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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Robyn Elaine Lively



Birth Date

February 7, 1972


51 years

Zodiac Sign



Powder Springs, Georgia, United States



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Robyn Lively family members

Father's Name

Ronnie Lively

Mother's Name

Elaine Lively

Siblings names

Blake Lively (younger half-sister), Eric Lively (younger half-brother), Lori Lively (older sister) ,Jason Lively (older brother)

Is Robyn Lively a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Robyn Lively marital status?


Who is Robyn Lively husband?

Bart Johnson

When did get married?

September 25, 1999

How many children does she have?

3 (Baylen Johnson, Kate Johnson, Wyatt Blake Johnson)

robyn lively blake lively

photo instagram / robynlively

Robyn Lively relatives


Robyn Lively family

Robyn Lively is Blake’s older half-sister. The girls share the same mother, but have different fathers.

Although The Age of Adaline actress is, probably, the most celebrated member in her family, her sister Robyn is a close second.

She saw the world for the first time in Powder Springs, Georgia. Then her mother Elaine was married to Robyn’s father Ronnie Lively, who was an actor, as well. After her parents’ divorce, Robyn resided with her mother and two siblings. Then Elaine re-married, and Robyn was brought up by her stepfather Ernie Brown-Lively.

She started career of an actress at a primary school age. Her first screen work was in the films “Summer of My German Soldier” in late 1970s. In 1980s she continued acting and played small roles in several popular TV shows and films.

At the age of 19 Robyn earned an Emmy nomination for depicting a troubled teen in the series “ABC Afterschool Specials”.

From that moment Lively’s career gained momentum. She played in “Twin Peaks”, “Savannah”, “Love Boat: The Next Wave”, “Saving Grace” etc. As for now, the actress boasts with more than 90 films in her resume.

Since 1999 Robyn is married to an actor Bart Johnson. They became parents of three kids: Baylen Johnson in 2003, Kate Johnson in 2005 and Wyatt Blake Johnson in 2008.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She maintains warm relationships with her sister Blake and her brother-in-law Ryan Reynolds. In November 2022 she visited the American Cinematheque Award ceremony, where Ryan was getting an award and Blake was preparing a speech to honor him. Robin also shared sweet words, devoted to her relatives through Instagram while posting new pictures from the ceremony.
  2. In the 5th season of “Cobra Kai” Robin will portray the heroine Jessica Andrews. It’s her reunion with the character, which she has already depicted 35 years ago in “The Karate Kid Part III”.
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