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Janet Jackson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Janet Damita Jo Jackson



Birth Date

May 16, 1966


57 years

Zodiac Sign



Gary, Indiana, United States


Montclair College Preparatory School



Janet Jackson family members

Father's Name

Joseph Walter Jackson

Mother's Name

Katherine Esther Scruse-Jackson

Siblings names

All older: Rebbie Jackson (sister), Jackie Jackson (brother), Tito Jackson (brother), Jermaine Jackson (brother), La Toya Jackson (sister), Brandon Jackson (brother, died at birth), Marlon Jackson (brother), Randy Jackson (brother), Michael Jackson (brother); Joh'Vonnie Jackson (younger half-sister)

Is Janet Jackson a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Janet Jackson marital status?


Who is Janet Jackson husband?

James DeBarge (ex-husband), Rene Elizondo (ex-husband), Wissam Al Mana (ex-husband)

How many children does she have?

1 (son Eissa Al Mana)

Janet Jackson tells in her numerous interviews, that she is “a normal ordinary woman”. But it’s hard to believe in her “ordinary person” status after looking through the long list of her achievements (11 studio albums, appearances in numerous films and TV shows to name a few). Actually, she had no choice – as from the earliest years the youngest child in Jackson family knew, she was born to become the part of a huge machine, named “show business”.

Janet Jackson husband

James DeBarge (ex-husband; married in 1984-1985)

James DeBarge ex-husband Janet Jackson

Date of birth: August 22, 1963

Janet Jackson career was going better and better each year. But her personal life was in a constant phase of melancholia. In general, the singer was married three times. And each of them turned into a big disaster.

For the first time Janet Jackson wedded in 1984. James DeBarge, a popular R&B singer and hot Janet, had a lot in common. He was a lead singer of the family band “DeBarge”, which was considered as the heir of “The Jacksons”. But in spite of their similarity, their marriage didn’t become successful. In less than a year it was annulled.

DeBarge continued to develop his music career. The 7th child of Robert and Etterlene DeBarge, from the earliest years he knew, that music is his only way on top. James was just 15, when he founded the family band with his brothers Eldra, Randy and Mark and a sister Bunny. The group was signed by the same label as Janet Jackson. In early 1980s the band released the debut album “The DeBarges”.

During 1980-1985 the family group presented its greatest hits “All This Love”, “I Like It” and others. But later Eldra DeBarge left the band, and its gold-certified success had stalled. As the part of the band, James DeBarge released 5 studio albums.

In 2012 James was caught by police, with a weapon, while he was arranging assault. He was imprisoned for 3 years.

Although James and Janet had no common kids, later Mr. DeBarge got a chance to become a father. He has three kids, one of which – Kristinia DeBarge – has become an American Idol contestant in 2003.

Rene Elizondo (ex-husband; married in 1991-2000)

Rene Elizondo

Date of birth: July 16, 1962

Janet Jackson was married to her second husband, a Mexican dancer René Elizondo Jr in 1991-2000.  She met Rene through her sister La Toya, who hired a hot Mexican man as her back up dancer.

Two young people fell in love and wedded secretly. Later Jackson told to journalists, that it was very hard for two public people to build a good family, that why her husband and she decided to keep their marriage in secret.

After nine years of “secret” marriage they split. The couple wasn’t blessed with kids.

In spite of problems in their personal life, Rene and Janet became successful professionally. They had a number of collaborative projects, which brought profit to both. Thus, Elizondo directed a number of music videos for his wife, such as “That’s the Way Love Goes” and some others.

After his separation to Scream singer, Elizondo managed to re-build his life and career. He was appointed as the director of Anvil Case Co (case manufacturer). He re-married his long term partner Britt Coelho and in 2011 welcomed a daughter with her.

Wissam Al Mana (ex-husband – married in 2012-2017; they are divorcing now)

Wissam Al Mana ex

Date of birth: January 1, 1975

After her split to the second husband, Jackson was involved into a number of love affairs. Nobody hoped that one day a star would marry again. But in 2012 Mrs. Jackson made fans surprised again. She wedded a millionaire Wissam Al Mana, who was not just winningly handsome, but also very young. Wissam is 11 years younger, than his popular wife.

Wissam Al Mana looks like a dream boy of each single woman. He was born in Doha, Qatar and spent his early years there. After that Al Mana moved to Washington, USA to study at George Washington University.

