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Tanner Fox biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Tanner Fox


YouTube star, stunt scooter rider

Birth Date

December 22, 1999


23 years

Zodiac Sign



San Diego, California, United States


Sacred Heart School, then homeschooled



Tanner Fox family members

Father's Name

Bill Fox

Mother's Name

Ronda Fox

Siblings names

Lindsay Fox (older sister)

Is Tanner Fox a gay/bisexual?


What is Tanner Fox marital status?


Who is Tanner Fox wife?

Taylor Alesia (ex-girlfriend)

Tanner Fox wife

Taylor Alesia (ex-girlfriend; dated in 2017-2018)

Tanner Fox photo

Date of birth: October 13, 1996

Taylor Alesia is a beautiful girl, who dated a stunt scooter Tanner Fox about a year. They started their relationship roughly in spring, 2017 and split a little earlier this year.

Taylor is 3 years older than her ex-boyfriend Tanner. She was born in Arizona and was raised alongside an older sister. Alesia gained popularity due to her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The girl posted her incredibly beautiful pics, and it caught attention of numerous followers. As for now, Taylor has more than 2 million Instagram followers. Her YouTube channel counts the same amount of subscribers.

Previously Alesia dated another social media star Taylor Caniff. Two young celebs collaborated together. The girl helped Caniff with merchandize in his RV project tour. Then Alesia confirmed they were dating. But Caniff denied it and called Taylor “a liar and fame seeker”. Later Taylor met Tanner Fox.

At first Taylor and Tanner seemed to be very happy together. They posted videos with one another and even set some relationship goals. But about 7 months ago Taylor dumped Tanner. That caused a wave of criticism against her from the side of Tanner Fox’s fans.

Who are Tanner Fox parents?

Bill Fox (father)

It seems that Tanner is not so close with his biological father. His parents divorced, when Tanner turned 9. As his mother explained, Bill and she had lots of conflicts. That caused their split.

Ronda Fox (mother)

Ronda Fox (mother)

tannerfox / instagram

Date of birth: April 25, 1968

Ronda is divorced. She raised two kids – Tanner and his sister Lindsay – as a single mother. The woman resides in San Diego, California. Ronda earns her living as a realtor. Previously Ronda didn’t work and spent a lot of time with her son and daughter. Her parents, as well as a brother Mark, have already died. Ronda has a boyfriend, named Steve. He appeared once or twice in Tanner Fox’s videos. At first the stunt scooter named him “dad” and later explained that he is his mother’s boyfriend.

Tanner Fox siblings

Lindsay Fox (older sister)

Lindsay Fox (older sister)

lindsayyyfox / instagram

Date of birth: March 30, 1998

Lindsay is a YouTube star. She rose to fame as Tanner’s sister. She involved her brother in the first videos, and it immediately made her popular too.

As for now, Lindsay resides in San Diego. She has about 300, 000 followers at her YouTube channel.


Tanner Fox is a famous

tannerfox / instagram

Tanner Fox is a famous YouTube and Instagram star. He is also a professional stunt rider, and in the first videos he demonstrated his riding experience. That helped him gain a large fan base.

Tanner was born in San Diego, California. He resided there with his mother and sister. The boy attended a local school, but studying has never been his main passion.

Tanner had a special hobby – stunt riding. He rode not just scooters, but also hoverboards and skateboards. In 2011 he started his YouTube channel. He posted one video in a week, and his skilful ride made people all over the world crazy.

As for now, Tanner Fox boasts with a highly-developed YouTube channel. He has more than 7 million followers. The teenager posts versatile video content, including vlogs, challenges, tours etc.

Not long ago he moved from his mother’s house. The popular YouTuber lives now in a rented mansion with other famous YouTube stars, like Jordan Beau and others.

Tanner Fox is a bright personality and socially active young man. Not long ago he participated in basketball charity game, arranged by other renowned YouTuber Austin from Ace Family.

Interesting and fun facts

Interesting and fun facts

tannerfox / instagram

  1. Tanner Fox visited a private school in San Diego. He was dropped out from school, being a 6th form pupil, for filming his classmate without permission. Then his classmate was playing the ape.
  2. Fox has always been keen on making videos. He begged his parents to buy a camera for him, when he was a primary school pupil. He even sold some personal belongings to save cash for a camera. His first cam was Canon T3i.
  3. As for now, Tanner Fox net worth is estimated at $3 million. The teenager earned this amount through his activity at YouTube. Some part of his net worth he made through endorsements and merchandising.
  4. Tanner Fox was involved into a severe car accident in November, 2016. Then he broke the leg and damaged his lung.
  5. The boy had a dog, named Kirby, who died in July, 2018. That is a big loss for all members of Fox family.
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