Taylor Goldsmith

Taylor Goldsmith biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Taylor Zachary Goldsmith


singer, songwriter, record producer

Birth Date

August 16, 1985


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles County, California


Malibu High School



Taylor Goldsmith family members

Father's Name

Lenny Goldsmith

Mother's Name

Kathy Goldsmith

Siblings names

Griffin Goldsmith (younger brother)

Is Taylor Goldsmith a gay/bisexual?


What is Taylor Goldsmith marital status?


Who is Taylor Goldsmith wife?

Mandy Moore

When did get married?

November 18, 2018

Taylor Goldsmith wife

Mandy Moore (wife since 2018)

Taylor Goldsmith wife

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Date of birth: April 10, 1984

Who are Taylor Goldsmith parents?

Lenny Goldsmith (father)

Taylor Goldsmith father

photo instagram / taylordawesgoldsmith

Date of birth: December, 1951

In fact, Taylor inherited his deep interest to music from his father. While growing up, the boy was surrounded by numerous musical instruments, which his father took home for rehearsals.

Lenny was born in San Jose, California and attended James Lick High School there. After graduation he turned into a professional musician.

The man jokes, that he started his career since he was born. He played various musical instruments, and at the age of 22 started to write his own songs. He performed as a part of various bands, including “Sweathog”, “Tower of Power” etc. In 2012 he started the new group “The New Old” and in addition, recorded his own songs in collaboration with his sons and Blake Mills.

In addition to music, he is also a successful businessman. Lenny makes money as a realtor. He owns a company Lenny Goldsmith Inc, which “makes people happy by finding them a dream home”, as he tells.

Lenny still resides in Malibu. He is happily married to Kathy Payne-Goldsmith.

Kathy Goldsmith (mother)

Kathy Goldsmith

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Kathy is a happy wife and a happy mother of two boys. She is retired as for now, but previously she earned her living as a sales manager. She served as vice president at the company “Fortune 500”, too.

The woman is very proud of her sons, Taylor and Griffin. She tells that she saw them fighting just once in her life. She is happy for her children, who are doing well. And she became even happier, when both of them moved to houses of their own.