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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio


trap and reggaeton singer

Birth Date

March 10, 1994


29 years

Zodiac Sign



Vega Baja, Puerto Rico


University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo


Puerto Rican

Bad Bunny family members

Siblings names

Bernie Martínez Ocasio (younger brother); Bysael Martínez Ocasio (younger brother)

Is Bad Bunny a gay/bisexual?


What is Bad Bunny marital status?



Officially the musician is single. Benito Antonio, who has lots of female fans due to his hot looks, positions himself as a single man, probably, to demonstrate his followers, that his heart is free. Nevertheless, some sources inform, that he has a girlfriend, whom he hides from public attention to keep her privacy.

Who are Bad Bunny parents?


His father earned his living as a truck driver. He did his best to make the ends meet, but still Bad Bunny family lived in poverty. They resided in a small house at Almirante Sur (Puerto Rico). Mr. Martínez Ocasio, whom Benito names in a soft manner – “papi” – is a big music lover. He often listens to the radio, and feels really happy, when hears the song of his talented eldest son. “He turns up the volume and listens to my music with an open heart”, Bad Bunny told in his interview.


Benito’s mother was a school teacher. She was very religious, and alongside academic education she taught her son to become a devout person. She took Benito to the church, and there his talent was noticed for the first time – the boy was invited to sing in a church choir. He was a part of the choir during several years and quit at the age of 13. But the teenager didn’t stop practicing music. He was sure, he would become a singer, since he turned 5.

Bad Bunny siblings

Bernie Martínez Ocasio (younger brother)

Bernie Martínez Ocasio


Date of birth: circa 1997

Bad Bunny is in great terms with his younger brother Bernie, who is 21 as for now. Two young men look alike – both are slim and lanky. Bernie works by his brother’s side – helps him in tours and manages his work process.

Bysael Martínez Ocasio (younger brother)

Bysael Martínez Ocasio


Date of birth: circa 2002

Bysael is the youngest boy in the family. He is 16, and he is still a school pupil. Bad Bunny’s brother likes baseball and plays for the school team. He dreams to become a professional player in future.


Bad Bunny bio

photo instagram / badbunnypr

Bad Bunny, whose legal name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, started his career three years ago, but his bright rhythmic songs have already romanced many men and women all over the world.

Initially, the guy worked as a bagger in a supermarket and recorded his songs in the free time. Bad Bunny became popular due to YouTube. His music video to the song “Soy Peor” gained millions if views during the short period after its release.

The young performer uploaded his songs not just to YouTube, but also to another platform – SoundCloud. There his music gained popularity, too, and one of his songs was noticed by DJ Luian. The latter one signed Bad Bunny to his label “Hear this Music”.

The young music artist has already released his debut album “X 100pre”, which was ranked as the best Latin music album in USA and occupied the 11th place in US music chart. Bad Bunny boasts not just with catching melodies, but also with stellar collaborations – he signed a song with hot Jennifer Lopez, creative DJ Diplo, eccentric rapper Drake and other celebs.

Interesting and fun facts

Bad Bunny Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / badbunnypr

  1. Benito is a person with a bright fashion style. He doesn’t like to work with stylists, and creates his looks himself. His wardrobe is full of sunglasses and outrageously patterned tops.
  2. He is a big fan of Cardi B. Both stars (J Balvin joined them, too) collaborated on the song “I Like It”, which became a sensation at YouTube.
  3. He has a childhood friend DJ Orma, who goes on tours with him nowadays. As Orma says, Bad Bunny was a very humorous and open-minded person in his teens. “He entertained me and other classmates with his music and rhymes, when we studied in the 10th form. He could rhyme anytime and did it easily”, DJ Orma said to journalists.
  4. In his music video “Estamos Bien” there are 3 guys (except for Bad Bunny himself), riding in a car. All those men are the singer’s childhood friends. In the same video Benito polishes his fingernails in a lavender tint. That caused gay rumors around him, which made Bad Bunny answer in a rude manner. He promised to his offenders that he “would have sex with their wives” to prove he is straight.
  5. He is a car lover and has an extensive car collection at home, which includes Jeeps and sports car models.
  6. His net worth is estimated at $8 million as for now – not bad for a boy from a poor family. And he is not going to stop!
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    hola yurika #number1fan y a todos los amo grcias y qul de ustedes quen tenar sexo?
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    I really enjoy Bad Bunny’s music. He is a Pleasure to listen to and definitely look at. He’s very handsome. Thank you for your Beautiful Music. A fan for life. ?

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    Congratulations young men, you deserve evety bit, of acknowledgement you receive..Parents should be very proud of you, but never loose your focus, there’s no limit…Best of luck God Bless, a fan from Hatillo PR who after hurricane Marie now lives in Woodstown NJ, due to my Health.Miss the Island my Adult Children and Grandson., Well Benito Antonio like your song says Estamos Bien. Suerte mi hijo ???