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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone


Movie actor

Birth Date

July 6, 1946


77 years

Zodiac Sign



New York City, New York, United States


Devereaux High School; University of Miami Florida



Sylvester Stallone family members

Father's Name

Frank Stallone, Sr

Mother's Name

Jackie Stallone

Siblings names

Frank Stallone, Jr. (younger brother), Toni D'Alto (younger half-sister), Bryan Stallone (younger half-brother), Carla Stallone (younger half-sister), Dante Stallone (younger half-brother)

Is Sylvester Stallone a gay/bisexual?


What is Sylvester Stallone marital status?


Who is Sylvester Stallone wife?

Jennifer Flavin

When did get married?

May 17, 1997

How many children does he have?

5 (Sage Stallone, Seargeoh Stallone, Sophia Stallone, Sistine Stallone, Scarlet Stallone)

Sylvester Stallone family

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Sylvester Stallone wife

Jennifer Flavin (wife since 1997)

Jennifer Flavin Sylvester Stallone wife

photo instagram / jenniferflavinstallone

Date of birth: August 14, 1968

Stallone’s first film was named “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s”, for which he got $200. Like his hero from this film (Stud), he behaved in similar way and dated numerous women. Three of them became his wives.

Sylvester has been married to Jennifer Flavin since 1997. They met in early 1990s, when he had already become a star and she was an aspiring young model. Their all-weather relationships were not simple, but they managed to keep their love.

Jennifer Flavin’s life wasn’t blessed with sweet moments in her early years. She was born in Los Angeles, and grew up in the ordinary American family alongside 6 siblings. When the girl turned 11, she lost her father, and that changed the usual flow of her life. Without a provider, their family lived in poverty, and it inspired Jennifer to start earning herself. At the age of 19 she signed the deal with Elite Modeling Agency and began to work as a model.

Sylvester Stallone wife

photo instgram / jenniferflavinstallone

She hadn’t become popular to the moment of her meeting with Sly, but had already got some solid records in her resume. She featured on Cosmopolitan cover and participated in Chanel fashion show. The pretty young girl had dinner in a restaurant, when she crossed her ways with Sylvester Stallone.

They dated during long 5 years and even broke up for some time, when finally Sly dared to propose his young girlfriend. “He wrote me six-page letter and sent it through E-mail”, the model explained in her interview to “People”. In spite of the fact, that proposition was sent through mail, the woman answered “Yes!” and was on cloud nine, as her older brother Patrick told to journalists.

John Rambo actor and a model wedded on a beautiful spring day in a beautiful chapel in London. Sly promised to make her happy, and till now he keeps his word.

Jennifer gave a birth to three beautiful daughters. She quit modeling and started career of a business owner. The woman develops her line of cosmetics. She tried her hand as an actress, too and appeared opposite her famous husband in the movie “Rocky V”. But her main job is being Mrs. Stallone.

It’s hard to believe now, that this beautiful woman is not the first wife in Sly’s life.

Sasha Czack (ex-wife; married in 1974-1985)

Sasha Czack

Date of birth: July 17, 1950

Nowadays Stallone seems to be the great supporter of monogamy. He praises his wife Jen and frequently appears with their daughters in front of the camera. But like the Moon, Sly has a dark side too. Jen is his third wife. And Mr. Stallone didn’t behave like a family man with his previous wives.

His first wife was a photographer and occasional actress Sasha Czack. She was incredibly beautiful, and was nicknamed in press as “American Brigitte Bardot”. The girl came to New York from her hometown – Chester in Pennsylvania. She studied Media at Notre Dame University, but dreamed about career of an actress. She starred in a number of television projects, including the series “Love of Life”. In addition, she gained some kudos as a photographer. The muse of a young film director Andy Warhol, she could become a Hollywood star, but chose another fate.

She got acquainted with Sylvester Stallone and fell in love with him. He had several films and great enthusiasm behind his back, and she lost her head.

