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Bethany Mota biography
photo instagram / bethanynoelm
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Bethany Noel Mota


YouTube star

Birth Date

November 7, 1995


26 years

Zodiac Sign



Merced County, California, United States





Bethany Mota family members

Father's Name

Tony Mota

Mother's Name

Tammy Mota

Siblings names

Brittany Mota-Wiley

Is Bethany Mota a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Bethany Mota marital status?

In relation

Who is Bethany Mota husband?

Dominic Sandoval (boyfriend)

Bethany Mota husband

Dominic Sandoval (boyfriend since 2016)

Dominic Sandoval and Bethany Mota

photo instagram / dtrix

Date of birth: October 15, 1985

Bethany Mota has a right to be called “a self-made celebrity”. The pretty girl, who literally grew up in front of the eyes of numerous YouTube viewers, turned from an unknown girl into a solid fashion trend maker. Now her channel is one of the most popular on YouTube, and her name is a brand. No wonder, that her personal life is now interesting to a wide circle of people.

Since 2016 the girl has been in relationships with a dancer and YouTube personality Dominic Kyle Sandoval. Known under the nickname D-Trix, he is mostly celebrated as the bright participant of the third season of a contest show “So You Think You Can Dance”. The young man featured on the show as the part of the band “Quest Crew”, which dances hip hop. Although the dancer was eliminated in August 2007, he was not forgotten by his fans, which later gave Dominic an opportunity to appear in the 7th season of the show as a guest star.

Sandoval’s way to stardom was long. He was born in Roseville, Calif. The boy was brought up by a mother Leilani and a stepfather Conrad Sandoval, who adopted the boy, when he was two. Dom knows nothing about his biological dad, but he appreciates his mom for everything, which she did for him (the dancer shared the list of things she loves in his mom most of all through Instagram).

dominic sandoval and bethany mota

photo instagram / dtrix

The boy attended Woodcreek High School. Since the age of 13 he joined his studying with break dance lessons. This occupation captured him so fully, that soon he decided to become a professional dancer. As the part of the crew Flexible Flav he danced at various important events and shows, including NBA matches.

Dom became internationally popular, when he joined Quest Crew and participated in “SYTYCD”. In addition to his activity of a dancer, the man also operates his YouTube channel, which has already crossed the mark of 3 million subscribers.

Dancing and running channels in Net are not the only spheres, where Dom has interests. He has also realized his acting ambitions, having appeared in a dance movie “Battle of the Year” featured Chris Brown and Josh Holloway.

In spite of his increasing popularity, D-Trix tries to keep his personal life in secret. But the fans knew about his four-year romance with a female dancer Lauren Froderman. They split in 2015. After a year Dom started dating positive and sparkling Beth Mota. The dancer posts lots of sweet pics of his loved one in his Instagram account.

Who are Bethany Mota parents?

Tony Mota (father)

Tony Mota father Bethany Noel Mota

photo instagram / bethanynoelm

Tony Mota is interesting to Bethany’s fans, but the man prefers to stay out of limelight. At first he worried about his daughter, when she started to film videos for YouTube, but later he understood, that it was useful for his child’s mental stability and self-esteem, so he helped her start her channel and upload the first videos. He is Bethany’s manager as for now.

Tammy Mota (mother)

mother Bethany Mota

photo instagram / mommamota

Tammy Bryant Mota is a mother of Internet celebrity Bethany. The girl is the second child of Tammy and her husband Tony. Previously they gave a birth to Brittany, the older sister of our today’s heroine.

Tammy was born in Los Banos, California. Currently she resides in LA. The woman studied at Dos Palos High School. She didn’t publicize her profession, but she belongs to the working class of the society. According to her FaceBook page, Tammy is single. So, probably, she split from the father of her girls.

Bethany Mota siblings

Brittany Mota-Wiley (older sister)

Bethany Mota siblings sister

photo instagram / bethanynoelm

Date of birth: September 23, 1990

Bethany’s older sister is known under several names, including Briddy Nicole Mota and Briddy B. After graduation from school, she entered medical college and started her career as a medical assistant. At first Brittany gained popularity as a constant participant of her sister’s videos. The girl liked making films for YouTube so much that she started her own channel “HelloBriddy”, where she shared makeup and beauty videos and also showed some personal moments from her life.

Nowadays Brittany is married. She changed her surname for “Wiley” after the wedding. The girl lives just 20 minutes walk from her sister’s house. Brit is a mother of two daughters, Marin Mae, who visits dancing classes, and Camille Fae. She is still very close with her younger sister.

Interesting and fun facts

Bethany Noel Mota photo

photo instagram / bethanynoelm

  1. Bethany Mota spent her childhood in Merced County, California. In her early years she was very shy. Often the girl couldn’t even speak in front of other people, so she whispered the words into her mother’s ear and Tammy shared them with others.
  2. The girl was homeschooled because of her modesty. She joined her peers at a public school in the 6th grade only.
  3. The future YouTube star was bullied at school. She later explained that the main reason of attacks on her was her mixed ethnicity – Mota is of half-Mexican and half- Portuguese origin. She suffered from depression and anxiety. At first she started her YouTube channel simply to share her fears and diffidence with other people.
  4. Beth rose to fame after posting Selena Gomez makeup tutorial. In her video the girl taught her viewers to create the look of a popular singer and actress. After that the amount of her subscribers jumped up.
  5. Mota managed to become more popular than other beauty bloggers due to her interesting content. She was an ordinary teenager and made vids, interesting to other teens all over the world. She posted beautiful makeup looks, boasted with new fashionable purchases, gave beauty and style tips. In addition, she talked to her followers about bullying and low self-esteem and helped them to cope with these typical for each teenager issues.
  6. Beth is the holder of numerous awards, including Teen Choice Award and Streamy Award.
  7. She started her own fashion line, which is sold through a popular mall Aéropostale.
  8. Mota participated in the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars. The YouTube star, which had briefly attended dancing and acting classes, managed to occupy the 4th place. Her partner was a young talented choreographer Derek Hough, whom she was rumored to be dating.
  9. Bethany is very close with her fans, which she calls “Motavators”.
  10. She was a heroine of several popular teen issues, like “Teen Vogue” and “Seventeen”.
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