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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Thomas William Selleck


TV actor

Birth Date

January 29, 1945


78 years

Zodiac Sign



Detroit, Michigan, United States


University of Southern California



Tom Selleck family members

Father's Name

Robert Dean Selleck

Mother's Name

Martha Jagger Selleck

Siblings names

Martha Selleck (younger sister) Daniel Selleck (younger brother) Robert Selleck Jr (older brother)

Is Tom Selleck a gay/bisexual?


What is Tom Selleck marital status?


Who is Tom Selleck wife?

Jillie Mack

When did get married?

August 7, 1987

How many children does he have?

2 (Kevin Shepard Selleck and Hannah Margaret Selleck)

Tom Selleck wife

Jacqueline (Jackie) Ray (ex-wife; married in 1971-1982)

Jacqueline (Jackie) ex wife

Tom Selleck used to be a real sex symbol of his generation. Nevertheless, he has never been one of those popular men, who treated women like they were toys. He was in relationships just once or twice during the years in the movie industry. Jacqueline Mary Ray, an actress and a model, was his first wife.

Jackie was born in Burbank, CA. She attended a high school there. In early 1960s Jacqueline started career of an actress. In 1967 she gained initial popularity as the actress of Gordon Douglas action film “In Like Flint”.

Ray appeared in a number of other screen projects, such as the series “Marcus Welby, M.D.”, “Dallas”, “Magnum, P.I.” etc.

Jackie Ray was married three times and has two kids. Her first husband was Mr. Shepard. She had a son Kevin Shepard with him. On May 15, 1971 she tied a knot with our today’s hero Tom Selleck. Tom adopted his wife’s son. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work, and on August 10, 1982 the couple divorced.

Jacqueline Ray’s third husband was Clarence Barry Witmer. They wedded in 1992 and then divorced.

Except for the son, the actress had a daughter, named Umeko Bauchum. Umeko was born around 1983. In fact, this girl has always been close with her mother. That’s why it is even harder to tell the terrible story, which happened with Tom Selleck’s ex-wife because of her child.

In 2014 Jackie Ray was sentenced to 18 years of prison. She was judged for a murder! The woman hired a killer to assassinate her son-in-law and Umeko’s husband Leon Bauchum.

The woman paid $12, 000 to a criminal Luis Barker and asked him to shoot her son-in-law. According to Jacqueline’s words, Leon was very aggressive. He beat his wife Umeko and their kids. Ray hated him and found an original way to teach him a lesson.

The ex-star invited Leon to her house. There the hitman Barker was waiting for him. He beat the man and then shot him. After that the killer put his dead body to a ditch not far from Jacqueline Ray’s house.

During the court Selleck’s ex-spouse repented of the deed. Nowadays she is imprisoned. While her ex-husband Tom Selleck lives happily with his second wife.

Jillie Mack (wife since 1987)

Jillie Mack wife Tom Selleck

Date of birth: December 25, 1957

If I would ask you imagine a real gentleman, whom would you think about? For most of people Tom Selleck is the brilliant embodiment of this idea. Tall, strong and very elegant with his thick suede moustache, he teaches his viewers some lessons. The first one is that policemen work hard, risk their lives and deserve our respect. And the second one is that family is the most important thing in the world.

In fact, many celebrities tell in their interviews, that they put family on the first place. At the same time, the percent of divorces among American celebrities is close to 60%.

That’s why it is even more interesting to hear the story of Tom Selleck strong marriage, which has been lasting for more than 30 years already.

Jillie Mack and Tom Selleck understand one another. She accepts his simple country lifestyle, and he tries to spend every extra minute with his family. “It’s necessary to develop your marriage”, Tom says. So, who is that magic woman, who caught Selleck’s heart?

Jillie Joan Mack is an actress and a dancer. She comes from England and started to act in early 1980s. Her first TV role was in the series “Magnum, P.I”. She played alongside her boyfriend Tom Selleck, who was the leading actor of the project.

Many people think that Jillie and Tom got acquainted at Magnum, P.I. set. In fact, that was not true. He fell in love with Jillie in London. Tom, who was 13 years older and had already divorced to the moment of their meeting, attended the West End Theater almost every evening. The reason was his obsession with the actress, who was busy in musical “Cats”, staged in this theater.

