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Rome Flynn biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Rome Trumain Ceno Flynn


actor, musician, model

Birth Date

November 25, 1991


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Springfield, Illinois, United States


Lanphier High School



Rome Flynn family members

Father's Name

Rome Flynn Sr

Mother's Name

Nickey Alexander

Siblings names

Rekeea Jackson (older half-sister), Neko Flynn (younger brother), Kartel Flynn (younger brother), Steve Wooten, Jr. (younger half-brother), Neecole Wooten (younger half-sister), Love Burnes (younger half-sister), Wizdom Burnes (younger half-brother)

Is Rome Flynn a gay/bisexual?


What is Rome Flynn marital status?


How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Kimiko Flynn)

You may know Rome Flynn as a talented actor, model, and musician. His most popular screen roles are Zende in “The Bold and the Beautiful” (his big break), Wendell Ndugu in “Grey’s Anatomy”, Morris Mackey in “The Rookie” etc.

Rome decided to become a celebrity at the tender age of 10. His talent for entertaining people was obvious, as he always made his mother and siblings laugh, depicting Denzel Washington and other outstanding personalities. After his parents’ separation, Flynn spent some time in his father’s house and then left for Los Angeles with a couple of dollars in his pocket and a pack of old clothes. He tried several odd jobs to make ends meet and visited auditions.

His family members always believed in Rome’s talent, and that helped him to succeed. So, what do we know about the star’s family?

Rome Flynn wife

Molly Noriko Hurley (daughter’s mother).

Molly Noriko Hurley

Date of birth: August, 1993

Rome Flynn is officially single. He keeps his love life away from the radar. So, his fans have to guess, what lady has stolen his heart. Previously, he was romantically linked with a beautiful woman, named Molly Noriko Hurley. They lived together in 2012-2016. Before their separation, they welcomed a daughter Kimiko. Nowadays, Molly and Rome share joint custody over their kid.

Not much is known about Molly. She is a California resident nowadays, but previously she resided in Chicago, IL, where she met Rome. Molly used to work as a massage therapist. She is the daughter of Daniel Hurley (a businessman, who passed away in 2011) and Susan Wohlfarth Hurley. Molly has an older brother Jack and a younger brother Joseph.

Molly Noriko Hurley photo

After her separation from Rome, Molly started dating another man, whose name she kept in secret. Currently, her marital status is not defined. She seemed to have an alcohol addiction several years ago. But since 2021 Molly has stayed sober, about which she announced through her Instagram. The woman, who hated her reflection in the mirror in 2020, changed her life for the better within a couple of years. Now, she shares her positive experience with others.

Rome Flynn kids

Kimiko Flynn (daughter)

Rome Flynn daughter

Rome Flynn daughter

Date of birth: December 12, 2014

Rome Flynn is a family-oriented person, but he keeps his relatives away from the limelight. That’s why even his most devoted fans were not aware that their idol had already become a father. Rome announced his parenthood in a very unusual way. He appeared with his daughter in the CBS Soaps In Depth Christmas photo session.

The actor is very concerned about his father’s duties. He does a lot to be a supporter, protector, and provider for his kid. Commenting on his work in the series “Raising Dion”, Rome said that he used his parenthood experience while building relationships with the child star Ja’Siah Young, who portrayed the lead character on the show.

Rome Flynn kids

Kimiko and Rome share a deep father-daughter bond.

Who are Rome Flynn parents?

Rome Flynn Sr (father)

 Rome Flynn father

Rome Flynn father

Date of birth: August 7, 1972

Rome Jr. is biracial. In one of his interviews, he said, that he is of African-Cuban descent. He is a son of Rome Trumain Flynn Sr. Rome Sr. remained in his son’s life even after his divorce from his son’s mother. He stayed connected with Rome Jr., supported his decision to become an actor, and invited his son to move to his house in Peoria, IL. After that Flynn Jr. relocated to Los Angeles to start the career of an actor.

Rome Flynn Sr

Rome Sr. is a Chicago long-term resident. He grew up there. Rome’s parents both have already passed away. His mother died from cancer. Rome Sr. has a younger sister, named Pelarr Jackson. He is a Malcolm X College graduate.

He stays closely knitted with his kids and maintains amicable relationships with his ex-wife Nickey.

