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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Matthew Hauri



Birth Date

March 19, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Rochester, Minnesota, United States


Mayo High School, the University of Wisconsin



Yung Gravy family members

Father's Name

Dr. Peter Hauri

Mother's Name

Cindy Hauri

Siblings names

David Courard-Hauri (older half-brother), Heidi Hauri-Gill (older half-sister), Katrin Kasper (older half-sister)

Is Yung Gravy a gay/bisexual?


What is Yung Gravy marital status?


Who are Yung Gravy parents?

Dr. Peter Hauri (father)

Date of birth: June 25, 1933

Date of death: January 31, 2013

No doubt, Yung Gravy has great genes. He is the son of a talented and hard-working father, whom he lost at a tender age of 16.

Dr. Peter Hauri unexpectedly died in 2013 from the injuries he got after tragic fall on the ice. His son Mathew (the rapper’s real name) stood by his side till his last breath.

Yung Gravy’s father is widely known as a sleep researcher and psychologist. He tried to help people, who suffer from the wide-spread modern disorder – insomnia. In his works, Dr. Hauri formulated several principles, which helped people all over the world to sleep better. First of all, he advised getting out of bed, if you can’t sleep and start doing something interesting – till the sleep will bring you to bed again.

His researches brought him lots of prestigious titles, including Ph.D., which he earned at the University of Chicago. In spite of super successful career, Dr. Hauri put his family first all the time.

He was born in the family of Rudolf and Verena Hauri in Sirnach, Switzerland. The boy grew up alongside 5 siblings. He earned a degree at Teacher’s College and served at a junior school till he got an opportunity to continue his education in the USA.

In the USA he met Debbie Rea and fell in love with her. They got married, and Peter settled in his wife’s country permanently. He studied psychology at North Central College and later attended the University of Chicago.

He and Debbie Rea-Hauri were happy together during many years, but then both partied their ways. He met another woman – Cynthia Cleveland, his colleague – and both fell in love with each other. They got married, and at the age of 62, Peter welcomed his youngest kid – a son Matthew, which is known under the name of Yung Gravy now. They say, Dr. Hauri, cared a lot about his son, and they were very close.

Yung Gravy till now misses his talented dad.

Cindy Hauri (mother)

Cindy Hauri

photo / yunggravy

Date of birth: December 7, 1956

Cynthia Cleveland Hauri is a proud mother of the aspiring hip hop artist Yung Gravy. Currently, she lives in Rochester, MN.

Cindy rose to international fame as a mother of a promising young rapper, but in her area of activity, she has been a celebrity for many years already.

Dr. Cynthia Hauri is a professional psychiatrist. She deals with problems of anxiety and insomnia. In 1987 she graduated from Mayo Medical School. Since 1992 she has been practicing as an independent psychiatrist, helping people solve their inner problems. She was busy with the research study when she met another popular psychiatrist – Peter Hauri. In spite of the 23-year age difference, they fell in love and decided to start a family. The couple gave birth to an amazing boy Matt, whom we know now as the rapper Yung Gravy.

Yung Gravy siblings

David Courard-Hauri (older half-brother)

David Courard Hauri

photo / david.courardhauri

Date of birth: September 3, 1968

David is Yung Gravy’s older half-brother from the paternal side. The son of a celebrated insomnia specialist Peter Hauri and his first wife Debbie Rea, he is a well-known scientist, too. Mr. Courard-Hauri serves as a professor at Drake University.

He graduated from Hanover High School and then studied Chemistry at Georgetown University. Besides, he attended Stanford University in 1991-1996 and earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry there.

David is married to Frédérique Courard-Hauri, whom he met at Georgetown University, where she studied English and Literature. The couple resides in Des Moines, Iowa. They are the parents of two smart daughters – Kayleigh and Julianna. In 2014 David was a candidate for Iowa State House of Representatives.

Heidi Hauri-Gill (older half-sister)

Heidi Hauri Gill

photo / heidi.haurigill

Date of birth: November 11, 1966

Young Gravy was blessed with a big and talented family. Each member of his breed is a gifted unique personality. His older half-sister from paternal side Heidi is the owner of the First Choice Riding Academy.

She studied horse riding at Westmoreland Davis International Equestrian Institute. Till now she participates in various horse riding competitions.

She spends her free time at her big house in Enfield, New Hampshire. She is married to Robert Gill, 6 years her senior. They have two sons – Conner and Christopher.

Katrin Kasper (older half-sister)

Date of birth: June 25, 1973

Katrin Kasper is another half-sister of Mr. Clean singer. She lives in Lee, NH and serves as a dedicated volunteer. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire and is busy with several social initiatives, including “Work Opportunities Unlimited”, where she is a board member.

She is married to Kent Kasper and they are the parents to cute children Grant and Grace.


Yung Gravy has already been nicknamed in the media as “the greatest rapper of the next generation”. He started his career in 2016, and was propelled to stardom after the release of his single “Mr. Clean”.

The young man didn’t stop, and soon offered his fans the extended play “Yung Gravity”, which consisted of 5 beautiful songs, including “Stain”. The latter song he recorded in collaboration with bbno$. In May 2019 he presented the debut album “Sensational”, which is sold through iTunes Store. The set of songs consists of 13 compositions and contains lots of interesting collaborations with other young artists, such as Lil Baby and Mia Gladstone.

His birth name is Matthew Hauri. He was born in the family of two famous psychiatrists, Dr. Peter Hauri and Cynthia Cleveland. He attended Mayo High School. During his years at school, the boy got interested in music. He started to rap at his friends’ parties and some public events in his home town – Rochester, Minnesota. After school, he entered the University of Wisconsin, but then made a pause in his studying to record the self-written song “Karen”. He uploaded the song to SoundCloud, and it attracted lots of fans’ attention. That inspired Matt to take the stage moniker “Yung Gravy” and to start rapping professionally.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. His first stage moniker was Mr. Butter. He invented the current nickname “Young Gravy”, while he was freestyling and jokingly invented some lyrics, including these unusual words. His friends laughed at this weird sound combination, and Matt decided to name himself in that way.
  2. In spite of the rapid start of his career, he didn’t quit his college. In 2017 the rapper graduated with a degree in marketing.
  3. While partying in his friend’s house in Georgia, he was arrested and accused for drug possession and criminal trespassing.
  4. He is single as of now.
  5. He practiced lacrosse at a high school.
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    Actually, he’s not single. Adison Rae’s mom. Look it up.

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