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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Lalisa Manoban (Pranpriya Manoban)


pop singer, band member

Birth Date

March 27, 1997


26 years

Zodiac Sign



Bangkok, Thailand


Praphamontree II School



Lisa family members

Father's Name

Marco Brueschweiler (stepfather)

Is Lisa a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Lisa marital status?


Who are Lisa parents?

 Lalisa parents

Mrs. Manoban (mother)

Mrs. Manoban isn’t ready to become a celebrity, so she tries to stay out of the limelight, in spite of her current status of a mother of the pop star.

Her name is not publicized, but it’s known that Mrs. Manoban is Thai. She married Lisa’s father at a very young age, but they separated soon after Lisa’s birth. After that the woman re-married, and her daughter (who later turned into an international music sensation) was mostly raised by a stepfather.

Obviously, Lisa has cordial relationships with her mom. She misses her mother so much, as now they live in different countries. It was Mrs. Monoban, who inspired Lisa to take music and dancing lessons.

The singer’s mother featured on one episode of the variety show “Black Pink House”. Thus, Lisa’s fans got an opportunity to see the woman, who gave birth to their idol. Not long ago she went out of the shadow again – when she visited the wedding ceremony of the brother of another Blackpink member – Jisoo.

Marco Brüschweiler (stepfather)

Lisa comes from a well-funded family. The name of her biological father is not known, but Blackpink star was brought up mostly by a stepfather, whose name is Marco Brüschweiler.

Widely known as Master Chef Marco, Lisa’s stepfather is in his 60s. He gained popularity as the great connoisseur of Thai cuisine and author of some new culinary specialties.

He graduated from the Swiss Hotel School in 1989 and was immediately hired as a chef of Sun City Casino, situated in South Africa. After a few years there, the man returned to Bangkok and served in luxurious hotels there. He served as a chef in Switzerland, too.

Marco is really close with his stepdaughter Lisa and he is proud of her.


Lisa Blackpink

photo / lalalalisa_m

No need to introduce Lisa Manoban, as she is known to millions of people all over the world. The girl rose to fame as the participant of the band “Blackpink”, which boasts with such hits as “Kill This Love”, “Playing with the Fire” and many others. Lisa is different from the other girls by her unique hair color and her background – she is the only participant of the band, whose nationality is not Korean. She is Thai.

Her birth name is Prapinya Manoban. Later her mom changed it for Lalisa. The blue-eyed girl started her entertaining activity at a very early age in Bangkok, Thailand. She visited dancing and singing classes and participated in various talent contests. In 2010 she won one of them. That competition was arranged in Thailand by a popular South Korean company “YG Entertainment”. The girl impressed YG managers, and they invited Lisa to South Korea.

In 2010 the girl left her parents’ home and moved to an unknown country. She didn’t know Korean, and at first, she put lots of efforts to get used to living in the new community. But now she is ranked as one of the brightest Korean stars.

In 2016 she grabbed the meal ticket – Lisa became one of four girls, who were selected for YG new band “Blackpink”. After the release of Blackpink first hits, the girls became popular overnight. Now Lisa boasts with a multi-million following on social media and numerous endorsement deals.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In her interview to SBS Cultwo Show Lisa opened up that she is the only child in her family, and she has no siblings.
  2. Lisa’s fans can’t stop admiring the unique beauty of the girl. Her first-class appearance helped Lisa win many endorsement contracts. She models for NONA 9 ON, Korean apparel brand, and other fashion companies. Her role model is Gigi Hadid.
  3. She can speak fluently four languages – Korean, Thai, Japanese and English.
  4. She is a miniature girl – Lisa weighs just 46 kg, while her height is 167 cm. She is the second (after Rose) tallest girl in the band. In addition, she is the youngest participant of Blackpink group.
  5. In spite of her fat-free body, Lisa is a fan of delicious food (probably, her father-chef taught her to love great specialties). She drinks Coca Cola, eats chocolate and French fries. Fortunately, she remains slim after having such a nourishing dinner.
  6. Lisa is a skillful dancer. Before her super successful career of a singer, she was known as the constant member of the dancing band “We Zaa Cool”.
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  • BP lover says:

    Does anyone know where Lisa’s mom live in Bangkok Thailand

  • says:


  • BlackPink is #1 says:

    She’s got a pinay vibe and doesn’t need to change anything. Her moves are clean and creative that none of the other band members can duplicate. If you covered them from head to toe, I will be able to point out her dance style.

  • Lisa's.wifeulol says:

    I wanna know Lisa’s mom height . Anybody knows ??

  • CHIM_MOCHI says:

    i love lisa she is pretty the way she dance and rap was so cool love you saranghe i went to thailand before to visit and i went to bangkok

  • CHIM_MOCHI says:

    i love lisa she is pretty the way she dance and rap was so cool love you saranghe.

  • lalalalisa M. blink says:

    i love lisa a lot i’m always hearing there song and always coping her,her rap,dance and everything love you lisa saranghe.

  • Lisa says:

    My name is Lisa.

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    Lisa I love you

  • i love blackpink says:

    I love Lisa a lot u are thinking and I had gone to Thailand

  • Mahtab blink says:

    I always love Lisa and Blackpink. Blink Forever?

  • Not happy jan says:

    “ Fortunately, she remains slim” is not a nice thing to say about Lisa at all, her body type isn’t yours to judge, it’s hers, and even if she weighed 70kg that wouldn’t affect her singing or performance skills, which is the most important thing.

  • NOBODY says:

    I want to know lisa’s stepfother height..he look so tall tho

  • M says:

    Lisa love you so much honey greetings from Turkey

  • Davebkk says:

    I don’t believe the name of her real father is not known, it would be on the birth certificate, I suspect her mother was never actually married to him at all.

  • pandiita says:

    lisa es un bombón pero no tiene ojos azules, son marones pero sigue siendo hermosa con y sin maquillaje aguante la princesa tailandesa

  • Love Jungkook says:

    Lisa weighs 44 kg

  • Blink says:

    She is not fluent in Japanese nor English. Fluent means that you can speak a language with ease and articulate well. If you watch interviews with Lisa that are in English you can see that she often struggles to find words and asks members for help, that is not fluent. And she just knows a few words and phrases in Japanese.
    (Still impressive though! I am not saying this to talk down on Lisa, she is super talented, but facts should be stated accurately!)

  • Unknown says:

    Stop calling the girls “the girl” and the parents “the woman” and “the man”. That’s kind of rude.

  • Unknown says:

    I admired Lisa a lot.?

  • unknown says:

    I too wanna become a K-pop idol like her. I think Lisa’s biological father might be regretting of leaving Lisa and Lisa’s mom as Lisa is now known worldwide.

  • Secret says:

    You’ve mistaken it. She’s a bi. Jk.

  • kristine says:

    ang cute mo talaga ate lisa

  • Lisa says:

    I wanna be a kpop stat too i wanna be like her

  • lili says:

    For your information, Lisa is not a blue-eyed girl. 🙂

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    rose is cute girl
    lisa is very happy face
    jennie and jisoo is butifull girl
    thank you blackpink
    we miss you binks forever

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    si rose ay mabalit
    si jennie ay memeber ng blackpink
    si jisoo ay cute na kpop gril
    si lisa ay madangnda sa kay jennie
    salamat sa niyo mga blackpink
    we love you binks
    i love you blackpink

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  • Emi says:

    Just a comment Lisa’s eyes are brown not blue she just had contacts in the photo