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Ed Sheeran biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Edward Christopher Sheeran


singer, songwriter

Birth Date

February 17, 1991


30 years

Zodiac Sign



Halifax, West Yorkshire, England


Thomas Mills High School



Ed Sheeran family members

Father's Name

John Sheeran

Mother's Name

Imogen Sheeran

Siblings names

Matthew Sheeran (older brother)

Is Ed Sheeran a gay/bisexual?


What is Ed Sheeran marital status?


Who is Ed Sheeran wife?

Cherry Seaborn

When did get married?

August 27, 2018

How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran)

Ed Sheeran wife

Cherry Seaborn (wife since 2018)

Ed Sheeran wife

photo instagram / teddysphotos

Date of birth: May 6, 1992

Although Ed was nominated for Grammy Award several times, just in 2018 he finally won it. The singer was awarded for an incredibly beautiful song “Shape of You”, which (according to rumors) was inspired by his young wife Cherry Seaborn.

Cherry was a pupil at Thomas Mills High School and she was Ed’s classmate. They say, Sheeran had a big crush on her in his teens, but then he moved to London, and thus parted his ways with Cherry.

She lived in her own way, made a career and found the time for her special hobby – playing field hockey. The woman was even the captain of the university team.

After graduation, she moved to the USA and worked at Wall Street. Occasionally she crossed her ways with Ed Sheeran again, and they started dating. Their romance was launched in 2015, but at first, the couple decided to stay in the shadow.

In 2016 the rising music star Sheeran took a break in his career. He spent a year with his loved one, traveling around the world and trying various kinds of extreme, including swimming with sharks and rafting. When they came back, Ed recorded a new song “Perfect”, inspired by Cherry. They got engaged and tied a knot in late summer, 2018.

Ed Sheeran kids

Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran (daughter)

Date of birth: August, 2020

On September 1, 2020 Ed Sheeran shared with his fans the happy news, that his wife Cherry and he welcomed their first child – a daughter Lyra Sheeran. The exact date of the girl’s birth is not known, nevertheless, the happy father told, that his baby delivery took place on the last week of August in 2020. The couple kept Cherry’s pregnancy in secret, and the musician fans learnt about it just several weeks before Lyra’s birth. In future Ed and Cherry plan to have more kids – the happy father dreams about five children.  To spend more time with his little daughter, Mr. Sheeran decided to take a pause in his career.

Who are Ed Sheeran parents?

John Sheeran (father)

 Ed Sheeran father parents

Date of birth: 1957

Obviously, each celebrity was brought up by someone. That’s why it’s always interesting to read about people, who managed to create such a great personality. John Sheeran plays a key role in his son’s fate. A well-educated person, he was the first, who introduced his son to music and taught to feel and understand it.

John earned his living as an art lecturer. Previously he served as Dulwich Picture Gallery curator in London. In 2017 the man retired, but still gives some charity lectures on art from time to time.

John has amicable relationships with his famous son. Not long ago Ed made a huge swimming pool in his parents’ house to pay them back for everything they did for him.

Imogen Sheeran (mother)

Ed Sheeran mother Imogen Sheeran

Date of birth: 1960

The singer’s mother Imogen earns her living as a jewelry designer. She makes and sells unique pieces of jewelry. Once she presented the line, inspired by her son-celebrity. Imogen boasts with a number of famous rich clients. One of her pieces of jewelry appeared in the collection of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Imogen put lots of efforts to develop Ed’s music talent. Till now she is an important figure in his life.

Ed Sheeran siblings

Matthew Sheeran (older brother)

Ed Sheeran brother

Date of birth: March 17, 1989

Everyone, who sees Matthew, notices his strong resemblance to Ed. Like his famous brother, Sheeran Sr. is a musician, arranger, and writer. He composes music for films and TV shows. The man rose to fame in 2016, when he created music for the movie “With Love From… Suffolk”.

Matt and his sibling are big friends. Very often he is the first listener of his brother’s music. Thus, he was the first to hear the ballad “Perfect”, although at first Matthew didn’t take any notice of it.

It was Matt, who made strings orchestration of the song. The symphony version of “Perfect”, performed by Andrea Bocelli, got 77 million views on YouTube.


Ed Sheeran bio

photo instagram / teddysphotos

Ed Sheeran is an English-born popular musician and actor. The red-haired talented guy broke into the charts in 2011 with the single “The A Team”. Thus, the world heard and appreciated one of the most beautiful voices of all times.

Sheeran plays melodic pop-rock music. The singer serves as the role model for many young performers, as he showed them, how to fight for the dream. Previously he performed at clubs and other city venues for free, and now millions of fans are looking forward to his new tour and are ready to pay any sum for the ticket to his concert.

The son of talented creative parents, he performed in the church choir at the age of 4. Since the earliest years, his parents took Ed and his brother to London, where they visited concerts of cult musicians, like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and others. Inspired by these great singers, in his teens he left his home to move to London and start a career of a musician.

Nowadays Ed boasts with three studio albums, one video album, and twenty music videos. He is a big friend of Taylor Swift and holder of 97 music awards, including prestigious American Music Award and Grammy Award.

Interesting and fun facts

Ed sheeran Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / teddysphotos

  1. In his young years, Ed suffered from a stutter and was bullied for it. He thought that it would prevent him from becoming successful. But later he coped with that drawback. By the way, Ed Sheeran talked about his weird childhood with an actress Emily Blunt, who also suffered from stutter it in her teens.
  2. He tries to write 4-5 new songs daily.
  3. His grandparents come from Ireland. The boy spent all holidays and vacations in their house. He told Irish music influenced him a lot.
  4. Ed Sheeran is a big lover of cats. He has several cats at home and even created an account for his pets on Instagram, which boasts with thousands of subscribers.
  5. Although Ed considers himself as a monogamous, previously to his marriage, he was in the relationship with some famous women and even … a man. In late 2015 he was engaged to a British musician James Blunt, known by the song “You’re Beautiful”. But later two men announced it as a joke.
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