Sly planned to film “Rocky”. Sasha forgot about her career, and turned into Stallone’s secretary. She printed the script, made pics to promote the movie and even played a tiny role of a boxer’s fan. After the release of the film, Sly was catapulted to stardom.

They wedded on December 28, 1974. After that Sasha gave a birth to two kids – Sage and Seargeoh Stallone. Her second child was diagnosed with autism. After that the woman decided to quit her career and devoted her life to an ill kid.

At the same time, Sylvester was exploring “the mystery of his success”, as he told in one of his interviews. Carousel of girlfriends captured him. He cheated Sasha, and she forgave him numerous times. But finally she had enough. In 1985 she filed for divorce.

Later Sasha re-married a sound specialist Rick Ash, but their marriage ended with a divorce too. Currently she is single.

Brigitte Nielsen (ex-wife; married in 1985-1987)

Brigitte Nielsen

photo instagram / realbrigittenielsen

Date of birth: July 15, 1963

She was a very tall (185 cm) and hot blonde. No wonder, that she captured Sly’s heart. Brigitte grew up in Denmark in the family of a librarian (mother) and an engineer (father). At the age of 16 she quit her studying and started modeling. Later she moved to USA, having left in Denmark her boyfriend Kasper Winding and their son.

In USA Brigitte got a chance to try her hand as an actress. She acted opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Red Sonja”. They say, an ex-bodybuilder fell in love with a tall blonde, but left her to start an affair with Maria Shriver. Nielsen didn’t worry about it – she started dating Sly. It’s rumored that a model sent Rocky actor a nude picture of herself, and he invited the woman for a date.

They wedded in 1985, just a couple of months after his divorce to Czack. Obviously, Stallone started an affair with Nielsen, when he was still married. But that was not a problem for Brigitte, who considered Sly as her winning ticket. He helped revive her career, having appeared with her in the movies “Cobra” and “Rocky IV”. But that didn’t save their marriage. They divorced in 1987. They say, Stallone decided to split from his blonde wife after catching her in bed with a woman.

After her divorce with Stallone, Brigitte continued career of an actress. She played in a number of hit films, such as “Beverly Hills Cop II”, “Galaxis”, “Mercenaries” and many others.

After Sly, she was married three times and divorced twice. Her current husband is Mattia Dessi, an Italian model, who is 15 years her younger. With her husband she welcomed a daughter on June 22, 2018, who has become the fifth child for 54-year-old mother. Her ex Sly also fathered 5 children.

Sylvester Stallone kids

Sage Stallone (son with Sasha Czack)

Sage Stallone

Date of birth: May 5, 1976

Date of death: July 13, 2012

Sage was not just the son of a Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone, he was also a popular film director, producer and actor himself. The boy was the first son for his father Sly and his then-wife Sasha Czack. In spite of his parents’ divorce in1995, they stayed connected, and the boy communicated with both of his parents. He grew up alongside and autistic brother Seargeoh.

Stallone Jr. started career at an early age. He debuted in the TV show “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”. In 1990 he presented his first serious acting work – the role of Rocky Balboa Jr in “Rocky V”. In spite of the fact that he won this job due to his father – the main star of Rocky movies Sylvester Stallone – Sage demonstrated his skills of creating a screen image and his inner discipline.

After that he participated in a number of films, which turned into box office hits. One of them, “Vic”, he wrote and directed himself. For that film Sage got an award at Boston Film Festival.

For the last time he graced on the screen in 2010. Then the actor played the main role in a short film “The Agent”, directed by Vincent Gallo.

In 2007 he married an actress Starlin Wright. Their marriage was annulled the next year. The couple didn’t have kids.

In summer, 2012 Sage Stallone was found dead in his house in the suburb of LA. Probably, he died a couple of days before he was disclosed. The reason of his death was drug overdose. No need to say, that his father took his son’s departure pretty hard.

