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Jade Pettyjohn biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jade Elizabeth Pettyjohn



Birth Date

November 8, 2000


21 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


high school



Jade Pettyjohn family members

Father's Name

Shiloh Pettyjohn

Mother's Name

Jessica Pettyjohn

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What is Jade Pettyjohn marital status?


Who are Jade Pettyjohn parents?

Shiloh Pettyjohn (father)

Shiloh Pettyjohn father Jade Pettyjohn

photo instagram.com/jadepettyjohn_official

Date of birth: April 1975

Jade was blessed with great loving parents. She is the only child in her family. Her father, Shiloh Pettyjohn, is a composer. Thus, Jade has always been surrounded by love and great music while she was growing up.

Shiloh is the son of Bill Jr. and Lori Pettyjohn. He grew up in Lancaster, CA.

Jade’s father got his education at Delphi Academy in Los Angeles. He comes from a creative family. His relative Phoenicia Pettyjohn is a ballet dancer in San Francisco. Shiloh is the owner of the web studio, which specializes in e-commerce.

Jade and her father share a close bond. Besides, her parents serve as role models for her. They managed to create a great happy family. They have been married for 25 years as of April 2021.

Jessica Pettyjohn (mother)

mother  Jade Pettyjohn

photo instagram.com/jadepettyjohn_official

Date of birth: December 1973

The name of Jade’s mother is Jessica Pettyjohn. Jess is an artist and photographer. When Jade was a little girl, her mother made great photos of her and sent them to model agencies. Thus, the girl got her first acting experience in the commercials. Later she started acting.

Jess is the daughter of Randall Brown and Carol Ann Dempsey. Jess grew up with a brother, who became a professional musician. Her mother was a lawyer, so she tried to join motherhood with hard work. As Jess confessed on Instagram, her relationships with her mom were quite complicated; still, they both loved one another.

Jess and her husband Shiloh met in 1993. Then, she had already got a lot of romantic experiences. But her relationships with Shiloh were different from the previous ones – the love between them hadn’t disappeared with age.

Nowadays, they are still happy together. Besides, Jess helps her daughter to develop her career. She founded the company Static Candy Production, through which she handles Jade’s brand development in social media networks.


Jade Elizabeth Pettyjohn is internationally known as a talented American actress. Despite her young age, she can boast an extensive resume. Jade participated in the series “Grimm”, “School of Rock”, “The Mentalist”. She also took part in the films “Dakota’s Summer”, “All I Want for Christmas” etc.

Jade entered this world on November 8, 2000, in Los Angeles, CA. Being very active and creative in her childhood years, she joined the local kid’s dance group. Pettyjohn was just 7 years old, when she understood, that she had a call to be an actress. The girl asked her parents to help her fulfill her dream – and they did it. Mr. and Mrs. Pettyjohn started to take her for auditions. Thus, Jade won her first role – in the series “The Mentalist”. There she appeared in an episode “Ladies in Red” as little Julie Sands.

After that, she took part in two short films. In 2009 she appeared in several episodes of “The United States of Tara”, the family drama, which aired on Showtime for three seasons. After that Jade Pettyjohn’s face became recognizable. That was the point from where her career started taking off. Jade was getting one role after another. On her 15th anniversary, she had already created a great portfolio. The girl took part in more than 20 screen projects. She even played one of the leading roles in “School of Rock”, a Nickelodeon musical comedy series.

By 2021, Jade has transformed from a child star into an adult talented actress. One of the brightest projects in her career is the feature film “McKenna Shoots for the Stars”, where she played the main character – McKenna Brooks, a strong and confident young gymnast. Besides, she portrayed Reese Witherspoon’s screen daughter in the miniseries “Little Fires Everywhere”, released in 2020.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Jade’s character from “McKenna Shoots for The Stars” has become so popular, that the famous toy company “American Girldolls” released a doll-gymnast, named McKenna. And it became the highest-selling doll of the year.
  2. While she was getting ready for the role of a gymnast McKenna, she was trained with Junior Olympic Team.
  3. She owns a Rottweiler, named Odin.
  4. She is a big fan of fragrances. She likes to wear Nuxe Florale perfume at home and Le Labo Vanille 44 when she falls in love.
  5. Her height is 5 ft and her weight is 99 pounds.
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