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Hugh Jackman biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Hugh Michael Jackman


Australian actor, singer, and producer

Birth Date

October 12, 1968


54 years

Zodiac Sign



Sydney, Australia


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts



Hugh Jackman family members

Father's Name

Christopher John Jackman

Mother's Name

Grace McNeil

Siblings names

Ralph Jackman (Brother) | Ian Jackman (Brother) | Sonya Jackman (Sister) | Zoe Jackman (Sister)

Is Hugh Jackman a gay/bisexual?


What is Hugh Jackman marital status?


Who is Hugh Jackman wife?

Deborra-lee Furness

When did get married?

April 11, 1996

How many children does he have?

2 (Oscar Maximilian Jackman, Ava Eliot Jackman)

Hugh Jackman wife

Deborra-Lee Furness (wife)

Deborra-Lee Furness wife Hugh Jackman

photo twitter / Deborra_lee

Date of Birth: November 13, 1955

Deborra-Lee Furness is an Australian actress and producer who in 1996 married Hugh Jackman. 

From the biography of the actress, it is known that her childhood and youth were spent in the city of Melbourne, in which she graduated from high school. Few people know, but when Deborra-Lee was barely eight years old, the head of the family died in a plane crash, and all the worries about her daughter fell on the shoulders of her mother, who at the time worked as a theater director.

In an interview with media representatives, the actress often said that in her youth she understood that she could only rely on herself. 

Deborra-Lee made her debut on television when she was 20 years old. It was the series “Prisoner”, immersing the viewers in the everyday life of the police.

After Furness got into a fiery car crash, she was bedridden for nine months. In addition to the broken leg and back problems, the actress also had a broken nose, which she later corrected with the help of plastic surgery.

Hugh Jackman wife

photo twitter / Deborra_lee

This period of illness and recovery was one of the hardest in the life of a woman, and the roles in the films in which her participation was planned went to other actresses. Health was impaired, and her face was so mutilated that Furness seriously thought that her career would leave the bench. However, things turned out well for the woman.

And a beautiful Australian actress with great prospects for the future met novice actor Hugh Jackman during the filming of the psychological drama “Corelli”. This fateful meeting took place back in 1995, a year later the lovers got married. Wanting to devote herself to her husband and family, Deborra abandoned her acting career. The couple dreamed of a large and friendly family, but repeated attempts to conceive and give birth to a child ended in failure. Deborra had miscarriages all the time, and this certainly grieved the spouses.

Then they decided that nothing could stop them from becoming loving parents, and the couple adopted two children.

As stated, the actress is older than the famous spouse for 13 years, and of course, age-related changes affected her face and figure. This does not give rest to many admirers of the handsome Hugh, because each sees in herself a “more worthy” match to her idol. 

Hugh Jackman kids

Oscar Maximillian Jackman (son)

Oscar Maximillian Jackman

Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

Date of birth: May 15, 2000

The boy wants to become an agronomist and work in one of the third world countries. Oscar dreams to maintain a traditional farm, but at the same time introduce new technologies. He is from a generation that likes to surf YouTube. Besides, Oscar loves old black-and-white comedies and once watched all the Monty Python series when he was bored.

Ava Eliot Jackman (daughter)

Ava Eliot Jackman

phto twitter / AvaEliotJackman

Date of birth: July 10, 2015

Ava, by the way, is the real “daddy’s girl.” She loves to spend time with her star fathet, not giving him a moment’s rest. This active girl also likes riding on a scooter, so, like her dad, she often wears comfortable sportswear. Ava’s favorite colors are the most girlish. She prefers pink and purple hues, with which all her clothes are “painted” – from socks to backpacks.

Also, the girl gets off on striped clothes. Ava has worn shirts, leggings, and tops in marine style since childhood. She cannot decide who she is going to be in the future. At the moment, the variation is as follows: a rock star, an actress, a dancer, a chef, and a baker. You can see her in “The greatest showman”. Ava begged Hugh to take her to the set with him, but he said that he would not do that. Then she found the agency that recruited the extras and applied through them. As a result, she starred in one scene.

Who are Hugh Jackman parents?

Chris Jackman (father)

Hugh Jackman father Chris Jackman

photo instagram / thehughjackman

Chris Jackman earned his living as an accountant. He was the breadwinner in the family. As mentioned, following the divorce, with Hugh’s mom, Christopher proposed to another woman and they gave a birth to Jackman’s one more sister. Gradually Hugh forgot about his dream to see his mom. Hugh’s father was a busy person, most part of his life he spent at work and frankly speaking, Chris was not interested in problems of his children.

But when Hugh Jackman was going to leave his father’s home, Chris gave his son an advice – always to find the time for a family life and never put career before family. And now, the actor’s beloved dad who raised him alone sinks deeper into the grip of Alzheimer’s disease. Hugh says: “He still recognizes me and can talk about the past. Weirdly, he’s as happy as I’ve ever known him, which is wonderful.”

Jackman’s father gave his youngest son a grounding in faith and values that nurtured him through hard times. Although both Jackman’s parents were very religious early on, Christopher Jackman was the parent whose faith deepened over the years.

Grace McNeil (mother)

Hugh Jackman mother

photo instagram / Hugh Jackman

Date of birth: November 12

It’s sad to hear but when Hugh Jackman was 8 years old, his mother Grace left the family and relocated back to England. In addition, the woman took her daughters away – Hugh’s sisters. Three sons, including Hugh, were left to live with their father in Australia.

For a long time, the actor could not understand and forgive his mother. Only after creating his family, Jackman realized that his mother did not abandon children, in fact, the problem was in the relationship between Grace and Chris. Many still wonder how Hugh managed to forgive her.

Now, the connection between the actor and his mom is much better. They get on well as if the past never happened. Moreover, it was Grace who taught “Logan” not to be afraid to throw out anger, resentment and not to conceal these explosive emotions inside.

Hugh Jackman siblings

Ian Jackman (brother)

It is known that Ian is a senior counsel and lives in Melbourne.

Sonya Jackman (sister)

She is also an accountant, just like her father.

Ralph Jackman (brother

hugh jackman brother

photo instagram / thehughjackman

Zoe Jackman (sister)

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other information about these siblings and also we haven’t stumbled upon Hugh’s half-sister from mother side.


Hugh Jackman got famous as a brutal mutant Logan from the X-Men movie series. Before him, no actor had played the same superhero for so long and in such an impressive number of films.

Interesting and fun facts

Hugh Jackman and wife

photo instagram / thehughjackman

He became a famous actor, while not seen in scandals and for many years remains faithful to his wife. It seems that Hugh Jackman is just perfect. Way to go, man!

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