Seargeoh Stallone (son with Sasha Czack)

Sons Sage Stallone and Seargeoh Stallone


Date of birth: 1979

Like his older brother, Seargeoh Stallone played a role of Rocky Balboa Jr, but he featured in “Rocky II”. Probably, he could develop his career, if only he hadn’t been diagnosed with autism. Then the boy was 3 years old. To care about him, his mother Sasha quit her career. His father Sly was releasing one movie after another. He earned money like a machine and spent millions of dollars for the boy’s treatment. Seargeoh overcame his illness to some extent, but he didn’t recover completely. To support other parents with similar “special” children Stallone family founded a research fund, named “National Society for Children and Adults with Autism”.

Sophia Stallone (daughter with Jennifer Flavin)

Sophia Stallone daughter Sylvester Stallone

photo instagram / sophiastallone

Date of birth: August 27, 1996

She is the first common child of Jennifer Flavin and our today’s hero – Sly. The girl was born with a heart disorder. She was operated, being just several months old. At the age of 16 she passed through similar surgery again. No need to say, that her famous father worried about his little girl a lot. He named his daughter “the main love of his life” in press.

As for now, Sophia is a student at the University of Southern California. She majors in communication technologies. In spite of her status of “celeb’s daughter” she resides in a hostel, just like any other girl.

Sophia tells that her role model is Kylie Jenner. In future the girl plans to found cosmetics line. By the way, she is not interested in acting and is not going to follow her father’s footsteps. But she likes fashion, and she demonstrated it in the TV program “Project Runway”, where she was a guest judge.

Sistine Stallone (daughter with Jennifer Flavin)

Sistine Stallone

photo instagram / sistinestallone

Date of birth: June 27, 1998

Sistine is two years younger than her sister Sophie. She is the middle child in the family. The girl was born in Los Angeles, CA.

She is the only girl in her family, who followed her mother’s steps and started career of a model. At the age of 18 she was signed with IMG Models. She was immediately cast by Chanel fashion house and after that debuted on the catwalk.

To her 20th age mark she has already collaborated with reputable fashion photographers, like Inez & Vinoodh. She collaborated with D&G too.

In spite of being a busy model, Sly’s daughter finds enough time for education too. Like her sister, she studies at USC. The girl is a social media star, but she tells, that she tries not to express her opinion through Instagram and other social networks. “I keep my thoughts to myself. I am neutral, like Switzerland”, she explains.

Scarlet Stallone (daughter with Jennifer Flavin)

Scarlet Stallone kids Sylvester Stallone

photo instagram / scarlet.stallone

Date of birth: May 25, 2002

The youngest kid of Rambo actor was born 16 years ago in Los Angeles. Her father thinks, that she is “a tomboy”, while her older sisters tell, that she is gawky.

Scarlet is a school pupil. Studying at St. Paul School (Westwood) takes most part of her time. She hasn’t planned her career yet, but none of Stallone girls is interested in acting.

In the company of her sisters she was appointed as Miss Golden Globe in 2017, thus having followed the footsteps of numerous celebs’ daughters.

Who are Sylvester Stallone parents?

Frank Stallone Sr (father)

Sylvester Stallone father Frank

photo instagram / frank.stallone

Date of birth: September 12, 1919

Date of death: July 12, 2011

Although most of people know Frank Stallone just as Sly’s father, it doesn’t mean that the man didn’t pursue his own career and didn’t succeed in it. He was an owner of several hair salons and a writer. He tried his hand as an actor once, too.

His birth name is Francesco Stallone. The man spent his teen years in Italy. He moved to USA (with other members of his family) at the age of 13. Frank grew up with 3 siblings. During World War II he joined the army to protect his country.

After the war he came to New York and opened his first hair salon there. Soon he developed his small business and opened several other salons in other US cities.

In his free time Frank liked watching polo. He joined the Potomac Polo Club.

When his son Sylvester became popular, he tried his forces an actor too. The man appeared in “Rocky” opposite his son. He had a tiny role, but put lots of efforts to play it well. In 2010 Frank released his first novel “Stewart Lane”.

