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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Sophie Belinda Jonas-Turner


TV actress, movie actress

Birth Date

February 21, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Northampton, England, United Kingdom


Warwick Prep School; King’s High School



Sophie Turner family members

Father's Name

Andrew Turner

Mother's Name

Sally Turner

Siblings names

Will Turner (older brother), James Turner (older brother)

Is Sophie Turner a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Sophie Turner marital status?


Who is Sophie Turner husband?

Joe Jonas

When did get married?

May 1, 2019

Sophie Turner husband

Joe Jonas (husband since May 1, 2019)

Sophie Turner husband

photo / joejonas

Date of birth: August 15, 1989

Who are Sophie Turner parents?

Andrew Turner (father)

Andrew Turner father Sophie Turner

photo / sophiet

Date of birth: 1961

Andrew Turner became popular in 2011, after the release of the fantasy series “Game of Thrones”. He gained popularity as a father of Sophie Turner, 12-year-old actress, who portrayed Sansa Stark in 59 episodes of the show.

It was Andrew, who encouraged his teen daughter to play Lord Eddard Stark’s eldest child in the series. Sophia’s mother doubted, whether her sweet girl should have accepted the offer of Game of Thrones producers to portray Sansa because the series was full of violent sexual scenes, which were not appropriate for the teenager.

But Andrew was sure, that the show would become a sensation, and his intuition was right. By the way, Sophia receives her father’s support each minute of her life. He was on the 7th cloud when he knew that his daughter secretly wedded a singer Joe Jonas in Las Vegas on May 1, 2019. “He is obsessed with Joe’s music”, the actress explained to journalists.

Andrew Turner was born in England in 1961. He spent the major part of his life in Northampton. The man earned his living as a Pallet Distribution Company worker. He raised three kids with his wife Sally Turner.

Sally Turner (mother)

Sally Turner mother Sophie Turner

photo / sophiet

Date of birth: 1968

Sophie knows, that her mother played the key role in her incredible career success. It was Sally, who took her three-year-old daughter to drama classes. At first, Sally just wanted to get a one-hour coffee break from looking after her daughter, but then she understood, that her little girl was really talented in acting.

By the way, Sally took Sophie not just for drama, but for ballet lessons, too. In her teens, the girl had to decide, what career to choose. She thought it over and made up her mind in favor of drama.

Sally quit her job in order to help her daughter start the career of an actress. She served as a teacher in a nursery school. In addition, the woman put lots of efforts to make their family home cozy. Sophie spent her childhood years in a big Edwardian house. She had lots of pets, including small piglets.

Sally liked the show “Game of Thrones” at first sight, but she was worried because of numerous sexual scenes, which took place in the series. To prepare her daughter to the role of Sansa, she had to talk with her about sex. After that Sally was present at the film set – each child actor had a chaperone by his/her side.

Now the woman still has a close bond with her popular daughter. Her husband and she stood by Sophie’s side when she was getting a marriage license in Las Vegas with the famous musician Joe Jonas. She is in good terms with her son-in-law. Except for the newly-discovered son Joe, she has two other ones, as well.

Sophie Turner siblings

James Turner (older brother)

James Turner siblings Sophie Turner

Date of birth: September 4, 1988

Sophie Turner adores her brothers, James, and Will. She tells, that she used to watch each episode of “Games of Thrones” with them, and their opinions were evidently important for her.

James is the oldest child in the Turner family. He used to play with little Sophie and their brother a lot in his early years. Turner trio was named “three musketeers” in the neighborhood.

He is not active on social media and leads private lifestyle. In April 2018 James married his loved one. He spends a lot of time with his parents and brother and misses his younger sister – Miss T (Sophie) – when she is too busy at the film set.

Will Turner (younger brother)

Will Turner brother Sophie Turner

photo / agent.provocaturner

Date of birth: October 10, 1990

The name of the second son in the Turner family is Will. He has been very active and fashionable in his early years. Now, Will is a 28-year-old young man. He is single. He loves pets, and he is in amicable relationships with his sister’s husband, Joe Jonas.

He is very proud of Sophie’s achievements. As the actress’ fans suppose, Will looks like a real English gentleman.


Sophie Jonas, widely known as Sophie Turner, was 13 when her drama teacher recommended her to visit Game of Thrones auditions. In the distant past, HBO company was shooting the series, based on books of an eccentric American writer George Martin. They were looking for a young actress to play a noble strong lady Sansa Stark.

Sophie was selected among many other contestants, and thus she was involved in the project, which made her an internationally popular entertainer and role model for many teenagers all over the world. She was born in a cloudy English town of Northampton. Her parents had nothing in common with changeable cinema world, but they supported her idea to become an actress.

In 2019, after the release of the last “Game of Thrones” episode, Sophie is not going to finish the career of an actress. She is absolutely ready to stardom not just on TV, but also in big screen films. The young star has already featured on “X-Men: Apocalypse”, “Time Freak”, “Dark Phoenix” etc.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Sophie is a secret fan of reality shows. In her free time, she watches “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, “Jersey Shore” etc.
  2. She is naturally blonde, and she had to dye her hair red for the role of Sansa. In the course of 8 years she was busy on the set, her hair was damaged, and she had to wear a red wig.
  3. She is not a person of fashion and likes to wear comfortable tomboyish things in her everyday life. Her favorite fashion designer is Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton director.
  4. She had a twin sister, who died in her mother’s womb.
  5. Her guilty pleasure is eating American fast food.
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