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Draven Bennington biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Draven Sebastian Bennington


celeb's kid, musician, artist, actor

Birth Date

April 19, 2002


21 years

Zodiac Sign



United States





Draven Bennington family members

Father's Name

Chester Bennington

Mother's Name

Samantha Olit

Siblings names

Jaime Bennington (older half-brother), Isaiah Bennington (older stepbrother), Tyler Bennington (younger half-brother), Lila and Lily Bennington (younger half-sisters)

Is Draven Bennington a gay/bisexual?


Draven Bennington relatives


After Chester’s divorce from Samantha, she won full custody over their son Draven. Nevertheless, the boy communicated with his father and was on good terms with him. As Sam wrote later on social media, she brought up her boy with great respect for his dad’s talent.

Draven studied in college and resided with his mother. After his father’s suicide, he posted several emotional videos, where he addressed people, who wanted to kill themselves in order to prevent them from doing it.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. As of 2023, Draven followed in his father’s steps and became a musician. He co-founded the band “Reverend” Mann, the drummer and music producer.
  2. In January 2023 he gave an interview to MTV for their new project “MTV Family Legacy”. There Dra told about his career as a musician, artist, and actor. He also spoke about his late dad and his mother. Besides, Draven shared his thought on living in Los Angeles during his whole life (he liked it).
  3. Very often Draven and his mother unite their efforts and arrange common shows. Draven contributes as a musician, while Sam is a speaker and author.
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