Zhavia Vercetti

Zhavia Vercetti biography
photo instagram.com / zhaviaward
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Carisa Zhavia Vercetti


singer, songwriter

Birth Date

March 6, 2001


22 years

Zodiac Sign



Monrovia, California


Monrovia High School and then homeschooled



Zhavia Vercetti family members

Mother's Name

Bobbi Jo Black

Siblings names

Poiema Victoria (older sister) and two other sisters

Is Zhavia Vercetti a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Zhavia Vercetti marital status?

In relation

Who are Zhavia Vercetti parents?


Zhavia’s parents are divorced. The girl has never mentioned her father’s name and has never shared any picture of him. It’s just publicized, that he is an R&B singer.

Bobbi Jo Black (mother)

Bobbi Jo Black mother Zhavia Vercetti

photo instagram.com / zhaviaward

Date of birth: February 1, 1974

Zhavia has a strong connection with her mother, former singer and current Instagram star. Bobbi taught her younger daughter to love and understand music. Previously, Bobbi was a singer, too. But unlike her romantic daughter, she chose another music genre to express her talent.

In 2011-2016 Bobbi was the member of the band “Xenoterra”. The members of the band defined their music style as “modern metal” and described their sound as “the mixture of electronic and metal music”. After the disbanding of “Xenoterra”, Bobbi founded a hair care salon. There Zhavia makes her brand dreads. Besides, Bobbi Jo Black is a social media star.

Zhavia Vercetti siblings

Poiema Victoria (older sister)

Poiema Victoria sister Zhavia Vercetti

instagram.com / poiemavictoria

Date of birth: December 25, 1997

Zhavia was blessed with a great sister, her best friend, and her inspiration. From time to time she tells her fans about her older sibling and shares their common pictures through Instagram.

The name of her sister is Poiema Victoria. She was born in the most creative city in the world – Los Angeles. Both her parents are musicians.

Poiema gained international popularity not just as a sister of a singer Zhavia Vercetti, but also as a YouTuber and Instagram influencer. She founded her channel on YouTube in February 2018. Since then she gathered 3k+ subscribers. Her Instagram fans base is extensive, too.

The girl shares with her fans DIY videos and demonstrates her makeup routine. She is a vegan.

Zhavia has two other sisters, Tabitha Elle and Pierce.


Zhavia Vercetti bio

photo instagram.com / zhaviaward

R&B singer Zhavia Vercetti became popular overnight after the release on the new cover song “A Whole New World”, which was used as the track to the famous remake movie “Aladdin”. She performed the part of Princess Jasmine, while Zayn Malik provided vocals for Aladdin. Their powerful and very fragile duo caught the hearts of people all over the world. Thus, Zhavia Vercetti turned from an unknown girl into a star.

She did a great job to reach her peak. The girl was born in a family of two musicians. She grew up in Monrovia, California. Since the earliest years, she was keen on music, visited vocal lessons and dreamed to become a professional singer.

She gained initial popularity after participation in Fox contest music show “The Four: Battle for Stardom”. Her deep soulful voice, which chills down your spine while listening to her songs, helped her to win. She was one of the top four participants on the show. Zhavia won the multi-million record deal with Columbia Records. That was the realization of her dream, and to pursue it, the girl left studying at Monrovia High School after the first year there. She finished her education through online schooling programs.

She focused her energy on her work, and soon Ms. Vercetti presented the debut single “Candelight”, which became a massive hit. She wrote the song herself, and it is very personal for her. Zhavia is an optimist, but once she had to pass through a complicated period in her life. She told in the song about her overcoming experience.

Zhavia Vercetti is an aspiring singer, as of now. And her fans are sure, she is the next pop idol of her generation.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She is just 18, but she has already started serious relationships with Emmanuel Lateju. The young man has Mexican and Nigerian roots. The couple seems to enjoy one another. They travel a lot and post-romantic pictures on Instagram.
  2. Her net worth is estimated at an impressive $4 million. That is awesome if to take into consideration the fact that her career has just started, and her greater earnings are waiting for her in the future.
  3. She is known under the name “Zhavia Ward”, too. Her real surname is “Vercetti”, which sounds Italian a bit. That’s why her fans suggest, she has Italian roots from her father’s side.
  4. Her height is 5 ft 3 in and her weight is 110 pounds.
  5. Like her older sister, she is interested in the beauty industry. Zhavia always does makeup herself, and her favorite product to use is the eye shadow.
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  • Barbara says:

    I cannot believe all made up information in this who the hell, researches.. Ward is her last Name. Not Vercetti, her mother is 1/2 Italian.
    List goes on and on. Where do you people come up with all this Bullshit. I know I’m family.

  • Lilly says:

    little mix fan