Deborah Rae Nelson

Deborah Rae Nelson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers


celeb's relative, author

Birth Date

January 6, 1955


64 years

Zodiac Sign



United States


Lancaster High School



Deborah Rae Nelson family members

Father's Name

Bob Nelson

Mother's Name

Betty Hixson

Siblings names

Steven Nelson, Todd Nelson, Betty Renee, Ronnie Polkinghorn

Is Deborah Rae Nelson a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Deborah Rae Nelson marital status?


Who is Deborah Rae Nelson husband?

John Briggs (husband); Marshall Mathers II, Berger Olsen Au Gres, Don De Marc, Fred J. Samara (ex-husbands)

How many children does she have?

2 (Marshall Bruce Mathers III and Nathan Kane Samra)

Deborah Rae Nelson relatives


Like his wife Kim, Em’s mother Debbie also inspired him to write some lines of his songs for her. It’s a pity, but these lines were not positive either. Obviously, the rapper had troubled relationship with his mom. He blamed her for his tough childhood and for the fact, that his father was estranged from him.

Later he learnt that Debbie was diagnosed with cancer. After receiving bad news, Eminem reconsidered his attitude towards mother and they made peace.

Deborah Rae Nelson spent most part of her early years in North Dakota. There her parents owned a house. She was born in the family of Betty Hixson and her then-husband Bob Nelson. Debbie had three brothers – Ronnie, Steven and Todd, and a sister Betty. Her sister is serving as a housekeeper at Em’s Clinton Township mansion at the present moment. Her brother Ronnie killed himself and brother Todd killed his wife’s relative, for which he was imprisoned.

Deborah Rae Nelson mother Eminem

Debbie led a partying lifestyle. She wasn’t interested in studying at Lancaster High School, and soon was dropped out from there. At the age of 16 she got pregnant from Marshall Bruce Mathers II. The young man proposed his pregnant girlfriend, after that they got married and Debbie moved to the house of her husband’s parent. There she gave a birth to the future music legend Marshall Bruce Mathers III, whom we know and love as Eminem.

Her marriage to Marshall Sr. didn’t last for long, and soon they separated. After that Debbie brought up her child as a single parent.

The woman didn’t like to work, she changed numerous odd jobs, but most part of her life she stayed unemployed. No need to say that their small family lived in poverty, and soon Em started to work himself to improve the financial situation.

Debbie was drug addicted, she constantly was in relationship with someone, and quite often got married officially. In general, she was married 5 times. From her marriage with Fred J. Samara she welcomed a son Nate, Em’s half-brother.

The rapper’s mother didn’t care about her kids. She abused them both, mentally and physically, and didn’t perform her parental duties. She suffered from a mental disorder, named “Munchausen syndrome”. The woman pretended, that her sons were ill, to gain support and compassion of people.

Eminem described his mother from negative side in his interviews. That inspired the woman to write a book, titled “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem”. There she told her side of the story, which differs a lot from Eminem’s. She co-authored the book with Neal Alpert.

As for now, Debbie is married to John Briggs. She is a breast cancer survivor. The woman has amicable relationships with her sons.

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