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Sadie Sandler biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sadie Madison Titone-Sandler


child actress

Birth Date

May 6, 2006


17 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States



Sadie Sandler family members

Father's Name

Adam Sandler

Mother's Name

Jacqueline Titone (Jackie Sandler)

Siblings names

Sunny Sandler (younger sister)

Sadie Sandler relatives


Sadie Madison Sandler is the first child of the famous comic Adam Sandler. She was born in the late spring of 2006. Now the girl has already turned 12 years old. Her father tells that he puts lots of efforts to raise his daughter as a hard-working and responsible person. He understands that it’s really hard to bring up the child in the family of two incredibly rich parents. Sandler jokes, that he keeps the most luxurious and expensive things in the right wing of his house and doesn’t allow his daughters go there.

Since the earliest years Sadie was interested in acting. Being a 4-year-old, she got up early in the morning and packed her bag. The girl was going for work – to make a new film, of course. Adam told Sadie liked to visit him at the film set and have dinner in his trailer.

As for now, the girl has quite an extensive for her age resume as an actress. She participated in “Hotel Transylvania”, “Jack and Jill” and some other films, produced by her parents.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Gradually Sadie Sandler is turning from a little girl into a teenager. In 2019 her father told to Ellen DeGeneres during her show set that it is tough for him to listen to his daughter talking about boys.
  2. In 2019 Sadie’s bat mitzvah became really wonderful due to her father’s efforts. Adam invited Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine to perform a couple of songs for his older daughter and her fans. Unexpectedly Adam came not alone, but with his band member James Valentine. Maroon 5 performance made Sadie so happy!
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