Jillie Mack wife Tom Selleck

photo instagram / hannahselleck

Selleck dared to ask her to go out. They started dating, and soon a good English girl came to Hawaii, where Magnum, P.I. was filmed.

Soon Jillie and Tom made their relationship official. They appeared at various public events hand by hand. She was near Tom, when he got a star at Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1986.

They wedded on a secret ceremony in late summer in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The next year the couple welcomed a daughter.

After her marriage Jillie continued appearing on the screen, but as for now her resume looks quite empty, the brightest point of it is the role in the series “ER”. Most part of her time she spends with her husband and daughter in their rancho in Ventura County. Two celebrities lead a very private life.  They sacrifice their privacy only because of Tom’s work. From time to time Tom Selleck, Jillie Mack and their daughter Hannah appear at red carpet events. Except for Hannah, Tom has an adopted son Kevin.

Tom Selleck kids

Kevin Shepard Selleck (son with Jackie Ray; adopted)

Date of birth: 1966

Tom Selleck adopted Kevin S. Shepard soon after his marriage to the boy’s mother Jackie Ray in 1971. Till now Tom is close with his adopted son. The famous actor tried to stay in touch with his kid after divorce to his mother Jackie.

In his teens Kevin was a complicated teenager. He was even dropped out of school and sent to a closed children’s venue. After finishing it, Tom Selleck’s son entered the University of Southern Carolina.

Kevin was familiar to entertainment industry since the earliest years. No wonder, that he tried his hand as an actor and appeared in a number of screen projects, including “Scream 2”.

But the main Kevin’s passion was music. He formed the rock band, named “Tonic”, where he became a drummer, in 1993. Three years later the band released its first album “Lemon Parade”, which was certified as platinum. Thus, Tonic members were catapulted to stardom. But soon Kevin left the band after his fight with one of the members.  Thus, his music career failed.

Kevin Selleck’s life has never been simple. In his early 20s he had alcohol addiction and after the end of his music career the young man had financial problems.

But his stepfather Tom Selleck has always stood by his side and supported him. Now Kevin tells, that Selleck is his superhero.

Kevin is married to a wardrobe assistant Annabelle Selleck.

Hannah Margaret Selleck (daughter with Jillie Mack)

Hannah Margaret Selleck

instagram photo / hannahselleck

Date of birth: December 16, 1988

The daughter of 2 actors, Hannah Margaret Selleck seems to be born for this profession. But the girl decided not to follow her parents’ way.

When she was born, her parents decided to grow the girl up away from public eyes. That’s why they bought a rancho in Ventura County, CA. Thus, she spent the major part of her life among avocado trees and horses.

No wonder, that she has become a great equestrian. Hannah started to practice horse riding at the age of 4. Ten years later she started riding seriously and has become equestrian champion. She joined her sports activity with studying in a college, where Ms Selleck gained a degree in public relations.

As for now, the girl runs a small breeding stable in Hidden Valley, CA. She doesn’t try to cover the fact that her dad helped her open it.

Although Tom’s daughter is not interested in acting, she has been partially involved into entertainment industry as a model. She advertised the deodorant brand “Reviver”.

Who are Tom Selleck parents?

Robert Dean Selleck (father)

Robert Dean Selleck

Date of birth: December 27, 1921

Date of death: March 21, 2001

Very often celebs tell in the interviews about their hard childhood and troubled way on top. But in case of Tom Selleck, that typical rule didn’t work. He is a son of a great father!

Robert Dean Selleck Sr. was 79 years old, when he passed away. During that period of time he managed to do a great career and brought up four talented kids. Robert was very strict with his children and tried to make them well disciplined. But when each of his kids grew up, he gave him (her) a golden watch and changed it for the promise to keep away from drugs and alcohol.

Robert Selleck was born in Lapeer, Michigan in the family of Nellie and George Selleck. After school he studied at Ohio Wesleyan University. During the years of World War II Robert served in an army.

