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Chief Keef biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Keith Cozart



Birth Date

August 15, 1995


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Chicago, Illinois, United States


Dulles Elementary School, Banner School, Dyett High School



Chief Keef family members

Father's Name

Alfonso Cozart

Mother's Name

Lolitha Carter

Siblings names

younger half-brother and half-sister from maternal side and at least three half-sisters from paternal side

Is Chief Keef a gay/bisexual?


What is Chief Keef marital status?


How many children does he have?

10 (one is on the way )

Chief Keef kids

Kayden Kash Cozart (daughter with a long-term girlfriend)

Kimora Sosha Cozart daughter Chief Keef


Date of birth: November 28, 2011

Kayden was born in 2011 when her father was just 16 years old. Her mother was Keith’s school girlfriend. According to the rapper’s interview, he dated Kayden’s mom for 4 years before they became parents. He told that he loved his baby’s momma and didn’t like other women. “I just made love to them and then forgot them”, he explained in the interview.

The baby girl is called Kay Kay in the family circle. In 2013 her father announced through social media, that he had launched the brand of babies clothes “Kashion Fashion”.

Keef’s daughter has her page on Instagram.

Kimora Sosha Cozart (daughter with Erica Early)

Date of birth: 2013

Kimora is the daughter of Chief Keef and the hot baby momma Erica Early, who is 2 decades older than the rapper. Soon after the girl’s birth she sued the rapper and made him do a paternity test. Now he has to pay a solid amount of child support money every month. In June 2019 Erica started a court process against him. She confessed that the rapper owns her about $500, 000 of child support money.

Krüe Karter Cozart (son)

Date of birth: 2014

Krüe was born in 2014, and the happy father immediately shared his pictures through Instagram. Later he deleted them, but till now the fans remember, how proud he was to become the dad of a boy for the first time.

Khalil (son)

Date of birth: 2014

Not much is known about this boy, whom Chief Keef fathered in 2014. His mother proved the rapper’s paternity through a test. He supports the boy with a paycheck each month as of now.

Kristen (daughter)

Date of birth: 2014

The year of 2014 became productive for the rapper, who welcomed a baby girl Kristen with the new baby momma, too.

Kamiah (daughter)

Date of birth: 2015

In 2015 Chief Keef added one more girl to his big breed.

Sno Filmon Dot Com Cozart (son)

Date of birth: 2015

The boy got an unusual name. That’s because his parents agreed to name him after Chief Keef‘s record label. In such a way he wanted to increase the interest to his new album.

Zinc Clark (son)

Date of birth: July 2016

In July 2016 the rapper became a father for the fifth time. He welcomed a newborn son with the ex-porn star Aareon Clark.

Khalo (son)

Date of birth: 2017

His youngest baby was born in 2017. After that, the rapper demanded in the court to decrease the amount of his child support money, because he had to send paychecks to 9 different women. And his income of a self-employed musician was just $9, 000 per month.

In July 2019 Keith announced, that the tenth woman got pregnant from him, and he would be a father for the tenth time soon. 

Who are Chief Keef parents?

Lolo Carter (mother) 

Lolo Carter mother Chief Keef


Date of birth: October 1980

Lolitha R. Carter is Chief Keef’s mother. She was born in the South Side of Chicago. As a girl, she attended Dunbar High School. She got pregnant with Keef at the beginning of a high school. Lolo comes from quiet an affluent family, but her brothers earned their living as criminals. They were drug dealers.

Keith was named after his uncle Keith Carter, who was called “Big Keef” in the family. His uncle liked music, and that inspired Chief Keef to start rapping, too. After his uncle’s death Chief Keef, Lolo’s son, decided to make music as his main occupation.

After the birth of her daughter Kierra, Lolo was accepted to Northwestern College. The father of her daughter became a good stepdad for Keith, too. But mostly the boy was raised by a grandmother. Lolo became very happy when her son started to rap. Initially, Keith promoted himself through MySpace.

