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Nick Cannon biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Nicholas Scott Cannon


TV host, actor, comedian

Birth Date

October 8, 1980


39 years

Zodiac Sign



San Diego, California, United States


Monte Vista High School



Nick Cannon family members

Father's Name

James Cannon

Mother's Name

Beth Hackett

Siblings names

four younger brothers

Is Nick Cannon a gay/bisexual?


What is Nick Cannon marital status?


Who is Nick Cannon wife?

Mariah Carey (ex-wife)

How many children does he have?

3 ( Moroccan Scott Cannon, Monroe Cannon, Golden Cannon)

nick cannon and mariah carey kids

photo instagram / nickcannon

Nick Cannon wife

Mariah Carey (ex-wife; were married in 2008-2016)

Nick Cannon ex wife Mariah Carey

photo instagram / mariahcarey

Date of birth: March 27, 1970

Nick Cannon kids

Nick Cannon baby (kids)

Moroccan Scott Cannon (son with Mariah Carey, one of the twins)

Moroccan Scott Cannon

photo instagram / demrocnroe

Date of birth: April 30, 2011

In spring, 2011 the famous singer Mariah Carey and a well-known standup comedian Nick Cannon became parents for the first time. They welcomed twins in one of LA clinics – the girl Monroe, who was born the first, and her brother Moroccan. By the way, the baby boy’s unusual name comes from Moroccan interior style. The walls of the room, where Nick proposed to Mariah were decorated in that way.

In spite of the fact that Nick and Mariah split, when their kids were just 3, the ex-America’s Got Talent host remains the inseparable part of his children life. As he told in his interview to “Us Weekly Video”, he spent holidays with Monroe, Moroccan and their mother. Mariah and he maintain amicable relationship for the comfort and happiness of their kids.

Cannon’s friends tell that Moroccan is the little copy of his father. By the way, the boy prefers the same style of clothing as his famous dad. He likes to wear sport-like clothes and prefers black and grey colors. When the boy was just 9 months old, he put a tuxedo for the first time. Then Moroccan visited BET Honors show with his father and mother.

Nick Cannon son

When Nick’s son turned 2, he had a chance to see his parents exchanging their wedding vows at Disneyland – in that way Cannon and Carey wanted to refresh their married life. But that didn’t work, and a year later they split.

Now Moroccan is a witty 7-year old boy and school pupil. His mother called him in her interview to Jimmy Kimmel as “a technological genius”. The star told that a boy is interested in computer sciences and feels free in using Internet and making orders online. Thus, he spent $5, 000 from his mother’s card on purchases at an Internet shop. Besides, he ordered a dog online, using his father’s name. When Nick got a phone call from the shop manager, he had to cancel the order.

As Moroccan’s mother tells, he has everything he needs to be happy.

Monroe Cannon (daughter with Mariah Carey, one of the twins)

Monroe Cannon

photo instagram / demrocnroe

Date of birth: April 30, 2011

Monroe is a pretty daddy’s girl, the only daughter of a talented comedian. Nick likes to spend time with his smart and super-positive girl. By the way, little Monroe looks like a small version of her mother. “My daughter looks like a diva, she is the exact copy of her talented mother and like Mariah she always knows, what she wants”, the happy father shared in his interview.

By the way, Monroe seemed to inherit the music talent of Carey. She likes to visit the recording studio with her mom and very often tries to sing with her. “My kids have already recorded a song, but nobody had heard it yet”, Mariah told to Jimmy Kimmel. “Obviously, my kids are super smart and very talented”, added she.

Really, 7-year-old Monroe, who was named after the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe, likes to copy her mother’s manners. By the way, she chooses clothes of similar style and of the same colors as Mariah. Very often the small fashionista appears in public, wearing girly pink dresses and violet sweaters – and her mom likes these tints most of all, too.

