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Kevin Gates biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kevin Jerome Gilyard


rapper, singer, songwriter

Birth Date

February 5, 1986


37 years

Zodiac Sign



New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Baton Rouge Community College (1 semester)



Kevin Gates family members

Siblings names

two younger siblings

Is Kevin Gates a gay/bisexual?


What is Kevin Gates marital status?


Who is Kevin Gates wife?

Dreka Haynes

When did get married?

October, 2015

How many children does he have?

2 (daughter Islah Gates and son Khaza Gates)

kevin gates family

photo instagram / drekagates

Kevin Gates wife

Dreka Haynes Gates (wife)

Dreka Haynes Gates

photo instagram / drekagates

Date of birth: August 31, 1986

Obviously, Kevin Gates is a lucky guy. He lived in poverty and had never dreamed about becoming a star, but now his name weighs a lot in the hip hop industry. But the super successful career is not the only thing he can boast with. The other thing is his happy family life, which he built with his beloved wife Dreka.

The woman tries to stay out of the limelight, but as Kevin Gates’ manager and life partner she knows, that avoiding public attention is impossible for her. But she wants her followers to know, that helping the popular rapper with his career is not her only project.

Kevin Gates wife photos

photo instagram / drekagates

Unlike her famous husband, Dreka got perfect upbringing. The daughter of two rich hard working parents, she was a typical “good girl” in her early years. She was a brilliant pupil at school, a perfect “big sister” to her younger sibling and a great sports enthusiast. She didn’t date anyone, but a lot of boys dreamed about dating her. She was on her last year in a high school and planned to study medicine at Louisiana State University.

When she met Kevin and fell in love with him, she suddenly changed her mind. Dreka began to sell fashion merchandise and forgot about college. That annoyed her parents. They hated Kevin and considered him as the main reason for their troubles. That made Dreka move from her childhood home to a rented apartment. During many years she hadn’t been speaking to her parents. But they reconciled after the birth of her first kid.

It was Dreka, who helped Kevin realize his dream and become a professional musician. She took his demos to the night clubs and convinced DJs to play it.

Kevin Gates wife Dreka Haynes Gates

photo instagram / drekagates

Of course, they had hard times. Kevin cheated Dreka with other girls, and they even were not seeing one another for a while. Now she considers his affairs as something he needed to become more mature. But now he has just one woman in his life.

Each Kevin’s interview is full of love to his wife and their kids. He tells that Dreka is the best gift fate gave him.

Now they bring up 2 kids, and Mrs. Gates joins motherhood with managing Kevin’s career, running her own clothing line and selling an energy drink. She is really happy with that married life she is creating with her husband.

Kevin Gates kids

Kevin Gates kids

photo instagram / drekagates

Islah Koren Gates (daughter)

Islah Koren Gates

photo instagram / drekagates

Date of birth: November 30, 2012

Islah is the first child of the celebrated rapper Kevin Gates and his wife (and business partner) Dreka Gates. Her mother Dreka, who is a big fan of natural things, decided to give birth to her daughter at home, in the water. She told later, that that was the best experience for her, as she was full of love and very happy at the moment she took her kid to her hands for the first time.

Kevin Gates daughter

photo instagram / islahgates

Dreka and Kevin’s daughter is a healthy child. Her parents decided not to vaccinate her at all. Now the girl is 6, and she attends school. Her mother confessed in one of her interviews, that she spends not so much time with her daughter and son, because they are still sleeping when she lives, and she returns home late at night. But she tried to make Islah’s childhood happy – she unpacks new toys with her girl, arranges water balloon fights at the back part of their house and of course, spends each weekend with her.

Her father Kevin celebrated his parenthood in his own way. He named an album after her. It got warm reviews from critics and the audience.

Khaza Kamil Gates (son)

Khaza Kamil Gates

photo instagram / drekagates

Date of birth: May 10, 2014

Kevin and Dreka became happy parents of a baby boy Khaza in 2014. Like his older sister, he was born in the water at home and was not vaccinated. His mother spends every single minute with him, and his father devoted him a song “Khaza”.

