Jim Reynolds

Jim Reynolds biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

James Chester Reynolds


police officer; a food wholesaler

Birth Date

August 3, 1941

Death date

October 25, 2015 (74 years)

Zodiac Sign



Alberta, Canada



Jim Reynolds family members

Father's Name

Chester Ambrose Reynolds

Mother's Name

Helen Long

Siblings names

3 siblings

Is Jim Reynolds a gay/bisexual?


What is Jim Reynolds marital status?


Who is Jim Reynolds wife?

Tammy Reynolds

How many children does he have?

4 (sons Terry Reynolds, Jeff Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds)

Jim Reynolds relatives


Date of birth: August 3, 1941

Date of death: October 25, 2015

Losing a parent is one of the most terrible events in each person’s life. Ryan Reynolds had to pass through this devastating experience in autumn, 2015. Then his father passed away after 20-year battle with Parkinson. The event was expected, but still hard for an actor. He named his first daughter, born in 2016, after his dad – James.

James Chester Reynolds was born in Vancouver, Canada in the family of a politician and farmer Ches Reynolds and his wife Helen. During many years he served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. After the resignation, the man continued his career as a food wholesaler. He was married to Tammy Reynolds and welcomed four sons with her. Ryan was the youngest in the family.

According to Reynolds interview, his father was a tough person and most part of his childhood the future star lived under pressure. “There were so many words unspoken between us”, Ryan opened up in one of his interviews. The stressful childhood caused a constant anxiety in actor’s soul. From that moment the feeling of danger has never left him.

In spite of all these troubles, Ryan loved his father so much. In any case, that was a person, who gave him a lot. Jim had a big scar on the arm, which left after an old tattoo – when the actor’s father became older, he decided to get rid of it. In his free time Reynolds Sr. made home wine, and till now Ryan keeps a bottle of it in his cellar, in spite of the fact that he is not going to drink it.

Jim was a humorous person, and it was he, who introduced his son to comedy. With his father’s help Ryan developed huge interest in acting.

In 1995 the man was diagnosed with Parkinson. It was really hard for Deadpool actor to watch his strong dad losing his independency. Jim had never told the word “Parkinson” and he kept his illness in secret till it was possible.

In 2015 he died after many years of struggle. To support his father and other people with Parkinson, Ryan Reynolds donated the solid part of his income to The Michael J. Fox Foundation, which deals with this problem.

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