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Josh Dun biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Joshua William Dun


singer, band member

Birth Date

June 18, 1988


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Columbus, Ohio, United States



Josh Dun family members

Father's Name

Bill Dun

Mother's Name

Laura Dun

Siblings names

Ashley Dun (sister), Abigail Dun (sister), Jordan Dun (brother)

Is Josh Dun a gay/bisexual?


What is Josh Dun marital status?


Who are Josh Dun parents?

Bill Dun (father)

Bill Dun

photo / bill.dun.1

Date of birth: December 4, 1963

Josh Dun’s father is an important person in his life. On Father’s Day, he devoted sweet touching words to his dad and confessed that he had become so successful mostly due to his father’s influence.

William Earl Dun was born in Ohio. He is a son of a rich rancher, Edwin Dun. Now Bill is a resident of Columbus, the capital of Ohio. He is married to Laura Dun and has four kids with her. Bill earns his living as a physical therapy assistant.

Laura Dun (mother)

Laura Dun

photo / laura.dun

Date of birth: April 2, 1964

Laura Dun is Joshua’s mother. Her maiden name is McCollum. Not much is known about her early years, but obviously, now she is blessed more than anyone with a great husband and their great kids (at least, she wrote about it on Twitter).

Laura lives with her husband in Columbus, Ohio. She works as a hospice social worker. The woman is very close to her son Josh and always supports him through her account on Twitter.

Josh Dun siblings

Ashley Lee-Dun (younger sister)

Ashley Lee-Dun

photo / ashleylee83

Date of birth: May 1, 1990

Josh is a big brother to a beautiful and hard-working girl, named Ashley Bonnie Dun.

She was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Since the earliest years, she was interested in writing stories and exploration of people’s souls. No wonder that she decided to continue her education at Ohio Dominican University, where she studied English Language and Literature. Now she earns her living as an author. After graduation from the university, she co-founded with her friend Jesse Cale and several other enthusiasts the publishing company “Secret Midnight Press”, which was endorsed by her famous brother Josh Dun on the social media.

When Ashley is not busy with writing, she cares about her husband Andrew Lee, who serves at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They tied a knot in 2012, and till now they are happy together.

Jordan Dun (younger brother)

Jordan Dun

photo / jordandun

Date of birth: June 3, 1994

Josh is not the only son in his family. He has a younger brother, named Jordan. The young man tries to stay out of the limelight, that’s why not much is known about him. He lives in Columbus, Ohio. His full name is Jordan Christopher Dun. He is in great terms with his older brother Josh and spends free time with him (and then posts their common pictures on social media).

He likes to play golf and to walk with his pet – a dog, named Jim. He has an eponymous channel on YouTube with 30k+ subscribers.

Abigail Dun (younger sister)

Abigail Dun

photo / abbie.dun

Date of birth: October 18, 1996

Josh has cordial relationships with each member of his family, including his younger sister Abigail. The girl is the youngest kid in her big family. Her educational background is not known, but she has already started to earn her living by herself. The girl served at the registration of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Now she endorses the home decor company “Staging Spaces”.


Josh Dun is a celebrated American musician. He is a drummer and a trumpet player. Josh gained wide recognition as the member of the cult duo “Twenty One Pilots”.

He entered this world in Columbus, OH. Josh is the oldest of four children in the family of Bill and Laura Dun. He has two younger sisters and a younger brother.

Although none of his parents was connected with the world of music, Joshua liked this kind of art since the kindergarten age. He started to play the trumpet and later got interested in playing the drums. His parents supported his love for making music, and they even made the music studio for him in the basement of their house. Thus, the future music star practiced playing the trumpet and drums regularly.

It’s interesting to know, that Josh has no professional music education. He taught himself to play musical instruments, using online tutorials.

After graduation from school, he began to earn his living as an assistant at a local music shop. During three years he sold guitars to Columbus residents. In March 2010 he got a chance to try his hand as a professional musician. He replaced Colin Rigsby (the drummer) in the band “House of Heroes” when the latter one decided to take a long vacation. In October that very year Colin came back to the band, but Josh had already understood, that playing drums was his calling. In 2011 he visited the concert of the band “Twenty One Pilots” and got acquainted with its lead singer Tyler Joseph. After two other members, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, had left the band, Tyler invited Josh to join him, and since 2011 they are making music together.

As of now, Tyler and Josh, as a duo, have already released four studio albums. In 2017 they got their first Grammy as the best pop duo of the year.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In spite of numerous “gay rumors” (which were used by Josh and Tyler to stimulate the interest to their band), Josh is straight. Since 2013 he has been dating an actress Debby Ryan. The couple parted their ways in 2015 but then reconciled in 2018. On December 23, 2018, they got engaged and announced the great news through Instagram.
  2. Josh is a shy person, and at first, he was ashamed of appearing on the stage. That’s why he used masks and hats to hide his face from viewers. As of now, he has coped with his fears and doesn’t hide his face from the audience. But he still makes up his eyes with red eye shadows.
  3. His body is covered with tattoos, but he refuses to speak about the meaning of the drawings on his skin.
  4. One of Josh’s most interesting tricks on the stage is flipping back from Tyler’s piano. The singer isn’t always eager to repeat such a trick, but his fans insist – and he has to do it again and again.
  5. His height is just 5 ft 5 in, and his mother is even lower – she is 4 ft 2 in (according to her post on Twitter).
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