Mr. Stallone was married four times. He had two sons – Sly and Frank Jr. – with his first wife Jackie. Then he tied a knot with Rose Marie and gave a birth to a son and a daughter. He had no kids with the third wife Sandra. Kathy, the wife, which stayed with him till his death, gave a birth to his fifth kid Dante.

Frank died from prostate cancer at the age of 91. As his friends tell, he was in great shape for his age.

Jackie Stallone (mother)

Sylvester Stallone mother

photo instagram / officialjackiestallone

Date of birth: November 29, 1921

Sly Stallone managed to become a star due to the lucky genes of his mother. Her birth name is Jacqueline Frances Labofish. The woman is 96 as for now. She is still active and full of enthusiasm. Jackie gained popularity as an astrologer.

She was born in Washington in the family of a rich lawyer John Labofish and his wife Adrienne. The girl fell in love with fitness in her teens. She was inspired to start regular workouts by a family friend Charles Atlas, a renowned body-builder.

Later Jackie’s life was tightly connected with sports. She opened a female gym in Washington and then started a sports TV show at one of the channels, where she showed women weight-lifting exercises.

Being perfectly fit, Jackie worked in a circus as a trapeze girl. In addition, the flexible gymanst danced in the nightclub. The woman was really beautiful and had lots of fans. She was married three times – to Sly’s father Frank for the first time, to Anthony Filiti for the second time and to Stephen Levine, who is twice her junior, for the third time. She has three kids.

Till now Sly’s mother is in great shape. She trains regularly and weight-lifting exercises are included into her workout routine. The woman tells, that she is healthy, mostly due to the right breakfast – she starts her day from spinach and a boiled egg.

Many times the woman was blamed in press for doing lots of plastic surgeries. She had several heart attacks after operations, but that didn’t stop her from experimenting with her face.

Sylvester Stallone siblings

Frank Stallone Jr (younger brother)

Frank Stallone Jr

Date of birth: July 30, 1950

He is Sylvester’s full sibling. Although Frank is not as popular as his older brother, he is a talented personality too. In his teens he was a brilliant student at Lincoln High. He earned his first money as a guitar player. No wonder, that the man started his career in music industry.

Stallone Jr. rose to fame as the author of the song “Far from Over”. It was used as a soundtrack to his brother’s screen project “Staying Alive”. In general he composed and performed music for 11 films. For his talented work he got numerous awards, including several Grammys.

Having gained kudos as a composer and singer, Frank moved forward and gave chance to acting. He appeared in “Rocky” and “Rocky 2”, “The Pink Chiquitas” and “Reach Me”. In general the actor boasts with more than 80 successful projects.

As for now, Frank Stallone Jr is not married. He doesn’t have kids. But he had a half-sister.

Toni D’Alto (younger half-sister)

Toni D’Alto

Date of birth: May 5, 1964

Date of death: August 26, 2012

She was a daughter of Jackie and her second hubby. Toni resided with her mother and father (who was  Jackie’s second husband) in  Philadelphia. Toni was an occasional actress. Her most noticeable role was in the film “The Appointment”.

In 2012 she died from a lung cancer. The woman is survived by a son Ed. She died on the hands of her mother, six weeks after the death of her nephew Sage. “She wasn’t in pain. Now she is in heaven with Sage”, Jackie told.

Bryan Stallone (younger half-brother)

He is Sly’s half-sibling from his dad’s side. Bryan entered this world as a son of Stallone Sr and his second wife.

Carla Stallone (younger half-sister)

She is Sylvester’s half-sister from his father’s side. Frank Sr welcomed a girl with his then-wife Rose.

Dante Stallone (younger half-brother)

Dante Stallone

Date of birth: May 17, 1997

Dante is Sly’s youngest half-sibling. She was born in the family of Kathy Rhodes and Sly’s parent Frank Stallone Sr. The boy was still in his teens, when his father died. Dante was an A-pupil at Woodrow Wilson High School. After graduation he followed his older brothers’ footsteps and launched acting.

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