting lies. I have known Supa since birth and she has never lived in Puerto Rico their family is actually from Augusta, Ga prior to moving to Atlanta, Ga and Supa’s grandmother still lives there today. There is whole lot of lies being posted on the internet about this family you should dig deeper.