He started his career as a carpenter and later turned into a real estate developer. That activity brought Robert Selleck a financial success. At the same time the man spent a lot of time with his kids in their big house Sherman Oaks, California.

Robert was very concentrated on his family life. Later he participated in up-bringing of his grandchildren (Robert had 14 of them).

Tom Selleck’a father died in USC Medical Center from complications after surgery. He was survived by his wife, children and grandchildren.

Martha Jagger Selleck (mother)

Martha Jagger Selleck (mother)

Date of birth: January 13, 1921

Date of death: February 19, 2017

Tom Selleck has always been surrounding by beautiful strong women – except for a wife and a daughter, he also was inspired by his mother.

Martha Jagger Selleck passed away in winter, 2017, but he is remembered by her son, who grew up watching Martha’s respect to her husband and tasting her delicious cherry pie (according to the actor’s words, her pie was unique and nobody could repeat it).

Martha gained some public attention in 1998, when she was appointed as Motion Picture Mothers president. She occupied that post during 18 years.

Martha Jean Jagger was born in the family of Fred and Martha Jagger. She grew up alongside 7 siblings. Martha had a twin sister Margaret.

She spent her young years in Pennsylvania. On April 11, 1942 Martha wedded Robert Dean Selleck. At first they resided in Detroit, MI and later moved to Sherman Oaks, CA.

Martha Selleck was a housewife, but she was an active member of a number of charity organizations. For example, she was a well-known friend of the Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

Except for Tom, Martha had 3 other children.

Tom Selleck siblings

Robert Selleck (older brother)

Robert Selleck

Date of birth: 1944

Robert is the oldest kid in Selleck family. He is very close with his younger brother Tom. During many years Bob Jr was the head of Selleck Properties Inc, a real estate development company. It was he, who helped his brother arrange a closed wedding ceremony in Lake Tahoe chapel. To make his brother and sister-in-law’s wedding secret, he changed their names for Tom Jenkins and Suzie Mark. Thus, they avoided attention of mass media.

Martha Selleck Ketchum (younger sister)

Martha Selleck Ketchum

Date of birth: 1954

Martha Selleck is the only girl in Sellecks family. Previously she was a model, but then changed her job for a calm family life. She cares about her husband and kids.

Daniel Selleck (younger brother)

Daniel Selleck

Date of birth: 1956

Dan is the youngest in Selleck’s family. He serves alongside his older brother Bob in Selleck Development Group, Inc. He is the co-founder of the company and the member of Director’s Board.

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  • Sharon Plume. says:

    Marie, Magnum had only existed for two years when Tom divorced his first wife. Their marriage ending had absolutely nothing to do with Tom’s work.

  • Jack Bauer. says:

    The information regarding Jacqueline Ray is absolute garbage. It’s not even the same woman who is alleged to have committed these crimes. Get your facts straight.

  • Jack Bauer says:

    Marie, And you know this how exactly? Oh yes, because you read it in the National Enquirer or so fictional tabloid crap. Tom raised his first wife’s son as his own and still speaks about him fondly like any proud father would. I seriously doubt the son would still be close to Tom if he had been unfaithful to his mother. So I find your account highly unbelievable, and believe me, as a journalist I’ve heard some whoppers.

  • Marie says:

    His beautiful first wife divorced him because he wouldn’t quit Magnium PI. He was messing around with several of the guest stars, a few have admitted it. One actress thought they were starting a real relationship, but no dice. Eventuall, he quit to settle down.
    Too bad he didn’t give legal support to his ex- wife. After all their years together and the way he cheated on her, it was the least he could have done. Maybe his new wife vetoed the idea. In any case someone should set up a go-fund me page for his ex.

  • dayla says:

    What a tall family I have read that Tom is 6’4″and what I see in pictures his brothers are taller than him

  • martha Gillis says:

    It is great to read about a family that works together to have satisfying lives.

  • Sandra says:

    No wonder Tom Sellek is the gentleman he is. He came from respect, integrity and love in his life.
    I am a fan of him and his acting abilities. On Blue Bloods, he makes his character as Commissioner Reagan so believable that I feel as though I am watching an authentic family.
    I simply love this show and hope it continues for many years to come.