Since his teens the man was interested in fashion. At the age of 14 he found his first job – in the fashion boutique.

The businessman reached his career peak, when he was appointed as an executive director of Al Mana Group, which is based in Quatar and has interests in various kinds of financial activity, including various investments, real estate business, media industry etc.

Janet Jackson fell in love with Al Mana immediately after their meeting at a hotel opening ceremony in Dubai. In 2015 she devoted her husband a song “No Sleep”. A year later the middle-aged star announced her pregnancy. The couple welcomed the first for both son Eissa Al Mana in 2017.

After the child birth Janet made an important decision. Rumor has it, the woman converted her religion to Islam, the faith of her husband. Several times the singer, who gained more than 30 kilos after a child birth, was photographed, wearing an Islamic veil.

But even faith change didn’t save her third marriage. Four months after the birth of a small son Janet left her husband. They decided to live separately for a while. Although they didn’t start a divorce process officially, the things between two sweethearts turned really bad.

Later the pop star accused her husband in controlling each her movement and in forbadding her to see her friends.

When the divorce process will be finalized, Jackson will get about $100 million of her husband’s money (according to their prenup). And of course, Al Mana will pay child’s support to his ex-wife to bring up small Eissa Al Mana.

Janet Jackson kids

Eissa Al Mana (son with Wissam Al Mana)

Janet Jackson kids

photo instagram / spirituallydee

Date of birth: January 3, 2017

In spite of being married several times, Janet didn’t have an opportunity to become a mother. But when the singer turned 50, finally her dream realized. She put on pause her world tour, named “Unbreakable” to “plan her family” as she said in her message to fans.

The happy mother gave a birth to her first baby on a cold winter evening in 2017. The delivery process was “stress-free”, according to the words of her husband.

Nowadays Eissa is 1, 5 years old. Her mother tries to keep a boy out of limelight. She doesn’t like to tell about her beloved son in interviews. Just once she opened up, that her love to the son is “limitless” and she feels “blessed”.

Who are Janet Jackson parents?

Joseph Walter Jackson (father)

Joseph Walter Jackson father Janet Jackson

photo instagram / jackiejackson_fans

Date of birth: July 26, 1928

Date of death: June 27, 2018

Janet Jackson father is named in press as the most successful parent of the 20th century. Serving as a music manager, he collaborated with a popular singer Diana Ross and later founded the band “Jackson 5”, consisted of his kids, which became a music sensation of 1970s.

It’s not a secret that Janet’s brother Michael Jackson had troubled relationships with his father and even named him “abusive physically and emotionally”.

In her interview to Piers Morgan Janet told, that her father always wanted just the best for his children, but sometimes he reached it in a wrong way”. In any case, Jackson’s phenomenal success was to some extent the result of a hard work of their patriarch.

Joseph was born in Fountain Hill, AR in the family of a university professor Samuel and his wife Crystal. He grew up with three siblings. His parents divorced, when the boy turned 12, and he had to stay with his father.

Joe attended a high school, but he didn’t finish his education. In his teens the future music manager found a job at Inland Steel Company. He dreamed about career of a boxer and was preparing to Golden Gloves contest, when he met a beautiful girl Katherine, future Janet’s mother, as you have guessed. They tied a knot on November 5, 1949.

Katherine and Joe gave a birth to 9 kids, and some of them became popular pop singers. In early 1960s the man turned into a music manager and founded the band “Jackson 5”.

In spite of his career success, Joe was a complicated personality. During his marriage to Katherine, he had a long term extramarital affair with Cheryl Terrell and even welcomed a daughter with her.

In 2015 Janet’s father passed through three heart attacks and from that moment his health had deteriorated. He suffered from dementia and blindness and then was diagnosed with the 4th stage of cancer.

The talented manager passed away in June, 2018 surrounded by his wife, kids and grandchildren.

Katherine Esther Scruse-Jackson (mother)

mother Janet Jackson

Date of birth: May 4, 1930

The mother of 9 children, two of which (Michael and Janet) became internationally popular stars, Katherine is 88 now. The woman is in a bad health, nevertheless she is still alive due to the limitless support of her children.

