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Shawn Mendes biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes

Birth Date

August 8, 1998


23 years

Zodiac Sign



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Pine Ridge Secondary School



Shawn Mendes family members

Father's Name

Manuel Mendes

Mother's Name

Karen Mendes

Siblings names

Aaliyah Mendes (younger sister)

Is Shawn Mendes a gay/bisexual?


What is Shawn Mendes marital status?

In relation

Who are Shawn Mendes parents?

Manuel Mendes (father)

Shawn Mendes

photo instagram / shawnmendes

Date of birth: May 9, 1967

All parents, who want to raise stellar kids, should consult Manuel Mendes, because he raised two of them. The father of a Canadian singer Shawn Mendes and an Instagram star Aaliyah Mendes was born in Lagos, Portugal. Soon after his birth his parents moved him to Toronto, Canada, where he was educated and spent the major part of his life.

Manuel (who is named as Manny by his family members) is a successful businessman. He owns a company, which sells supplies to eating venues. He has been busy with a restaurant business since his teens, when he worked in a restaurant, owned by his cousin in Portugal. The man is married to Karen Mendes, a mother of his kids.

Shawn Mendes parents

photo instagram / aaliyahmende.s

Manny usually wears gelled hair and a small beard. He prefers polo shirts. “We call him a real rock star in the family circle”, his famous son told about his dad once.

Karen Mendes (mother)

Karen Mendes

photo instagram / shawnmendes

Date of birth: November 6, 1969

Karen Mendes, whose maiden name is Rayment, was born in Engalnd, but was raised in Toronto, Canada. There she met her now-husband Manuel Mendes and welcomed two cute kids with him.

She works as a real estate agent at Century 21. The woman is very close with both her kids, son Shawn and daughter Aaliyah. In one of his interviews Shawn told, that she let him doing, what he wanted to develop his creativity.

Shawn Mendes siblings

Aaliyah Mendes (younger sister)

Shawn Mendes sister

photo instagram / aaliyahmende.s

Date of birth: September 15, 2003

Aaliyah is Shawn’s younger sister, the girl, whom he likes most of all in the world. At first she gained popularity due to her famous brother, but then enlarged the amount of her fans due to her music talent and sweet girly beauty. Read here about Aaliyah Mendes in detail, if you are interested in her personality.


Shawn Mendes

photo instagram / shawnmendes

Shawn Mendes is a young music star, who doesn’t need an introduction. The person, who released three Number One albums to his 20th birthday and signed a super-lucrative deal with Armani, is worth our attention and respect.

He was born in Toronto, Canada in the family of a businessman (father) and a real estate agent (mother). Shawn has a younger sister Aaliyah, with whom he is very close. He studied at Pine Ridge Secondary School.

The boy was obviously talented as a musician. He took the guitar in his hands for the first time at a very early age. At first he didn’t dare to perform in public, and played just in front of his family members. The first time, when he performed in public, was at the age of 14. Then the Mendes family travelled from Canada to Portugal (where Shawn’s paternal grandparents reside) in a van. In one of the small towns, the boy took a guitar in his hands, stood near the statue and sang Bruno Mars “Grenade”. It was his first public success, after which he understood, that music is his cup of tea.

He gained initial popularity as a Vine star, and then started to upload his music videos to YouTube. Shawn rose to fame due to social media platform, and that’s why he is often compared to Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

At one of the sites, his songs caught an eye of Island Records managers, and thus, he was signed. Mendes released his debut album “Handwritten” in 2015, and during the first week after its production, it occupied the first position at Billboard Hot 200.

Nowadays, Shawn Mendes works a lot, writes new songs and endorses reputable fashion brands. By the way, he has already presented his signature perfume, which is sold in Walmart.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Shawn Mendes has lots of female fans, but his heart is still free. He is officially single, and has never publicized any of his relationships. But he had really “strange” friendship with the young model Hailey Baldwin. They were spotted together several times, but had never confirmed their relationships officially. When Hailey got engaged to Justin Bieber, Shawn sent her his congrats.
  2. He celebrated his 20th birthday in Amsterdam, in the company of friends. There Shawn’s high school classmates (whom he invited to share his holiday) hired a boat and went down the river. But the singer didn’t join them, because he had to care about his voice.
  3. He likes to smoke weeds. The young man opened up in one of his interviews that he relaxes in such a way – he smokes a cigarette and then plays the guitar for several hours.
  4. He collaborated with a number of famous singers. Shawn went on tour with Taylor Swift, recorded a song with Camila Cabello and performed with Austin Mahone.
  5. His biggest fear is to wake up one day and understand that nobody cares about his music.

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