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Travis Pastrana biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Travis Alan Pastrana


motorsports racer, TV personality

Birth Date

October 8, 1983


39 years

Zodiac Sign



Annapolis, Maryland, USA


homeschooled; University of Maryland



Travis Pastrana family members

Father's Name

Robert Pastrana

Mother's Name

Debby Pastrana Williams

Is Travis Pastrana a gay/bisexual?


What is Travis Pastrana marital status?


Who is Travis Pastrana wife?

Lyn-Z Pastrana

When did get married?

October 29, 2011

How many children does he have?

2 (daughters Addy Pastrana and Bristol Pastrana)

Travis is named in the press as the champion motocrosser and the most important personality in modern motorsports. People all over the world know him as the star of the MTV show “NitroCircus” and multiple times X Games winner. His fans watch his stunts with admiration, but his family members are afraid to visit his competitions as he breaks his bones more often than you drink your morning coffee. Let’s have a closer look at the family of the most famous bone breaker in the world!

Travis Pastrana family photo

Travis Pastrana wife

Lyn-Z Pastrana (wife)

Travis Pastrana wife

Date of birth: September 21, 1989

You’ve seen this extremely talented man doing backflips and jumping out of airplanes. But have you ever seen Travis Pastrana, the most extreme person on the planet, holding his wife’s hand? The eyes of the super-talented motorsports competitor are always filled with love at that time.

The maiden name of his wife is Lyndsey Adams Hawkins, but nowadays she is widely known as Lyn-Z Pastrana.

She spent her early years in San Diego and Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. She is the daughter of Lynn Adams, the real estate consultant, and Mr. Hawkins, who passed away in 2003 at the age of 66. She has an older brother Tyler Hawkins.

Lyn-Z Pastrana

Lyn-Z was six when she tried her hand as a skateboarder and surfer for the first time. By the age of ten, she had been completely involved in skateboarding and visited many competitions. She became homeschooled to devote a major part of her time to skateboarding in the parks. In 2003-2010 she participated in Women’s Skateboard Vert at X Games competitions. During her time at X Games, Lyn-Z won three gold medals, three silver ones, and one bronze. Around 2008 she started dating the motorsports competitor Travis Pastrana.

Travis proposed his beloved woman on June 4, 2011, having stood on one knee in Las Vegas, while they were on the Nitro Circus Live World Tour. They tied the knot on October 29, 2011, at a joyful wedding ceremony, surrounded by their friends and relatives. Of course, many stars from the Nitro Circus show, like

“Special” Greg Powell, Travis’s cousin, Cam McQueen, etc were present at the ceremony.

Nowadays, Travis and Lyn-Z are mostly focused on their parenthood duties – they have two beautiful girls. Still, Lyn finds the time for skateboarding, too, although she is not involved in this kind of sport as a professional nowadays. Besides, Lyn-Z is the coach of Maryland Twisters – the team of cheerleaders.

Travis Pastrana kids

Addy Pastrana (daughter)

Addy Pastrana

Date of birth: September 2, 2013

Parenthood was always very important for both, Travis and Lyn-Z, that’s why the birth of their first child Addy Ruth Pastrana made them very happy.

Travis Pastrana kids

Often Travis’s fans mention that Addy looks exactly like his wife. The girl resides with her parents in Maryland. Since 2020 she is a school pupil. Addy is an active girl, who has lots of interests and hobbies, starting from sewing and writing and ending with tumbling and driving.

Nowadays, Addy is a participant in the Maryland Twisters cheerleading program, where her mother serves as the coach.

Bristol Pastrana (daughter)

Bristol Pastrana

Date of birth: February 9, 2015

Bristol Murphy Pastrana, or simply Baby Murph, is the second cute daughter of the athletes Travis and Lyn-Z. The child of such active and talented people, Murph lives her happy childhood life in Maryland. She has become a first-grade pupil in 2021. After school lessons, Murph goes in for various kinds of sports. She dances and jumps on the trampoline. Besides, with her older sister, she is a member of Maryland Twisters.

Who are Travis Pastrana parents?

Robert Pastrana (father)

Robert Pastrana

Date of birth: December 1949

Each famous athlete got his talent from someone. In the case of Travis, it was his father Robert. The boy was four years old when he asked his dad to buy him a minibike, as he dreamed to become a racer. Although Robert wasn’t a rich man, he always found enough money to buy the necessary sports stuff for Travis, who dreamed to become a professional.

Robert Layne Pastrana is of Puerto-Rican descent. That’s why his son started performing for Puerto Rico at international sports events. His father always served as a role model for him, as Robert also worked very hard to achieve his goals. He grew up in a big house in Annapolis, Maryland. His mother, Ruth Buser Pastrana, was the secretary and bookkeeper in the concrete masonry company, founded by her husband Charlie. In his turn, Charlie Pastrana, the concrete mason, was the patriarch of the family, which included Robert and his three sisters and four brothers. In his teens, Travis’s father liked bike racing, so he supported his son’s idea to become a professional motorsports competitor. Robert couldn’t become a professional athlete himself, as at the age of 19 he was sent to Vietnam War as a Marine sergeant. As a son of the concrete mason, Rob repaired fortifications and roads, destroyed during the war.

Travis Pastrana parents

Travis still maintains close relationships with his father, even though his parents parted ways many years ago. Nowadays, Robert is married to the entrepreneur Laura Gill. She is the former president of the family company “Gill Group”, the popular food supplier. Currently, Laura is self-employed. She maintains warm relationships with her husband’s son Travis and daughter-in-law Lyn-Z. Besides, she has two daughters from the previous marriage.

Deborah Pastrana (mother)

Date of birth: July 1960

Debby Pastrana Williams stays away from the limelight, still, some interesting things are known about her. Being a vivid motorsports amateur, she used to race bikes with her son and his friends, having broken a neck bone one day. But that didn’t stop her from loving motorsports.

With her ex-husband Robert, Debbie supported her son’s hobby to race minibikes. Travis was 4 when he occupied the first place in the race between 32 kids, of his age and older. After that Debbie understood, that it was Travis’s calling.

Travis’s mother was a college track athlete. She left her sports career after getting married to Travis’s father Robert. The woman earned her living as a flight attendant. She spent a lot of time, supporting Travis in his dream to become a racer. She homeschooled the boy since the 6th grade, and that was not the only sacrifice. Once she had to sell the family boat to pay the bills and to take her son to the competitions. N

Nowadays, she is married to Thomas Jay Williams.

Travis Pastrana siblings

Travis doesn’t have any siblings. He is the only child of Robert Pastrana and his former wife Deborah.

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