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Post Malone biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Austin Richard Post


rapper, singer. songwriter

Birth Date

July 4, 1995


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Syracuse, New York, United States


Grapevine High School, Tarrant County College



Post Malone family members

Father's Name

Rich Post

Mother's Name

Jodie Post (stepmother)

Is Post Malone a gay/bisexual?


What is Post Malone marital status?


How many children does he have?

1 (daughter with an unknown fiancee)

Post Malone kids

Daughter (with the fiancee, whose name is undisclosed)

Date of birth: spring, 2022

The rapper Post Malone put lots of effort to hide the fact that he has become a father in spring 2022. He didn’t announce the great news through social media but mentioned in his interview with Howard Stern that he “kissed his baby in the afternoon after he woke up”.

Post told that he dreamed to become a father since childhood. He had a doll at the age of 4-5, which he was carrying all the time and pretended it was his baby. After becoming a father in his real life he finally got rid of his sadness.

Post Malone doesn’t want to publicize any news about his baby girl, even her name. He wants her “to make her own decisions on publicity”. Neither has he shared the name of her mother. It’s just known, that Post Malone had a daughter with a long-term girlfriend. After the birth of the baby girl, they got engaged.

Who are Post Malone parents?

Richard Lloyd Post (father)

Richard Lloyd Post father Post Malone

Date of birth: May 11, 1966

He is known as Rich Post in a family circle. The man resides in Grapevine, TX at the present moment. He works as a director of food and beverages apartment at the stadium, where Dallas Cowboys are training.  He is very close with his son Austin, widely known as Post Malone, although they see each other not so often, because of the rapper’s busy schedule.

Rich spent his young years near Rochester. He got higher education at Syracuse University and then remained in that city for 16 years. He welcomed his son – White Iverson singer – at the age of 29. Till Post turned 10, they resided in Syracuse, and as Rich told in his interview, he liked that city and enjoyed his time there.

Then Rich was appointed as Dallas Cowboy manager, and following his career, he moved his family to Texas. There Rich and Post listened to music of local bands. In fact, Rich is a devoted music fan, who constantly listens to some melody. Mr. Post was keen of heavy metal and was a regular at various music events and concerts. He visited shows of Billy Idol, Bon Jovi and many others. His son moved further, he not only listened to music, but also began to make it. Rich supported his son’s interest to that art and didn’t regret money for it. He bought his son a guitar, when Post was in his teens. He offered the boy to hire a music teacher, but Malone refused in order to “develop his own style”.

Currently Rich is married to Jodie, Post’s stepmother.

Jodie Larson-Post (stepmother)

Jodie Larson-Post mother r Post Malone

photo twitter / jodiepost

Date of birth: September 9, 1974

Jodie is close with her stepson Austin Post, but she is not blood-related to him. The rapper doesn’t publicize the name of his biological mother. But he is still in touch with her, and she even moved to Texas not to be estranged from her son.

Jodie grew up in Camillus, NY. After school she studied at Le Moyne College, located in Syracuse. Her first marriage wasn’t successful, so she filed for divorce. Then Jodie was alone for a while. She brought up a son Mitchell. The woman worked in a healthcare centre in Syracuse, where she met Rich Post and fell in love with him. Soon they got married and moved together with both their sons.

Nowadays Jodie lives in Grapevine, TX with her husband.


Post Malone bio

photo instagram / postmalone

His birth name is Austin Richard Post. He is celebrated as a talented young rapper. His fans are sure, that the musician, who has just released his second studio album “Beerbongs & Bentleys”, has a bright future.

He spent his first years in Syracuse, NY and then moved with his father and stepmother to Grapevine, TX. Inspired by his dad-music lover, he started to play the guitar. The teenager taught himself playing  with the help of DIY YouTube vids.

Austin studied at Grapevine High. He was focused on making music and writing songs more than on studying. Still he entered Tarrant County College after school with an intention to complete his education. But he endured just half of a year and then dropped out to become a full-time musician.