Nickey Alexander (mother)

Nickey Alexander

Date of birth: November, 1971

Rome’s mother is an amazing woman. Many people know her as Nickey, but her full name is Necole Tynett Alexander. She is a strong-willed and very beautiful woman. Besides, Nickey is her son’s biggest supporter and most devoted fan. In one of her interviews, Nickey confessed, that she has watched everything her son did on the screen, starting from commercials and ending with movies and TV shows.

Nickey separated from Rome’s father when her son was still a kid. After that, she got married and divorced several times. Nickey is a mother of eight children, and she brought them up mostly by force. That’s why she always served as a role model for Rome as due to her he knew that everything was possible.

Mrs. Alexander raised her children in Chicago, and that was a difficult task for her to keep them from making mistakes, so typical for young people in that area. Nickey confessed that she never let Rome and his siblings out of sight. Besides, her mother stayed with the kids, when she was away for work.

Nickey Alexander

For many years Nickey made her living as a convenience store manager. The woman worked very hard; still, her family lived in poverty. They used to reside in shelters and even once spent several nights in their car. Rome was 10 when he promised his mom to buy her a house if he became famous as an adult.  And he kept his word.

Nickey and her big family resided not just in Chicago, but also in Springfield, IL, and Madison, WI. Later she returned to Springfield and opened a restaurant “Nickey’s Place”, where she often arranges charity dinners for the homeless with her son Rome and other kids.

One day the proud mother Nickey attended the red-carpet event with Rome. She made a great photo with Beyonce.

Rome Flynn siblings

Rekeea Jackson (older half-sister)

Rekeea Jackson

Date of birth: June, 1989

Rome was blessed with 2 full brothers and 6 half-siblings from the maternal side. He is the second kid in his mother’s big family. His older sister is Rekeea Jackson. The woman earns her living as a makeup artist. She is married and has two sons and a daughter.

Neko Flynn (younger brother)

Neko Flynn

Date of birth: April, 1993

Neko Tavari Flynn is Rome’s younger brother, born from the same parents. He stepped onto the radar after visiting the Emmy Daytime ceremony with his brother. Neko tried to become a hip-hop star. Nowadays he stays away from the limelight.

Kartel Flynn (younger brother)

Kartel Flynn

Date of birth: February, 1996

Rome’s other full sibling is Kartel. He also supervised Rome at Emmy Daytime. Kartel is probably the most famous of Rome’s siblings. He is a digital content creator and musician. Kartel is a Wisconsin resident. He is married and has three kids, including a son Kartel Jr.

Rome Flynn brother

Steve Wooten, Jr. (younger half-brother)

Steve Wooten, Jr.

Date of birth: December 16, 1998

After her separation from Rome’s father, Nickey re-married Steve Wooten Sr. With him, she welcomed a son and a daughter, Rome’s younger half-siblings.

Steve Wooten, Jr. (younger half-brother)

The actor’s younger half-brother is talented, too, but in another area. Steve Jr. is an outstanding basketball player. Initially, he gained much public attention as a Mineral Area College student, who played basketball for the local team. Steve set several records while he was playing for Skyhawks Sports Academy. He took a short break in his career because of traumas but then returned to become an NBA professional.

As Rome was a skillful basketball player too, he shared this passion with his younger brother Steve.

Neecole Wooten (younger half-sister)

Neecole Wooten

Date of birth: 2001

Rome has a younger half-sister Neecole. She is the daughter of Nickey Alexander and her ex-husband Steve Wooten Sr.

Named after her mother, Neecole continued the family traditions and became a restaurateur. She works in her mother’s eating venue. Rome’s sister is a UW-Madison graduate.

Love Burnes (younger half-sister)

Love Burnes

Date of birth: circa 2007

Nickey re-married Windel Burnes after her separation from Steve Wooten Sr. With Windel, she welcomed two kids, including the daughter Love.

Currently, Love is a high school pupil. Her parents divorced, and she shared her time between their homes. Love is a cheerleader at her school.

Wizdom Burnes (younger half-brother)

Wizdom Burnes

Date of birth: May 2009

Wizdom is the youngest of Rome’s siblings. His mother had him back in 2009 with her ex-husband Windel Burnes. The boy is a school pupil. Like his older brothers, he is a talented basketball player. Nickey is very proud of her youngest boy, whom she calls “The King”.

Rome Flynn siblings

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