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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta



Birth Date

March 28, 1986


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Manhattan, New York, United States


Convent of the Sacred Heart High School; Tisch School of the Arts, New York University



Lady Gaga family members

Father's Name

Joseph Germanotta

Mother's Name

Cynthia Bissett

Siblings names

Natali Germanotta (younger sister)

Is Lady Gaga a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Lady Gaga marital status?


Lady Gaga husband

Christian Carino (ex-boyfriend; dated in 2017-2019)

Christian Carino boyfriend since 2017

Date of birth: 1969

Lady Gaga’s personal life has always been the endless source of rumors. When she was just starting her career, the singer was dating Matthew Williams, a designer, who later turned into her creative director. Then she was in love with a record producer Rob Fusari. They say, the exotic musician Marilyn Manson was in love with her.

During several years Poker Face singer was close with an actor Taylor Kinney, and they even got engaged. But later Lagy Gaga called off the engagement.

In 2017 she introduced Christian Carino, her new loved one, to the wide circle of fans at the Super Bowl, which she hosted. Then the eccentric singer kissed a handsome grey-haired man and posed for selfie with him. No wonder that the singer’s fans immediately took a large interest in her new boyfriend.

It turned out, that Christian earned his living as a talent agent. He collaborated with a number of popular artists, like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Amber Heard and many others.

By the way, our today’s heroine is not the first celebrity, who lost her head from an attractive talent agent. Previously, Christian dated actresses Lauren Cohan and Amber Heard (rumored).

During two years Lady Gaga was in love with the man and even confessed to her fans, that she was ready to start a family with Carino. But in February, 2019 her representative confimed to The Associated Press, that she broke up with her boyfriend-agent. Their split was amicable, but the details of such decision the couple didn’t publicize.


Who are Lady Gaga parents?

Joseph Germanotta (father)

Joseph Germanotta father lady gaga

photo instagram / joegermanotta

Date of birth: August 9, 1957

Joseph Anthony Germanotta Jr, who is known simply as Joe in his family circle, is known to each Lady Gaga’s fan. That’s so, because he plays an important part in his daughter’s life. She spends a lot of time with him and even devoted him a song “Speechless”, with the help of which she tried to motivate him to make a complicated heart surgery in 2009.

Joe was born in an ordinary family in New Jersey. His mother, Angelina Calderone-Germanotta liked her husband so much, that she decided to name her small son after his dad. Joe grew up alongside a sister Joanne, who died at a very young age from lupus. That inspired him later to name his restaurant after her.

He was educated at The School of Hospitality Business and then started career of an Internet entrepreneur. At first he installed WI-Fi in hotels as a worker, and later he owned the company of that kind.

Nowadays Joe Germanotta is connected with the brand, created by his popular daughter. He serves in the directors’ board of his daughter’s charity organization.

The man is married to Cynthia Bissett- Germanotta. They gave a birth to two sweet daughters.

Cynthia Bissett (mother)

Cynthia Germanotta mother lady gaga

photo instagram / ladygaga

Date of birth: August 30, 1954

Cynthia Louise Germanotta is that very person, who helped Lady Gaga develop her talent of a performer. According to her interview, she had never thought that her small daughter would become so popular and would win three Grammy awards. But she always knew that her daughter Stefi would be a musician – she watched the small girl, who tried to play the piano, in spite of the fact that nobody taught her doing it. “I offered her to take music lessons. But she answered, that she heard music in her head”, the woman told to journalists.

Cynthia spent her teen years in West Virginia. She was raised by parents Paul and Ronnie Bissett. The girl had an older brother and a younger sister.

During many years she is married to a businessman Joseph Germanotta. The couple brought up two great girls. Cynthia joined motherhood with career. She worked at Verizon (big telecommunications company).

Six years later the woman inspired her popular daughter to create the charity foundation “Born This Way”. It deals with young people, who have mental health issues. This problem is close to Cynthia’s heart, because she helped both of her daughters to find emotional balance. Now she is ready to support other young people.

Lady Gaga siblings

Natali Germanotta (younger sister)

Natali Germanotta sister Lady Gaga

photo instagram / nataligermanotta

Date of birth: March 10, 1992

The stars seem so special, when you look at them on the screen. But for their family members they are just ordinary people, who need some help and support.

Natali Germanotta is Stefi’s younger sister. Her popular sibling is a role model for her. Like Lady Gaga, she attended the prestigious school at Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Later she entered Parsons college, where she studied fashion. Natali has already tried her hand as an actress. She featured in Lady Gaga’s video “Telephone”.

Interesting and fun facts

lady gaga

photo instagram / ladygaga

  1. In her early years Lady Gaga fell in love with music. Her father wanted to support his daughter’s interest, that why he hired a teacher for her. Stefi’s first sister turned to be a stripper. According to the singer’s words at Howard Stern show, her dad was a regular guest at night clubs. He found the music teacher among those slim plastic girls with long nails. At first Stefi couldn’t understand why her teacher needed such nails, so uncomfortable for a pianist.
  2. Lady Gaga played Michael Jackson’s songs on the piano, which her grandparents bought for her. When she became a pop star, her first instrument went on the auction with the initial price of $100, 000.
  3.  Gaga’s mother Cynthia told, that her daughter was bullied at school “for the features, which make her unique”.
  4. The singer’s body is covered with tattoos. As for now, she has 19 of them. All her tattoos cover the left part of her body. The right part of it remained clean – thus she promised to her father. The most popular Lady Gaga tattoos are the rose on her lower back, the daisy at her shoulder and the heart with the word “Dad” in it.
  5. The exotic superstar thinks that she has two souls – her own one and the soul of her late aunt. Joanne Germanotta, her father’s sister, died from lupus at the age of 19 several years before the singer’s birth. “She inspires me to make my music”, Gaga says.
  6. Several Lady Gaga songs appeared in a cult series “Gossip Girl”. Thus, her song “Paparazzi” made Episode 1 in the 2nd season even more dramatic.
  7. Lady Gaga’s hobby is cooking. Her favorite cuisine is Italian and her favorite dish is pasta.
  8. The musician is quite short – her height is just 1, 55 cm. Sometimes she needs to look taller in her videos. To achieve that effect special computer technologies are used.
  9. Lady Gaga celeb’s crash is Prince Harry.
  10. The singer is known by her original fashion choices. The woman explained in her interviews, that music and fashion are inseparable for her. She uses her mother as a fashion icon.
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