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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.


singer, songwriter, makeup artist

Birth Date

November 15, 1985


37 years

Zodiac Sign



Orange County, California, United States


Pacifica High School



Jeffree Star family members

Father's Name

Jeffrey Steininger Sr.

Mother's Name

Laurie Steininger (aunt)

Is Jeffree Star a gay/bisexual?


What is Jeffree Star marital status?


Jeffree Star spouse

Nathan Schwandt (ex-boyfriend; dated in 2015-2020)

Nathan Schwandt

photo instagram / datschwandt

Date of birth: August 18, 1993

Jeffree Star understood that he was gay, when he was in the 5th grade. That’s why till the present moment he dated only men. Previously he was romantically connected with Tyler Carter, a musician. Since 2016 he is in love with Nathan Schwandt.

They got acquainted through Instagram. At first they just talked and exchanged phone calls, but then decided to meet in person. Gradually, two young men fell in love.

Nathan Schwandt is known as an Instagram star. He was born and raised in Michigan. Before his relationship with Jeffree, Nathan dated only women and was straight. Now he is bisexual. They say Schwandt dates the YouTube star only for his money.

Our today’s hero has no biological kids. But he positions himself as a mother to his 4 dogs.

In January, 2020 Jeffrey announced his break up with Nathan. He told, that the reason of such decision was Nathan’s depression. Besides, publicity ruined romantic feelings between them. Their split was amicable.

Who are Jeffree Star parents?

Jeffrey Steininger Sr. (father)

Jeffree Star’s father committed a suicide, when the boy was just 6, so most part of his son’s growing up process he wasn’t near him. The boy resided with his grandparents in their Huntington Beach house. In one of his videos Jeffree explained, that considered his uncle Phil, his father’s brother, as his “second father”.

Jeffree Star paternal uncle Philip Steininger

Jeffree with uncle Philip Steininger

Laurie Steininger (paternal aunt)

Jeffree Star paternal aunt Laurie Steininger

Jeffree has troubled relationships with his mother. In one of his videos he confessed, that they had always quarreled a lot and he hadn’t speak to her during 10 years. “One third of my life I didn’t speak to her”, Star said. Then he made his fans sure, that she is back in his life. The woman used to work as a model. At home she had lots of fashion magazines, like “Cosmopolitan”. Suddenly her teen son started to read these magazines and copy looks from there. “I was obsessed with makeup”, the boy said. At first his mother couldn’t accept such an idea. But then she let her son wear makeup to school.

During many years Star told that his mother’s name is Laurie Steininger. In one of his recent videos Star opened up to his fans that Laurie, whom he previously introduced as his mother, is actually his aunt and she is not blood-related to him. She was the wife of his paternal uncle Phil. They were married during 33 years till his death in 2011. Star’s uncle was the only man in his aunt’s life.

Laurie Steininger and Jeffree got very close after his serious conflict with his mother. He started to post pics with her, and his followers began to send him compliments, telling, that he looks exactly like his beautiful mother. And he told that Laurie is his mom to keep the ratings high.

In fact, most part of his life Jeffree spent with his grandparents. His grandmother is 100 years old as for now. Her three sons and a husband passed away.

Laurie looks attractive in her not so young age (she doesn’t publicize the exact year of her birth).

She is a person of a complicated fate. As a girl she attended Pacifica High School. She married her first husband, Phil, Jeffree’s uncle, in 1978. They were school sweethearts. It seems that they had no children, because Star told, after her husband’s death Laurie was very lonely, and they both treated each other as a mother and a son.

Nowadays she lives in Garden Grove, CA. Laurie works at the local company “Philip B. Steininger Welding & Fab”, founded by her late husband. She is engaged to Gary Atchison.

At the same time, Star’s biological mother has been homeless for 4 years already and lived in her car. But the things changed for better, when she reconnected with her son.


 Jeffree Star bio

photo instagram / jeffreestar

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. was born in Huntington Beach, CA. At the age of 13 he started to take his mother’s cosmetics and to create various makeup looks on his face. He even wore makeup to school. The unusual teenager wasn’t bullied at school for his looks. “Girls were my friends and boys liked me”, he told in his interview to “LA Weekly”.

At the age of 18 he made his first tattoo. Now his body is covered with strings of drawings.

He rose to fame as MySpace star. At first the man posted just makeup looks, and later he started to record his own songs. “I am crazy from hip hop”, Star said. His most popular song is “We Want Cunt”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He owns a cosmetics line.
  2. His YouTube channel boasts with 10 million subscribers.
  3. Due to his unusual hair color – pink – Jeffree was marked as “The Person with the Best Hairdo” in a school yearbook.
  4. He was one of the first in his classroom to create an account in social media. “People liked me, followed me and gave me expensive presents, like $1000 camera”, Star boasted.
  5. Having come to LA, he had a number of odd jobs. One of them was to do makeup for porn stars. He even shortly served as Kelly Osbourne’s MUA.


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  • Stacey says:

    After seeing a few videos on YouTube proving he is a racist, friends with predictors (and knowing what they do as he tweeted about them)
    Himself grabbing a mans privates, kicking a teen girl, carrying a carving knife, and many people from around 2007 saying he r*pes straight men which he made a song about

    He is a damaged sick person that should be in prison

  • Annette says:

    Dude49 for someone who doesn’t like him you sure are posting a lot. Is 49 referring to your IQ? Like.. like…like..

  • Tom Blessing says:

    Dude 49 — so glad you were able to express your dislike of Jeffrey.. now, how does that change anything? I’m sure he’s doing ok without your love. Lol

  • CHERYL says:

    Like Dude49, dumb name, who cares if he is gay or not, or looks weird or acts weird, in your opinion I might add. He’s probably more beautiful than any woman you’ve been with and has more class in one finger than you do in any part of you, including your shit streaked tight whities..the stupidity on here is appaling, along with the jealousy of Jeffree behn self made and super rich with great products. Dont comment unless you actually have something slightly less ignoramus to say, better yet, go watch static on TV, that’s about your speed

  • CHERYL says:

    STACIE, what exactly does being a fan and being gay or not have any correlation to the each other, dang the ignorance!

  • CHERYL says:

    Well HEATHER, Jeffree DIDNT KNOW his mom was homeless and living in her car, as soon as he found out, he bought her a house and started taking care of her…remember, she was in a bad way with drugs etc… so since you speak without knowing shit, we dont respect you either..

  • Jasmine says:

    Jeffree is an Idol and he has done anything he wanted and I’m very proud of him

  • Alana says:

    We all have one life to live, lets just live happy and stop criticizing what people do for their happiness.

  • Heather says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t respect a man that would leave his mother homeless living out of a car for 4 YEARS for any reason.

  • jamie says:

    he is great:) i literally dont see a reason why you wouldnt like him

  • stacie says:

    i am a fan even though im not gay

  • Dude 49 says:

    Like dude he is like so weird like he is gay and he looks so weird

  • Dude 49 says:

    I literally dont like star