He removed to LA and signed a recording deal with Stevie B’s studios. That turned to be unsuccessful, so he was re-signed with a famous recording team FKi. While collaborating with them, the rapper crossed the ways with Rex Kudo, which helped him release the single “White Iverson”. That turned an unknown musician Post Malone into a rising star.

As for now, the hip-hop artist boasts with 4 studio albums, most of which got platinum status. In spite of a tough schedule, the man finds time for his family.

Interesting and fun facts

Post Malone Interesting and fun facts

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  1. Previously he dated Ashlen, a young beautiful girl. She booked Post Malone for her party at the nightclub. They began dating after that. As for now, they are rumored to split.
  2. He was rumored to have a daughter, but the rapper has never confirmed that info.
  3. Currently, Post Malone collaborates with Republic Records label, under which he releases his albums and singles. Its exec Rob Stevenson named Post as the “Donald Trump of rap” because he does extraordinary things, which could easily ruin his career – and it only makes him stronger.
  4. In the spring, of 2016 Post Malone arranged a fight with Justin Bieber at a nightclub. The reason for their feud was Justin’s inappropriate behavior – he stewed a cigarette on the rapper’s hand.
  5. His favorite performers are Bob Dylan and rapper Future.
  6. In June 2022 he released the 4th studio album “Twelve Carat Toothache”. It is the shortest album in Post Malone’s discography. And it is the only disk, which was certified as gold, not as platinum. Nevertheless, the album got mostly positive critical reception and occupied 2nd place at Billboard 200 within 1 week after its release.
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    i love i meen love your song sunflower!p.s. my real name is lydia p.s. addy is that you???????????????

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    Post Malone break up with Ashlen Diaz

  • MommyRev says:

    Getting to know Post Malone s personal life would help you get a better picture of him. Starting off, he is someone who is very emotional and sensitive. Post Malone cares deeply about matters of the family and his home, these qualities is said to be an attribute to his Cancer zodiac traits.

  • RunPower says:

    About Post Malone s stepmother: Jodie Larson Post is Malones s stepmom, She was born on September 40 9, 1970, in Camillus, New York. Pictured below with Post and his dad, Jodie got higher education at Le Moyne College in Syracuse.

  • MommyRev says:

    Growing up in a middle-class family background in the New York State city, Post Malone initially lived with his mother in Syracuse, New York before moving in to join his father and stepmother to Grapevine, Texas. While living in Texas, Post Malone shared his childhood experience with his stepbrother Mitchel, who was born before his stepmother met his father.

  • Emma brown says:

    ?I love the song called better now ?

  • D. Roberts says:

    This 54 year old Utah mom of three adult children, will always be a fan of Post!

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    Seen him in Philly! Great show, will see him again and again!

  • Pat Bernard says:

    I can only say to the haters that he will only get a bigger audience in 2020 and I am going to every concert that is within 100 miles of my home.

  • LucyW says:

    I was only recently introduced to Post Malone’s music, New Years Eve. What caught me first was his sweet personality when being interviewed. Then I heard Circles. Hooked. Love his voice and art.

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    Post Malone family: father, stepmother, ex-girlfriend – Familytron

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    And Anon, did you hear these such facts while you were swimming in rainbow circles through the dragon’s mouth, on your trip to the planet Up-Uranus?

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    Anon, were you high when you wrote this comment, you seem very misinformed

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    Um wow the biggest fraudulent person of them all. I know has the biggest shadiest fraudulent person of all the people thats4 claiming and selling other people’s work. He’s not a lip singer or a ghost writer that I’m aware of. But I wouldn’t even doubt it. Since the fact that He’s been stealing people’s beats and claiming, selling and even rappiing on his victims beats. He or some1 he knows have been stealing them by first hacking the originals musicians networks or smart phones. Every beat that He’s claimed he made are not his. And anyone else that He’s associated with in the music industry. So many people are doing the same thing. And it is mainly 1 targeted victim their all hacking and stealing from. The original musician has been targeted since 2008. This fraudulent person should not get 1 award whatsoever. This fraud is apart of an evil occult that traffics their victims into labor slaves. And turns families against them with money that they’ve made with the original victems work.

  • Rich post says:

    OMG he is the favorite person in my life