Kevin Gates son

photo instagram / drekagates

In one of his interviews, Kevin hinted, that he has a lot of extramarital kids, with whom he stays connected and whom he supports financially.

Who are Kevin Gates parents?


Kevin Gates, who is also known under the name Kevin Jerome Gilyard, tells that his mother tried her best to be a good parent for him, but the situation was very hard when she welcomed him in his life.

His mother spent the major part of her life in Baton Rouge, LA. She was married twice, so Kevin was brought up by his stepfather, but during the early years of his life, he didn’t know that his dad is not blood-related to him.

Except for Kevin, his mom had another son and a daughter. She worked very hard to provide her kids for everything they needed, that’s why most part of his childhood Kevin spent in his grandmother’s house. He tells in his numerous interviews, that his family ambiance wasn’t typical – he didn’t celebrate Christmas with his father and mother. He grew up in his granny’s house and was surrounded by numerous cousins (his grandmother gave birth to 5 girls, so she had lots of grandchildren).

During many years he called his grandma “my mom”. He suffered when she passed away in March 2015, but caused a lot of controversies, when uploaded on Instagram the selfie with her dead body.


During many years Kevin considered his stepfather as his biological dad. He learned the truth when he was in the 8th grade. They met around that time and reconciled, but not for long, because the man soon died of AIDS. Kevin was 17 at that time.

As for his stepfather, the rapper tells, there was no love between them before, but later they made peace with one another.

At the same time, Mr. Gates tells, that he had so-called “a street father”, a person, who was not blood-related to him, but who influenced him so much and helped to shape his personality.

Kevin Gates siblings

Brandon Gilyard (younger brother)

Kevin Gates siblings

photo twitter / kyria.johnson.1829

Date of birth: September 1, 1987

Brandon is Kevin’s younger brother. Currently, he resides in Baton Rouge, LA. The man works at Tin Roof Brewing Company as a cellarman. Like his brother, Brandon had some law issues. A year ago he was arrested for driving under influence. The man is very close to his older brother and is his biggest fan.

Kevin has a younger sister, too.


Kevin Gates bio

photo instagram / drekagates

Having started from playing his mixtapes in the streets and night clubs, Kevin Gates reached the status of the bright hip hop star of his generation. He did a long way from poverty to luxury, and now he has a voice and wants to use it.

He was born in Baton Rouge, LA as Kevin Jerome Gilyard and was mostly raised in the house of his grandmother.

In his teens, he chose the wrong path and was even imprisoned at the age of 13 for “being a passenger in a stolen car”, as he said. Later he had other altercations with the law.

During his first term in jail, he studied psychology through prison program and graduated with a degree in it. He also studied during 1 semester at Baton Rouge Community College.

In his teens, he was keen on music but didn’t consider it as his profession. He changed his mind later, and with the help of his now-wife Dreka, he started to promote the songs he wrote himself.

Kevin gained first recognition in 2005, after signing the deal with Dead Game Records. He released song “Pack of Da Littler” but then appeared in jail. When he returned, he made up a decision to start a solo career. His big break found him in 2014 when he presented a single “By Any Means”.

As for now, Kevin boasts with a successful studio album “Islah”, massive social media following and lots of plans for the future.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He dreamed to shoot his wife Dreka in one of the videos. Finally, she agreed and appeared in the music video for the song “Pride”.
  2. Together with his wife, he founded the record label “Bread Winner’s Association”.
  3. His height is 6 ft 2 inches, and his weight is 176 pounds.
  4. He confessed in one of his interviews that he dated his cousin for more than 2 years, and she got even pregnant with him.
  5. He dated Dreka for 13 years before she agreed to marry him. She told he was crying while asking her to become his wife.
  6. In 2022 he released the third studio album “Khaza”. Kevin worked on this album for a long time and recorded 19 great songs to complete it. One of the songs he recorded with the famous rapper Juicy J. He worked hard and his efforts paid off. The set of songs occupied the eighth position on US Billboard Hot 200. It also occupied the fourth position in Top Hip-Hop Albums Chart.
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