Bruce Paltrow

Bruce Paltrow biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Bruce Weigert Paltrow


film director, film producer

Birth Date

November 26, 1943

Death date

October 3, 2002 (58 years)

Zodiac Sign



Brooklyn, New York, United States


Tulane University



Bruce Paltrow family members

Father's Name

Arnold Paltrow

Mother's Name

Dorothy Weigert

Siblings names

Robert Paltrow (brother)

Is Bruce Paltrow a gay/bisexual?


What is Bruce Paltrow marital status?


Who is Bruce Paltrow wife?

Blythe Danner (till his death)

When did get married?

December 14, 1969

How many children does he have?

2 (daughter Gwyneth Paltrow and son Jake Paltrow)

Bruce Paltrow relatives


Gwyneth has always been “daddy’s girl”, and she was devastated by her father’s death. Bruce Paltrow was a wonderful person and talented film director and producer, who gained popularity due to such his projects as “The White Shadow”, “St. Elsewhere” and many others.
Bruce was born in Brooklyn, NY, USA in the family of Dorothy and Arnold Paltrow. He has Jewish and Belarus roots. The man grew up in a happy rich family – his parents founded prosperous Paltrow Steel Company.
Since the earliest years Gwyneth’s father was in love with various kinds of art. After school he entered Tulane University to study painting on a professional level. After graduation he settled in New York and found there a job of a theater director. In the theater he crossed the ways with an actress Blythe Danner, with whom he spent his whole life.
With Blythe he co-parented two kids, and one of them is the beauty and movie star Gwyneth Paltrow. He directed and produced numerous screen projects, and in some of them he invited his famous daughter.
Gwyneth tells that she was really knitted with her dad. It was he, who helped her get rid of her diva moments, which she dealt with after becoming popular.
The man was diagnosed with an oral cancer in early 2000s, and two years later he died. The death found him in Italy, where he went with Gwyneth to celebrate her 30th birthday. After his departure, Blythe Danner and her kids founded a charity organization to help the other patients, diagnosed with oral cancer.

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