Eminem biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Marshall Bruce Mathers III


rapper, record producer, songwriter

Birth Date

October 17, 1972


50 years

Zodiac Sign



St. Joseph, Missouri, United States


Lincoln High School



Eminem family members

Father's Name

Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr.

Mother's Name

Deborah Rae Nelson

Siblings names

Nathan Kane Samara (half-brother), Sarah Mathers (half-sister), Michael Mathers (half-brother)

Is Eminem a gay/bisexual?


What is Eminem marital status?


Who is Eminem wife?

Kimberly Anne Scott (ex-wife)

How many children does he have?

3 (daughter Hailie Jade Mathers, adopted daughters Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers)

Eminem relatives

Eminem wife

Kim Scott (ex-wife; tied a knot twice)

Eminem ex-wife Kim Scott

photo instagram / kimscottmathers

Date of birth: January 9, 1975

Eminem kids

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers (daughter with Kim Scott)

Eminem kids doughter

photo instagram / hailiescott1

Date of birth: December 25, 1995

Alaina Marie Scott Mathers (adopted daughter)

Alaina Marie Scott Mathers

photo instagram / alainascottt

Date of birth: May 3, 1993

Whitney Scott Mathers (Kim Scott daughter, adopted by him)

Whitney Scott Mathers

photo instagram / whitneyscott8

Date of birth: April 16, 2002

Who are Eminem parents?

Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. (father)

Eminem father

photo instagram / mathers.marshall.bruce

Date of birth: June 30, 1951

Date of death: June 26, 2019

Deborah Rae Nelson (mother)

Eminem mother

Date of birth: January 6, 1955

Eminem siblings

Nathan Kane Samara (maternal half-brother)

Eminem siblings

photo instagram / nathankanemathers

Date of birth: February 3, 1986

Sarah Mathers (paternal half-sister)

Michael Mathers (paternal half-brother)



Eminem bio

photo instagram / eminem

American rapper, music producer and composer, he is considered as one of the best-selling performers in the world. In addition, Eminem is the holder of fifteen Grammy awards and an Oscar for the best soundtrack to the movie “8 Mile”, where he portrayed the main hero, too.

Raised by a single mother, he passed through a lot of troubles on his way to stardom (most of which were described in his songs). He attended school in black neighborhoods in Detroit, MI and was the only white boy in his classroom. He was bullied for that, and one day the group of his classmates even beat him almost to death. After that his mother took her son and moved to Kansas City.

He started to rap at the age of 13, after listening to Ice-T album “Reckless”. Around that time he decided to rap professionally and started to write songs. Then he left school and began to rap full-time.

At first he combined career of a musician with work of a waiter in the nearest restaurant. In spite of incredibly tough schedule, he released the first album “Infinite” in 1996. It got modest reviews, but that didn’t stop the artist and he continued working and developing his skills.

He rose to stardom after release of the album “Slim Shady LP”, which he prepared in collaboration with Dr. Dre. As for now, the rapper boasts with 10 studio albums, and most of them were ranked as platinum.

Interesting and fun facts

Eminem facts

photo instagram / eminem

  1. He created his stage moniker “Eminem”, having taken the initial letters of his real name – Marshall Mathers. The he created his other nickname – Slim Shady, when he was sitting in WC. By the way, Shady is his violent and aggressive alter ego. He invented him after a string of loud quarrels with his wife Kim.
  2. Eminem is single now. In spite of his short-term online flirt with Nicki Minaj, he is not dating anyone and is not married. When the singer is asked about that, he tells, that he would gladly marry a good woman if someone shows her to him.
  3. When the rapper was in his 20s, he participated in a shooting accident and was arrested for that.
  4. He hated the rapper Vanilla Ice and envied his success at first.
  5. As his ex-wife, Kim tells, Eminem is a very good loving father.
  6. His hobbies are football and basketball.
  7. He likes fast food and often eats at the Taco Bell chain of restaurants.
  8. His favorite color is blue. His favorite movie is “Scarface”. His favorite rappers are Tupac Shakur and Jay-Z.
  9. In November 2022 he got a star in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  10. As of 2022, Eminem has 11 studio albums on his resume. He released the latest one, “Music to Be Murdered by”, in January 2020. It immediately became the Number One album on Billboard 200. Many famous hip-hop artists are featured on the album. DJ Premier, Dr, Dre, and Skylar Grey are among them.
  11. The rapper collaborates with many famous artists. Thus, he presented the track “From the D to the LBC” with Snoop Dogg in June 2022. He also joined Kanye (Ye) West to perform the Use This Gospel remix for DJ Khaled’s new set of songs “God Did”.
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