Sarah Mathers

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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sarah Mathers


celeb's relative, waitress


California, United States



Sarah Mathers family members

Father's Name

Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr

Siblings names

Michael Mathers (brother), Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) - older half-brother

Is Sarah Mathers a lesbian/bisexual?


Sarah Mathers relatives


Date of birth: circa 1998

Sarah has never met her paternal half-brother. She didn’t even know that she has an older half-brother till she turned 7. Around 2005 the girl understood that her older half-sibling is a legendary rapper. She wanted to meet him in person, and even began writing him letters, but had no response.

Sarah is Marshall Jr’s daughter from his second marriage. The identity of her mother wasn’t publicized, but it’s known, that her parents separated. Nevertheless, she stays in touch with her father (according to his own words). The girl resides in California and works as a waitress.

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