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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Trace Dempsey Cyrus (former Neil Timothy Helson)


musician, singer, songwriter

Birth Date

February 24, 1989


32 years

Zodiac Sign



Ashland, Kentucky, United States


La Cañada High School



Trace Cyrus family members

Father's Name

Billy Ray Cyrus (adoptive father); Neil Timothy Helson (biological father)

Mother's Name

Tish Cyrus

Siblings names

Brandi Cyrus (younger sister), Miley Cyrus (younger half-sister), Braison Cyrus (younger half-brother), Noah Cyrus (younger half-sister)

Is Trace Cyrus a gay/bisexual?


What is Trace Cyrus marital status?


Trace Cyrus relatives


Miley has not just full siblings; she also has half-siblings from her parents’ previous relationship. One of them, Trace, is the son of her mother from the first marriage. Trace’s birth name was Neil Timothy Helson. When his mother married Billy Ray Cyrus, he adopted her son and daughter from the first husband. After that the boy chose another name for himself – Trace Dempsey Cyrus.

Although Trace is not Billy’s biological son, he replicated his love to music. The boy played the guitar alongside his stepfather in his childhood. He was a pupil of La Cañada High School, which he attended till 2006.

Trace Cyrus photo

photo instagram / tracecyrus

Nowadays Trace is a famous musician. He performs with the group “Metro Station” as a back end singer and a bass guitar player. He is a vocalist in the band “Ashland HIGH”, too. In addition the young man is an apparel designer. He sells clothes under the trade name “From Backseats to Bedrooms”.

Like his younger sister Miley, Trace has a string of tattoos, which cover the most part of his body skin. The man was engaged to a singer Brenda Song.

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