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Kim Scott biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kimberly Anne Scott


celeb's relative, freelance illustrator

Birth Date

January 9, 1975


48 years

Zodiac Sign



Warren, Michigan, United States


Lincoln High School



Kim Scott family members

Father's Name

Casimer Sluck

Mother's Name

Kathleen Scott

Siblings names

Dawn Scott (twin sister)

Is Kim Scott a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Kim Scott marital status?


Who is Kim Scott husband?

Eminem (ex-husband)

How many children does she have?

4 (Alaina Marie Mathers, Hailie Jade Mathers, Parker Scott, Whitney Scott Mathers)

Kim Scott relatives


Very often celebrities change their girlfriends and wives like they were toys. But not in the case of Eminem, who loved one and the same woman for almost 20 years. Kim knew him before his fame and gave him a daughter Hailie, the only biological kid of a scandalous rapper.

Kimberly Anne Scott was born in Warren, Michigan, United States in the family of Casimer Sluck and his wife Kathleen. She is one of the twins. Her sister’s name is Dawn. The girls studied at Lincoln High School. Her mother split from their biological father when they were in primary school age. Kim and Dawn were raised by a stepfather.

Kim Scott ex wife eminem bio

Not much is known about Kim’s early years, but she went into the limelight in the late 1980s, when she started dating an aspiring young rapper Eminem. They met during a party at a mutual friend’s house when both were in their teens. Soon after their meeting, Kim moved to Eminem’s house. Then he shared it with his mother. Kim took her twin sister Dawn with her. The girls tried to save themselves from their alcohol-addicted parents. Later both of them became drug addicted, too. Kim managed to cope with it, but her sister couldn’t stop. In January 2016 she died from an overdose.

Kim and Em were engaged for several years but tied the knot only in 1999 when their daughter turned 4. Their marriage lasted just 2 years only, and then the couple divorced. After that, for 5 years Kim dated different men, and with some of them, she had kids. As different sources say, Kim is a biological mother to three children. Except for Hailie, she also welcomed a daughter Whitney, who later was officially adopted by Eminem, with a partner Eric Hatter. She is rumored to have a son Parker Scott, too. She adopted her sister’s daughter Alaina because Dawn couldn’t care about a girl.

In 2006 Kim and Eminem briefly reconciled and even got married again, but just for 1 month. Thus, she gained the title of Eminem’s ex-wife twice. After that, they separated, but till now remain friends and good parents to their kids. She earns her living as a freelance illustrator.

Interesting and fun facts

Kim Scott photo

photo instagram / funclubkim

  1. Kim met Eminem at the age of 13. The rapper popped the question after the birth of their daughter Hailie. They tied the knot four years later, in 1999. Their marriage, which consisted of poverty, drug addiction, and care for an infant, lasted for 2 years. In 2001 Kim filed for divorce. She accused her husband of cheating on her with his female fans. Nevertheless, in 2006 two school sweethearts reconciled and re-married. Unfortunately, this time their marriage was even shorter – they separated after a month of married life.
  2. Eminem’s ex-wife was arrested for driving under influence with a suspended license in 2003. It was proved in court that she drove unsafe, possessed drugs, and was drunk at the moment of arrest.
  3. In 2015 the woman tried to commit suicide. She drank too much and then got into a car in order to crash herself in the vehicle. She caused a car accident and was taken to the police.
  4. Eminem suffered after his conflicts with Kim. He devoted cruel and angry lines to his wife in his songs. Once he even wrote a song about Kim’s murder, named “97 Bonnie and Clyde”. He secretly recorded his daughter’s voice as the sound addition to the song. That shocked Kim.
  5. Kim and her sister had had a quarrel just before Dawn’s death. Then drug-addicted woman demanded from Kim and her ex-husband Eminem money for drugs and other needs. She died in a trailer, and her early departure frustrated both, her sibling and a popular rapper.
  6. She is clean for now and devotes all her free time to her kids.
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