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Annie LeBlanc biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Julianna Grace LeBlanc


YouTube star, gymnast

Birth Date

December 5, 2004


18 years

Zodiac Sign



Augusta, Georgia, United States





Annie LeBlanc family members

Father's Name

Billy LeBlanc

Mother's Name

Katie LeBlanc

Siblings names

Hayley Noelle (younger sister), Caleb LeBlanc (older brother)

Is Annie LeBlanc a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Annie LeBlanc marital status?

In relation

Who is Annie LeBlanc husband?

Asher Angel (boyfriend since 2018)

Annie LeBlanc family

Who are Annie LeBlanc parents?

Billy LeBlanc (father)

Billy LeBlanc

photo instagram / officiallydadtayley

Date of birth: January 18, 1980

He became popular as the member of a celebrated YouTube family. Billy appears from time to time at Bratayley channel.

Billy Joseph LeBlanc entered this world in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He worked at a famous movie and video game provider Blockbuster LLC. There he crossed the way with his future wife Katie. They started dating, and soon he proposed the pretty black-haired woman. They got married, and welcomed three talented kids, one of which passed away in 2015. During many years he served at US Navy. In addition, the man gained popularity as a YouTube personality.

 Annie LeBlanc father

photo instagram / officiallydadtayley

Although most part of young viewers knows Billy just as Annie’s father, he has made great career of his own either. He founded the channel “TruthPlusDare”. The secret aim of it is to promote young YouTubers, to help them gain larger audience. At his channel Billy demonstrates videos with cute witty kids. They fulfill funny tasks and jokingly accept challenges.

Inspired by the success of his first channel, Mr. LeBlanc soon created another one, titled OMMyGoshTV, which was also targeted to entertain kids, too. Billy doesn’t appear in Annie’s vids too often, but he is usually present as a narrator, so he has a hand in his daughter’s success. Obviously, Mr. LeBlanc is a loving and supportive dad.

Katie LeBlanc (mother)

Katie LeBlanc mother Annie

photo instagram / annieleblanc

Date of birth: July 23, 1980

Katie LeBlanc is the matriarch of the famous YouTube breed. She was born in Oklahoma, there she attended school. Having graduated, Annie’s mother found a job at Blockbuster LLC. There she met Billy, fell in love with him and later married him. They welcomed two daughters and a son.

As for now, Katie is not so active in social media, like other members of her family. Nevertheless, she helps her husband and children create high-quality vids. She is a narrator at their channel. In addition, the woman curates the content, making their videos interesting and bright.

Annie LeBlanc parents

Obviously, Katie can serve as a role model for many moms all over the world. Her main activity is caring about her children and making her house cozy and neat. During the videos she puts her talented kids in the centre. The woman herself stays behind the camera and motivates Annie and her sister Hayley to express themselves. In addition, she assists her husband in developing his channel “OMMyGoshTV”.

Annie LeBlanc siblings

Hayley Noelle (younger sister)

Hayley Noelle sister Annie LeBlanc

photo instagram / hayley.leblanc

Date of birth: September 2, 2008

Hayley Noelle LeBlanc is the living proof of the fact that to become a star, one should be born with it. She became a YouTube little sweetheart at a very early age. She rose to fame as the regular participant of vids at Bratayley.

Like her older sister earlier, she attends gymnastic classes. The girl is a dancing enthusiast and a small, but talented cook.

Hayley is a pupil of Indian Creek School. It was her decision to avoid home education and visit a public school in spite of her tough schedule. The girl considers teaching as a career. Hayley and Annie are very close.

Caleb LeBlanc (older brother)

Caleb LeBlanc brother Annie

Date of birth: July 13, 2002

Date of death: Oct 1, 2015

Every family has its own tragedy. Unfortunately, LeBlancs had to deal with it, too. In 2015 they lost the member of their family – the oldest son and brother Caleb LeBlanc.

His birthplace was Georgia. The boy rose to fame as a member of the popular YouTube family. He appeared in the vids alongside his sisters, and also developed his own channel “Blazenoutlaws”, devoted to various video games.

Caleb died from heart disorder in autumn, 2015. He was just 13 years old at the moment of his death.


Annie LeBlanc bio

photo instagram / annieleblanc

The teen star Annie LeBlanc is celebrated as an actress, athlete and performer. She rose to the international fame as the co-founder of two successful YouTube channels. Her first one self-titled channel boasts with millions of fans. The other one, titled “Bratayley”, has more than 5 million viewers. She creates videos for the channel in the company of her parents and sister.

At first Annie uploaded vids from her gymnastic classes. In fact, she had been visiting gym since she turned 2. A year later with her help of her parents she founded a YouTube channel, where she posted her workouts and excerpts from her public performances.

Annie LeBlanc photo

photo instagram / annieleblanc

In August, 2017 LeBlanc, who has already turned into a bright YouTube star, stopped doing gym. Since then she has been developing her career in other direction – musical. At first Annie began posting her tracks through app. Unexpectedly for her, she gained 13 million fan base. That inspired her to release music video. In summer, 2017 in the company of her friend and social media star Hayden Summerall she recorded a cover of Alex & Sierra song “Little Do You Know”. The song gained incredible success, and Annie decided to continue career of a singer. In November, 2017 she presented her first original song “Ordinary Girl”. At the beginning of 2018 she went on tour for the first time. In May that very year she presented her debut compilation album “Lolipop”.

In spite of being extremely busy with career of a singer, YouTuber and with studying (the girl is homeschooled), she finds time to try her hand in other activities. For example, not long ago Annie began career of an actress. She was cast as Rhime to the family series “Chicken Girls”, produced by digital network Brat.

Interesting and fun facts

Annie LeBlanc Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / annieleblanc

  1. She is 5 ft 3 in tall. She weighs approximately 95 pounds.
  2. Her favorite colors are green and coral.
  3. She likes animals. In the company of other members of her family Annie cares about three dogs, named Gigi, Winnie and Piper.
  4. In spite of her young age, Annie earns even more than some adults. The girl gets a solid income from her YouTube videos. As for now, her net worth is estimated at $500, 000. By the way, the wealth of all LeBlanc family members is close to $2, 5 million.
  5. She is in her teens, and seems too young for dating anyone. But the small celebrity has already been romantically linked to another social media star, named Hayden Summerall. She recorded a song in collaboration with Hayden, and after that the fans of both invented a romantic story about them too. Later that story inspired online series “Chicken Girls”.
  6. Since 2018 she has been dating an actor Asher Angel.
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