Lila and Lily Bennington

Lila and Lily Bennington biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Lila Rose Bennington; Lily Grace Bennington (twins)


celeb's kids

Birth Date

November 9, 2011


10 years

Zodiac Sign



California, United States


primary school



Lila and Lily Bennington family members

Father's Name

Chester Bennington

Mother's Name

Talinda Bennington

Siblings names

Tyler Lee Bennington (older brother); Draven Sebastian Bennington (half-brother from paternal side); Jaime Bennington (half-brother from paternal side); Isaiah Bennington (stepbrother from paternal side)

Lila and Lily Bennington relatives
Lila and Lily Bennington



Lila Rose and Lily Grace are two beautiful 7-year-old girls and twin sisters, daughters of late musician Chester Bennington and his wife of 12 years Talinda Bentley. According to the words of his spouse, Chester was a great father to all his kids, including the twins. He took them to Pre-kindergarten every morning, when he wasn’t out on business. Lily and Lila were close with their dad.

Now their mother Talinda brings them up as the single parent. She tells, the girls don’t fully understand, what happened to their father. Mrs. Bennington cares about their mental health. She knows, that one day she has to explain them everything and want them to be ready for this moment.

As for now, the girls reside with their mother in Palos Verdes, CA. They moved away from the house, where Chester committed a suicide. Lila and Lily are school pupils. They have an older brother Tyler, their only full sibling, and three other half-brothers from paternal side.

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