Alfonso Cozart (father)

Alfonso Cozart father Chief Keef


Date of birth: 1975

Alfonso Cozart is estranged from his son as of now, but previously he was a part of his life. The rapper’s mother told in her interview, that her son’s biological dad was present in Chief Keef’s life. Besides, the rapper had amicable relationships with Ulysses Gissendanner III, Alfonso’s stepson. Ulysses was shot by an unknown killer in Chicago. Then he was just 19 years old and he had just started the career of a rapper.

After his stepson’s death, Alfonso told “” that he was afraid of his son Keef’s life. He considers himself as a caring father, although he doesn’t want any attention, which is stuck to him after his son’s loud success.

Through his father, Keith has at least three half-sisters, one of which passed away at a childhood age.

Chief Keef siblings

Kierra Cozart (younger half-sister)

Kierra Cozart sister Chief Keef


Date of birth: 1999

Kierra Cozart is Keef’s younger sister from the maternal side. In 2016 she graduated from a high school, and as her mom shared in the interview, Kierra was going to become a lawyer. But now the girl is making a career in music. On social media, she positions herself as a member of her brother’s band “Glo Gang”.

DJ Carter (younger half-brother)

Date of birth: September 2011

Keith’s youngest sibling is his mother’s son DJ. The boy was born in 2011, and he is just six weeks older than Keef’s oldest daughter Kay Kay.


Keith Farrelle Cozart, who also goes by the name “Sosa”, was born in 1995. His mother was just 15 years old when she had him. He was about four years old when his mom gave birth to his half-sister Kierra Cozart. Many years later his half-brother DJ was born.

He started rapping at five years old. At the age of 13, he began to record his self-written songs. He became locally famous in his teens, and in 2011 his mixtapes “The Glory Road” and “Bang” became known all over the world. In 2012 he released the track, which made him popular – “I Don’t Like”. The single of the Chicago-based rapper reached the 73rd position in Billboard chart. Chief Keef’s talent was noticed and valued by the cult modern rapper Kanye West. That success opened lots of new opportunities in front of Chief Keef. Lots of record labels started chasing him. In early 2013 he signed the multi-million deal with Interscope Records. Through the label he released the debut album “Finally Rich”, but then Interscope canceled their deal, using their right to stop any collaboration with the rapper if he won’t sell 250, 000 copies of his disk within the first week after release (as it was defined in their deal). “Finally Rich” was bought just 50,000 times during the first week.

Now Chief Keef is a self-produced artist. He has already released four studio albums.

Interesting and fun facts

Many fans want to know, what the rapper’s phone number is. Celebrities are usually get contacted through their managers and don’t publicize the personal data. But we know that he owns a house in Woodland Hills, CA. And one of his fans defined “773-202-5862” as the rapper’s number. But that info wasn’t officially confirmed.

Many fans are interested, why Chief Keef nicknames himself as “Sosa”. Keith had three reasons to choose that moniker. First of all, it comes from the name of Chicago based baseball player Sammy Sosa. Then, it’s taken from Gucci Mane mixtape “Gucci Sosa”. Finally, Alex Sosa was the name of a man, who killed the character Tony Montana, depicted by Al Pacino in the movie “Scarface”. These three reasons made Chief Keef take such a nickname.

In June 2018 it was reported, that someone had shot at Chief Keef in New York City. The shooting accident took place at the entrance of W Hotel, situated at Times Square. The person with a gun didn’t hurt the rapper but struck the signage not far from him. Later the fans connected that incident with Chief Keef altercation with another popular rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. In February 2019 6ix9ine confirmed, that he paid some man $20, 000 to shot at Chief Keef.

Each lover of hip hop culture knows that the conflict between 6ix9ine, the representative of the New York rapping community, and Chief Keef, the rapper from Chicago, was very hot. Their feud started from the girl, named Cuban Doll, the female rapper. She posted the emotional post on Instagram, where she told that her boyfriend Tadoe (Chief Keef’s cousin) beat her. Tekashi 6ix9ine, who was Cuban Doll’s boyfriend previously, stood up for her. That caused the altercation on FaceTime between Tekashi and Tadoe. Later Chief Keef and Trippie Redd joined the beef.

In his teens Chief Keef formed his hip hop style (the rapper performs in the rap subgenre “drill”), being influenced by such legendary artists as Playboi Carti, Lil Pump and Lil Uzi Vert.

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