Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Ariel Rebecca Martin


YouTube sta, singer

Birth Date

November 22, 2000


22 years

Zodiac Sign



Florida, United States



Baby Ariel family members

Father's Name

Jose Martin

Mother's Name

Sharon Kremen Martin

Siblings names

King Jacob (younger brother)

Is Baby Ariel a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Baby Ariel marital status?

In relation

Baby Ariel family

photo instagram / sharone

Who are Baby Ariel parents?

Jose Martin (father)

Jose Martin

photo instagram / josemartin

Date of birth: July 31, 1972

Jose Martin currently resides in Pembroke Pines, FL with his spouse, daughter and son. He is a family man, who loves his wife of many years, Sharon, whom he calls his muse, and his two children, who make the world better for him.

Jose Luis Martin Jr. comes from Panama, from where he moved to New York to continue his education. The man studied at New York University and graduated with a bachelor degree in business. He earned an award for excellent studying during his years in the university. After that Mr. Martin was certified as a financial planner. He started his career at Gerstman & Martin financial group in 2003. During more than 12 years in financial management industry he gained reputation of a talented and passionate financial adviser. Ariel’s father put a lot of efforts to help his clients build the right financial strategies and achieve cloudless secured future.

 Baby Ariel father

photo instagram / josemartin

In 2013 Jose founded “LifeCraft Wealth Management” company, where he occupies the post of a President. The man is involved into a number of charity activities.

In spite of his serious profession, in his everyday life Jose Luis is an easy-going joyful person. He supports his daughter’s dream to become a singer and helps her develop career of a YouTuber. He appears in his daughter’s videos from time to time. In addition, he is the co-founder of the family channel “Meet the Martins”, where he posts funny family videos in the company of his kids and wife every week.

Sharon Kremen-Martin (mother)

Sharon Kremen-Martin

photo instagram / sharone

Date of birth: May 25, 1972

Ariel’s mother is her big friend and co-star of the major part of her videos. The woman is a social media celebrity, too. She is registered at the platform under the name “musical.lymom”.

Sharon spent her early years in New Jersey, USA. She was born in the family of two immigrants, who managed to build a successful business. Her father’s company “Intermark Industries” is known internationally as an electronics distributer. Ariel’s mother served as the marketing manager in the company, founded by her dad.  She met her future husband at a high school, and till now Jose and she are like loving birds. They have two talented beautiful kids – our today heroine Ariel and her brother Jacob.

Baby Ariel mother

photo instagram / sharone

The woman works in the company “LifeCraft Wealth Management”, founded by her husband. She serves as the Director of Marketing there.

Sharon is a successful career maker, but first of all, she is a wife and a mother. Except for Baby Ariel, she is also a parent to a son Jacob.

In 2022 she celebrated her 50th birthday in Italy with her beloved husband.

Baby Ariel siblings

King Jacob (younger brother)

King Jacob brother Baby Ariel

photo instagram / itsjacobelijah

Date of birth: March 31, 2004

Jacob Martin, who was better known under the name “King Jacob” is a social media star and younger sibling of Baby Ariel. He rose to fame as a participant in a platform, where he has an account, titled KingJacob8. The boy was just 11 years old, when he started posting pics and videos on various social media resources, including Instagram, YouTube (in collaboration with his older sister), YouNow, and others. Soon he gained an extensive following. In addition, he features in a family YouTube series “Meet the Martins”.


Baby Ariel bio

photo instagram / babyariel

Baby Ariel, whose real name is Ariel Martin, positions herself as an ordinary American girl. But everyone, who knows her, understands that she is not the typical teenager, she is a rising star and bright personality, who has already become a social media sensation, and obviously, it’s just the beginning.

She was born in the southern part of Florida in a family of two school sweethearts, Jose and Sharon Martin. Her maternal grandfather is a rich businessman and founder of an internationally popular company, which distributes high-quality electronics.

Ariel was 15 years old when she registered at musical.Ly, social media startup with headquarters in Shanghai. At first, she lip-synced one of Nicki Minaj’s songs and posted it at musical.Ly just for fun. Her video gained so many views, that she decided to continue, and soon the girl got the status of a stellar Muser.

She developed her initial success by creating an account on Instagram and launching a YouTube channel. The general amount of her followers on various online platforms is close to 16 million.

Not long ago she debuted as a singer. Ariel posted her first original song “Aww”, which was watched more than 47 million times. The music video got many positive comments from fans.

Interesting and fun facts

Baby Ariel Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / babyariel

  1. She is a devoted Justin Bieber fan.
  2. Before becoming popular, Ariel was a middle school pupil. She left public school after becoming an Internet star. Now she is homeschooled, and spends the major part of her time, recording new songs and videos for her channel.
  3. Her favorite cosmetics product is lipstick. Baby Ariel has many lipsticks of various colors, which she changes very often.
  4. The girl started a massive anti-bullying campaign. After becoming popular, Ariel had to deal with numerous assaulting negative comments from her haters. That inspired her to start #Arielmovement. She tries to support many teens all over the world, who became victims of bullying. The YouTuber teaches her followers how to overcome bullying and remain self-confident.
  5. She is the holder of the Teen Choice Award 2016.
  6.  Time magazine named Baby Ariel one of the most influential Internet personalities.
  7. She was previously dating another YouTube star, Blake Gray. Currently, Baby Ariel is in relations. Since 2020 she has been dating Milo Murphy, the Tik Tok star.
  8. In July 2021 she presented the debut set of songs “blue”. The mini-album consists of 6 tracks, which baby Ariel wrote by herself. She composed her songs during the pandemic, which influenced her mood. Besides, at that time the singer canceled the deal with the big record label and prepared her album independently. The songs turned out to be very deep and personal.
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