Born Kattie B. Screws, she had a complicated life. The girl spent her early years in Clayton, AL. In her young years Kate fell ill with polio and after the disease suffered from complications – she remained lamb.

She was educated at Washington High School and dreamed to become an actress or a singer. Being a school pupil, Katherine participated in a school music band. But she had to leave her hobby, when met Joe Jackson and wedded him.

In early 1950 she worked as a store clerk, but her career had always been interrupted with pregnancies. Most part of her life the woman devoted to her kids. Later she described her maternal experience in a book “My Family, The Jacksons”.

Janet Jackson siblings

Michael Jackson (older brother)

Michael Jackson (older brother)

photo instagram / michaeljackson

Date of birth: August 29, 1958

Date of death: June 25, 2009

What is different between an ordinary person and a super star? Probably, it’s an amount of records he set. The Pop King Michael Jackson set a great variety records during the years of his short and really hard life. He became the youngest musician, who won No1 place in Billboard 200. When his song “I Want You Back” reached the leading position, a musician was just 11.

Then he was titled as the most successful musician of all times, the most recognizable man on earth etc. But for a singer Janet Jackson he was just a brother.

Later in her interview the singer recollected in her mind the last evening she spent with the cult musician Michael before his unexpected death. “We ate Thai food and laughed. He liked to laugh so much and was a humorous person”, she said.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, IN and started his way to success at a very early age. He became the member of the family band “Jackson 5” and later joined this project with a solo career. He has become a sensation after the release of his fifth studio album “Off the Wall”. Twenty-one year old singer got the star status, which he later proved with the albums “Thriller”, “Bad”, “Dangerous” and others.

His vocal style, precise dancing movements and the singer’s trademark – the moonwalk – made him the legend of several generations.

But alongside incredible professional and financial success Michael remained mentally unstable person. He changed his appearance, made numerous plastic operations and was accused in child sexual abuse.

He was married twice – to Elvis Presley daughter Lisa Marie and to a nurse Debbie Rowe. Later each of his marriages was named in press as “fake”, because his wives opened up, the singer had no sexual interest to them.

He had two kids with the second wife – a daughter Paris and a son Michael Joseph. Later Jackson opened up, that he was not a biological father of these children.

The only kid of a Pop King, who has his genes, is the youngest son Prince Michael, whose biological mother is not known.

Janet’s brother passed away in June, 2009. The reason of his death was unclear at first. But later it turned out, that the musician died from propofol overdose.

To the moment of his death the cult singer lost his hair and was absolutely bald. He appeared in public, wearing a wig. His skin, which passed through more than 13 plastic surgeries, had numerous scars. He didn’t eat anything except for pills during the last days of his life and weighed just 51 kg. In addition, the singer’s body had lots of needle marks, which proves, that he made injections at least three times per day during several years.

Janet Jackson brother was buried at a private cemetery in Glendale, CA.

Rebbie Jackson (older sister)

Rebbie Jackson sister Janet Jackson

photo instagram / rebbie_jackson

Date of birth: May 29, 1950

Rebbie Jackson-Brown is the oldest child in the cult music family. She is a popular American singer too. The woman rose to fame after the release of her debut album “Centipede”. Later she presented two more albums. Although now Rebbie’s name is not known to the wide audience, it doesn’t mean that she was not talented. On the contrary, she won several music contests and even performed better than her siblings.

But Rebbie fell in love with her childhood friend Nathaniel Brown. She thought that calm family life is much better for her than unstable life of a pop singer. In spite of the conflict with her father the girl wedded Mr. Brown. They welcomed two kids and lived together till his death from cancer in 2013.

Jackie Jackson (older brother)

Jackie Jackson brother janet

Date of birth: May 4, 1951

Jackie Jackson is one of those five talented brothers from “Jackson Five”, who set world on fire. He was a real teen dream, a handsome vivid boy with a strong voice and plastic dancing movements.

Unlike his famous brother Michael, Jackie didn’t become a music legend of his generation. But till now he lives a calm and happy life with his family.

His full name is Sigmund Esco Jackson. He reached the fame as the member of a family band, and after its split decided to follow his own way. He released a solo album “Jackie Jackson”, but it got really modest success.

As for now, Jackie resides in Las Vegas and runs two recording companies. Till now he manages his brother Michael’s estate and in 2010 released the reality series “The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty”. He is married to Emily Besselink and they bring up 2 twin boys. Emily is his third wife. From previous marriages a musician has 2 kids.

