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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kira Nicole Kosarin



Birth Date

October 7, 1997


25 years

Zodiac Sign



Morristown, New Jersey, United States


Pine Crest School; Stanford University



Kira Kosarin family members

Father's Name

Danny Kosarin

Mother's Name

Lauren Kosarin

Is Kira Kosarin a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Kira Kosarin marital status?


Who is Kira Kosarin husband?

Jack Griffo (ex-boyfriend)

Kira Kosarin family members

Kira Kosarin husband

Jack Griffo (ex-boyfriend; dated in 2016)

Kira Kosarin ex-boyfriend Jack Griffo

photo instagram / jackgriffo

Date of birth: December 11, 1996

Kira Kosarin is an aspiring TV star, who gained international popularity as Phoebe from superhero series “The Thundermans”. Jack Griffo was her co-star on the set. He portrayed her twin brother, with whom they had rivalry, which was going on in the show. But in real life two young entertainers were friends. And they even dated shortly.

Jack and Kira had known each other three years before the show. They were so glad, when learnt, that both were auditioning for the same project. At first their relationships were totally like between real siblings. But later they turned into teen love. It was not long, of course, but beautiful and pure.

Two stars didn’t confirm their relationships, but their fans noticed, Kira and Jack spent a lot of time off set together. In addition, Griffo posted a picture of himself and his colleague Kosarin in wedding suits. He named the photo “Jira”, taking the first letter of his name and ending it with his girlfriend’s name. It’s a pity, but flirt between two actors ended too fast.

Jack Griffo photo

photo instagram / jackgriffo

Jack Griffo was born on December 11 in 1996. His hometown is Orlando, Florida. He grew up with 4 siblings. Now his siblings live independently – one of them is in New York, the other one is in Florida, the third one is in Virginia and the fourth one is in California.

The boy studied at Western Christian Academy and took acting classes in Maile Acting School. His older brothers were involved into acting during their years at a high school. They inspired small Jack to follow their way, too.

He rose to fame as the regular actor at Nickelodeon channel. Except for “The Thundermans”, he participated in other projects of the company, including “The Haunted Hathaways” and “School of Rock”, which he considers as his favorite project as for now.

The cute 21-year-old guy caught hearts of many girls all over the world. He separated from Kira Kosarin, but didn’t stay alone for long. Now he is dating an actress Paris Berelc, while Kira Kosarin is currently single. She is focused on her career of an actress. By the way, the girl chose her way long ago, when she watched her parents.

Who are Kira Kosarin parents?

Danny Kosarin (father)

Danny Kosarin father Kira Kosarin

photo instagram / kirakosarin

Kira’s father and mother performed at Broadway. The girl watched them on the stage numerous times. She liked this job, and convinced her parents to send her for acting classes.

Her father’s name is Danny Kosarin. He is a renowned producer and actor. He had a tiny role in “The Thundermans” and served as an executive producer of a short film “What I Did Last Summer”. Previously he worked as a musical director.

Lauren Kosarin (mother)

Lauren Kosarin mother Kira

photo instagram / laurenkosarin

Kira’s mother is an actress. She performs on Broadway. In addition, she briefly appeared in the series “The Thundermans” and played in a short film “Last Day of School”.


Kira Kosarin

photo instagram / kirakosarin

Perfect silhouette, charming Hollywood smile, porcelain skin, huge brown eyes and thick hair make the young actress Kira Kosarin noticeable among other Nickelodeon stars. She made her first steps in New Jersey, shortly resided in Boca Raton, Florida and finally moved to LA to develop her career of a TV actress.

The girl grew up in the family of two entertainers, so she was bitten by acting bug at a very early age. Kira visited acting classes, practiced ballet and gymnastics and once attended camera work shop, which inspired her to try career on TV.

Kosarin debuted in one episode of the series “Shake It Up”. Later she was catapulted to stardom after playing a main role in the superhero series “The Thundermans”. Although the project had already been finished, the young actress moved forward and won the role in another Nickelodeon show “Paradise Run”. Kira featured in 3 episodes of the show.

Unlike other young actresses, Ms. Kosarin doesn’t want to concentrate exclusively on acting. She continued her education at Stanford University. The girl studies psychology.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Kira Kosarin is a devoured dancer.  Except for ballet, she practiced jazz, contemporary dancing, and hip-hop. At the age of 9, she turned into a full-time dancer.
  2. She has always dreamed to play in the Nickelodeon series. When she was ten, she got an e-mail from the channel managers to come for an audition, but that day she was busy with a ballet show and couldn’t come. The girl started to cry, that she was missing the only chance, but her father supported her and told, her that “surely, it would happen again”. And he was right!
  3. Kosarin’s favorite TV show is “Big Ben Theory”.
  4. Her favorite school lesson is Math.
  5. She decided to study psychology at the University to understand her screen heroes better and make her acting more natural.
  6. Kira is absolutely focused on her career as a musician. In 2022 she released the EP “Something New’, in which she hoped to show her transition from a talented teenager into an adult woman. She prepared the set of songs with the super popular label “Republic Records”, which became her first big recording deal.
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