Ruby Rose Turner

Ruby Rose Turner biography
photo instagram / rubyroseturner
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Ruby Rose Turner


dancer, actress

Birth Date

October 16, 2005


17 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States



Ruby Rose Turner family members

Father's Name

Bailey Turner

Mother's Name

Bryn Turner

Siblings names

Alec Turner (younger brother), Alfie Turner (younger brother), Nadia (elder sister)

Ruby Turner Dancer family members

photo instagram / rubyroseturner

Who are Ruby Rose Turner parents?

Bailey Turner (father)

Ruby Turner Dancer father

photo instagram / itsalfieturner

Ruby Turner Dancer, also known as Ruby Rose Turner, entered this world 12 years ago. She was brought up in the family of Bailey Turner and his wife Bryn.

Bailey Turner father Ruby Turner Dancer

photo instagram / rubyroseturner

Bryn Turner (mother)

Bryn Turner mother Ruby Turner Dancer

photo instagram / itsalfieturner

Once she named a mother of her big friend (and rumored boyfriend) Johnny Orlando “My Mom” in the Instagram. But the truth is that Ruby Turner’s mother is Bryn Turner. The woman doesn’t like to stay in front of the cameras and is very private. It’s just known, that she inspired her daughters to visit a dancing school and inspired them to start career in the entertainment industry at a very early age.

Ruby Rose Turner siblings

Nadia Turner (elder sister)

Nadia-Turner photo

photo instagram / nadiaturner

Date of birth: April 19, 2004

Nadia Turner is Ruby’s older sister and colleague. Obviously, the girls are good friends. Ruby sells to her older sibling lots of love and compliments through Instagram.

For the first time Nadia appeared in front of the cameras at a very early age. She acted in commercials for internationally popular companies, like “Target” and others. In one of her ads she appeared alongside Heidi Klum, a popular German model.

In addition to modeling, Nadia was developing as a dancer. She practiced various kinds of disciplines, including ballet, jazz dancing and others.

In 2018 Nadia tried her hand as an actress. She has become a regular in web series “Total Eclipse”, where her co-stars are Mackenzie Ziegler and Johnny Orlando.

Nadia is a social media star. She has thousands of fans, who follow her accounts in Twitter and Instagram. The girl co-founded a YouTube channel with Ruby, which is named “Turner Sisters”. It boasts with more than 11K followers.

Alfie Turner (younger brother)

brother Ruby Turner

photo instagram / itsalfieturner

Date of birth: September 13, 2007

The Instagram star Alfie Turner is the younger brother of two pretty Turner sisters. He has more than 32, 000 followers. His account is managed by his parents. The cute boy demonstrates funny pics, often featuring his older sisters.

Alec Turner (younger brother)

Alec Turner

photo instagram / guccinadias

He is the younger brother of a child star Ruby Turner Dancer.


Ruby Rose Turner was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. In her early years she was an active, vivid child. That inspired her mother to take a girl to a dancing school. The talented and very pretty kid soon became the local celebrity. After that her parents uploaded the girl’s pics and videos of her dancing to Internet. Thus, her fame surpassed the borders and became international. The girl won numerous dancing contests. Then she featured in a number of commercials.

She made her first TV appearance at the age of 7. Then Ruby appeared as a dancer in Spanish-made series “Sabado Gigante”, which was broadcast in USA.

After that Ruby continued career of a TV actress. She acted in Nickelodeon sitcom “Black-ish”. The debut of blond-haired small actress turned to be really successful. She continued career of an actress with more serious role of Dave Coulier screen daughter in “Fuller House”. Among her latest screen works there’s a regular role in Disney family series “Coop And Cami Ask The World.”

Beautiful Ruby Turner has become a real trend setter for many boys and girls of her age group. Surely, she has a chance to become a serious adult TV star in future.

Interesting and fun facts

Ruby Turner

photo instagram / rubyroseturner

  1. Ruby Turner has already collaborated with many popular stars, like Olivia Holt, Mackenzie Ziegler, JoJo Siwa and others.
  2. The girl appeared in an episode of the popular show “Dancing with the Stars”. She portrayed the younger version of Julianne Hough. In the episode Ruby demonstrated her skills of an actress, but not of a dancer – according to her role, she had just to stay motionless. That fact disappointed the girls’ fans, who wrote that “Ruby is a great dancer! It’s a pity, she had no chance to show it!”
  3. Her favorite TV shows are “Hannah Montanna” and “Friends”. Her favorite animation is “Finding Dory”.
  4. She loves pets. The girl has at home a dog, named Peanut. Not long ago she uploaded to her Instagram the photo with her “new little friend” – a hamster.
  5. Ruby is famous as a model, too. She featured in ads for many popular companies, including a legendary fashion house “Chloe”.
  6. Her height is 5 ft 0. She weighs 88 lbs.
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    I love her daily gems and watching her and her “brother” Coop and Cami Ask The World make me laugh everytime!!
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