Tito Jackson (older brother)

Tito Jackson

Date of birth: October 15, 1953

He is another member of the Jackson 5. After the split of the band, Tito stayed out of limelight. He made occasional public appearances, for example, at the concert, devoted to Michael’s 30th birthday.

In 2003 he started career of a solo musician. The man performed blues at various night clubs. In 2016 he presented the first solo album “Tito Time”, which gained some success in USA and Japan.

Tito was married to Delores Martes, but the couple split in late 1980s. The woman was found dead in a swimming pool 6 years after their split. Tito and Delores had three sons. In 2016 he showed his kids in the reality series “The Jacksons: Next Generation”, which was on air at Lifetime.

Jermaine Jackson (older brother)

Jackie Jackson older brother janet Jackson

Date of birth: December 11, 1954

After the split of Jackson Five, Jermaine tried his hand as a solo singer. Later he became a reality TV actor and participated in UK version of “Celebrity Big Brother”. Till now he is active as a reality TV actor and author. In 2011 he published a book about his late famous brother, titled “You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes.” He tried to build a family three times, but each time failed. The man is a father of 7 children. In late summer 2018 he announced his interntion to tie a knot for the fourth time with his girlfriend Maday Velazquez, who is 4 decades his junior.

La Toya Jackson (older sister)

La Toya Jackson older sister Janet Jackson

photo instagram / latoyajackson

Date of birth: May 29, 1956

The big sister of Janet, La Toya has never dreamed about becoming a celebrity and wanted to study law in a college. But her strict father didn’t leave the girl any choice, so at the age of 16 she joined her famous family band.

Later she starred with her sisters Rebbie and Janet in all 12 episodes of CBS reality series “The Jacksons”. The sisters decided to create a trio – the female division of Jackson family, but the project didn’t become successful and they parted their ways.

In early 1980s La Toya started solo career. She released several singles and albums, and each of her works gained some success. But the woman didn’t get the status of another superstar from Jackson family. Some of her greatest hits are “If You Feel the Funk”, “Hot Potato” and others.

In 1987 La Toya met Jack Gordon and he became her manager. Jack advised the young woman to change her image from serious to sexual, and it brought the girl huge success and quarrel with her family.

In 1989 she married Mr. Gordon, but later told in her interviews, that she did it against her will and called her husband “abusive”. They divorced in 1997.

In 2000s La Toya made occasional appearances on TV in reality series. She was the first one, who came to the hospital, where her famous brother Michael died. It was she, who initiated thorough investigation of the reasons of Michael’s death. To honor her late brother, she recorded for him a song “Home”.

Brandon Jackson (brother, died at infancy)

Date of birth: March 12, 1957

Date of death: March 14, 1958

He is a twin brother of Marlon Jackson. Brandon died at the age of one.

Marlon Jackson (older brother)

Marlon Jackson

photo instagram / marlondavidjackson5

Date of birth: March 12, 1957

The 6th child in the talented family, he was known as a great dancer and as the most humorous person in Jackson Five. He is married to Carol Parker. They have 3 kids together. As for now, he is the real estate agent and the owner of a cable network.

Randy Jackson (older brother)

Randy Jackson

photo instagram / randyjackson

Date of birth: October 29, 1961

Randy is another musician and dancer from Jackson family. He was not the original participant of the band, and joined his brothers, when Jackson Five had already been renamed for The Jacksons.

In early 1990s he formed his own band “Randy & the Gypsys”. Later he turned into a businessman and founded a number of successful companies.

Randy and his younger sister Janet have always been friends. Since 2016 Randy serves as Janet’s business consultant. He supported his sister during her late pregnancy and her split from the third husband.

In 1980s Randy met Alejandra Loaiza. They lived together and welcomed two kids, without getting married. After their split the woman dated Randy’s brother Jermaine and even tied a knot with him, but later they divorced.

His first official wife was Eliza Shaffy. They gave a birth to a daughter together and separated after 3 years of family life.

Joh’Vonnie Jackson (younger half-sister)

Joh’Vonnie Jackson

photo twitter / jnjjackson74

Date of birth: August 30, 1974

She is Joe Jackson’s daughter from his extra-marital affair.

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