Nick Cannon daughter

photo instagram /

Nick’s daughter likes to appear in public with her talented parents. She is not afraid of the crowd – she has already used to it. For the first time the girl appeared in public at the age of seven weeks. Then her mother posted in Twitter the photo of Monroe’s small hand. The star wasn’t ready to show her daughter’s face at that time. But 5 months later she took her twins to the event, devoted to the singer’s charity project “The Fresh Air Fund’s Camp Mariah”. Then Cannon and Carey’s fans finally could see their small angels.

Golden Cannon (son with Brittany Bell)

Golden Cannon

Date of birth: February 21, 2017

Golden “Sagon” Cannon was born in winter, 2017. His father Nick announced the birth of his third kid through Instagram. He welcomed small Golden at this world, and got numerous congratulations on the event. Even his ex-wife Mariah sent her ex-husband a sweet message with warm words and cheers on the occasion.

Unfortunately, to the moment of Golden’s birth, his parents have already split. The boy’s mother is less known, than his father. Her name is Brittany Bell; she is a model, an occasional actress and the holder of the title “Miss Arizona USA-2010”.

Nick Cannon son golden cannon

photo instagram / amethystdepths

Brit and Nick started dating in December, 2014 soon after his split with Mariah. Their relationships were quite troubled. The couple separated several times. A couple of months after their last split the ex-beauty queen announced her pregnancy. Cannon shared parenthood duties with the woman, but they didn’t reconcile.

Cannon’s kids from the first marriage were really excited, when they heard, that their little half-brother was on the way. Moroccan and Monroe were present at Golden’s first birthday, arranged in an African style. Of course, the baby boy had a golden crown on his head.

Who are Nick Cannon parents?

James Cannon (father)

Date of birth: October 10, 1962

James is a televangelist and motivational speaker. He tries to promote the righteous way of life among Americans.

It was James, who inspired Nick to start career in the entertainment industry. At the age of 11 he performed as a standup comedian at his father’s access show. In spite of the fact, that Cannon’s parents separated, when he was still a child, his dad had always been the part of his life.

Nick’s father was very upset, when he knew, that Mariah and his son separated. He considered them as an ideal couple.

Beth Hackett (mother)

Nick’s mother Beth is not a celebrity. She served as an accountant and had nothing in common with entertainment industry and glamorous life. But when her son rose to fame, she became the frequent guest at various red-carpet events, where her son invited her. Beth gave a birth to Nick, when she was a high school pupil. No wonder, that the boy spent the major part of his childhood with his grandmother, whom he calls “Big Moma”.

Nick Cannon siblings

He has four younger brothers.


Nick Cannon and kids

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Nicholas Scott Cannon is internationally popular as a comedian actor, rapper, TV personality and an ex-husband of a superstar Mariah Carey.

He was born in San Diego, California in the family of Beth and James Cannon. His parents divorced soon after his birth, so the boy shared his time between his mother’s and father’s houses.

He debuted on the stage at a tender age of 8, and three years later he had already assisted his father during his public show as a standup comedian. He practiced music in his teens, too. After school Nick performed as a comic and night clubs. In addition, he started to rap. In the company of his friend Steve Groves, Cannon created the hip hop duo “Da Bomb Squad”.

In early 2000s Cannon played in a number of films, some of which (like “Men in Black II”, “Garfield: The Movie”, “Shall We Dance?”) became hits and brought him recognition.

He proved his star status as a TV host of popular shows, like “The Nick Cannon Show” and “America’s Got Talent”. In addition to his super successful career, Cannon boasts with a title of three kids’ father.

Interesting and fun facts

Nick Cannon Interesting and fun facts

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  1. Because of a tough schedule of both his parents, Nick spent a lot of time with his grandfather James Cannon Sr, who had already died. Monster House actor called him “dad”.
  2. In winter, 2012 Cannon was hospitalized with a kidney failure. Later he announced that his health issues were the complications, caused by lupus nephritis.
  3. If he could become another person, he would be Bruce Lee.
  4. Cannon tries to lead healthy life style. He has fresh green juice every morning.
  5. In his free time the actor writes poetry and books for kids. He has more than 1, 000 tattoos over his body.
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