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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Taymor Travon McIntyre



Birth Date

June 16, 2000


23 years

Zodiac Sign



Long Beach, California, United States


James Martin High School



Tay K family members

Father's Name

Kevin Beverly

Siblings names

Kayla Renee (younger sister)

Is Tay K a gay/bisexual?


What is Tay K marital status?


Tay K family

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Who are Tay K parents?

Kevin Beverly (father)

Kevin Beverly is the name of Tay K’s father. His dad comes from Compton, CA. The major part of Taymor’s childhood his father was in and out of jail. After getting released from the prison, he took Tay and his younger sister to Arlington, TX, where the rapper grew up.

According to Tay’s interview, his father and he were not closely-knitted while he was growing up, but Kevin tried to protect his son during the court process and even promised to supervise him and to help him to change. The same his maternal uncle Jewral McIntyre did.


The name of the rapper’s mother is not disclosed. Nevertheless, he used to tell, that she was a member of the Baby Insane Crips (the gang from Southern California). Most part of his childhood the boy spent with his grandparents.

Tay K siblings

Kayla Renee (younger sister)

Kayla Renee sister Tay K

photo facebook.com/KayBieber18

Kayla tries to protect her brother through social media. She is the activist of the campaign “Freetayk”, the aim of which is to help her talented sibling to get out of jail as soon as possible. She was one of those, who signed the petition, addressed to President Donald Trump, with the demand to release the hip hop artist from the prison.

In one of her posts, Kayla shared the details of their childhood. It seems that the major part of her early years she spent with her grandparents, and she was especially close to her grandmother, who cared about her and Tay. It seems that their parents were separated because she told her about her complicated relationships with dad when she couldn’t accept him at first and then understood him.

Kayla has already become a mother. She has a baby boy, named Royce. She is not married to the boy’s father but tries to keep amicable relationships with him, to keep him in their son’s life.


We know that the lyric in hip hop tracks is usually sharp. Very often rappers’ songs are full of criticism and calls for violence. Tay K is the rapper, who did what he sang about. And that was killing for him.

His song “The Race” was ranked by a prestigious magazine “Fader” as the best track of the year 2017. That would have sounded amazing for the 17-year-old performer if he hadn’t been imprisoned for a long term.

Taymor Travon McIntyre entered this world in California but grew up in Arlington, Texas. He was educated at James Martin High School, but studying was not the first thing in the list of his priorities. He liked rap, and in the company of two other troubled teenagers, Jalen Bell (performed under the name Pimpyz) and Eric Johnson (Santana Sage) formed the hip hop band “Daytona Boyz”, which gained wide popularity very fast.

After one of the concerts, the boys were going home in a car. They had an altercation with the passengers of the other car, after which Eric and Jalen took the guns and killed the 20-year-old student Sara Mutschlechner. Tay K was just a passenger in the car, so he was not imprisoned. But two of his friends were taken to jail for a long term.

That didn’t stop Tay K. He participated in several robberies and killed several other people. When the policemen were chasing him, he wrote a song and then made a very realistic music video, called “The Race”, which immediately became a hit.

Finally, Tay K was arrested and convicted to 55 years of prison.

Interesting and fun facts

Nobody snitched on the rapper. Policemen caught him that very day when he uploaded “The Race” on YouTube. The rapper shot the video to his songs, posing near the self-wanted ads. After showing on the net his music video, where he showed the area he stayed at that time and lots of people were around him, so it was not so hard to catch him.

Tay K was born in Long Beach, but he moved a lot during his childhood. At first, his mother took him to Las Vegas, Nevada, then they came to Arlington, TX. There he grew up.

Tay K was found guilty for his participation in robbery and murder on July 19, 2019. The jury of Tarrant County, Texas decided that the teenager is responsible for the death of the young father Ethan Walker. Tay shot the man when found him in the room of the house, where Tay broke in, looking for drugs and money.

Although many people, including the celebrities Travis Scott (a rapper), Lil Bibby (ex-rapper) and some others supported the campaign “Freetayk” and Tay’s father promised to be responsible for his son’s good behavior in case of his release, that didn’t help. Still, the rapper is in jail as of 2020.

He is 170 cm tall.

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  • OWETHU Nini says:

    To be honest,I feel bad for Tayk.Yes I know he really did do bad things but he deserves a chance ,he never had a good background I know his dad was trying his best for tay k but he grew up in a gang life both parents were gangsters and it affected him

  • grandma says:

    what is tayk grandma name

  • @ysnjayyofficial_ says:

    wrong tay k killed 1 person he was not testified against for any other murders yeah he did alot of robberies where someone ended up dying that he wasnt charged with he was charged with 1 murder charge and three robberies