Marcus Oglesby (Lynn Spirit)

Marcus Oglesby (Lynn Spirit) biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Marcus Lynn Oglesby


social media star

Birth Date

February 17, 1988


35 years

Zodiac Sign



Greensboro, North Carolina, United Sates



Marcus Oglesby (Lynn Spirit) family members

Mother's Name

Joan Oglesby

Siblings names

Tameka Oglesby-King (older sister) and another older sister

Is Marcus Oglesby (Lynn Spirit) a gay/bisexual?


What is Marcus Oglesby (Lynn Spirit) marital status?


Who are Marcus Oglesby (Lynn Spirit) parents?


It’s a pity, but Marcus doesn’t give any information about his biological dad. The only info that is publicized about this man is that he lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is a son of Patricia Ann Oglesby, Marcus’s grandmother. He is an African American. Probably, Marcus’s parents are separated, because neither the YouTuber nor his mother, mention this man in their posts.

Joan Oglesby (mother)

Joan Oglesby and Marcus Oglesby (Lynn Spirit)

photo / mishay.oglesby

Date of birth: May 9, 1966

Joan is Marcus’s mother and obviously, he has cordial relationships with her. The YouTube star mentions his mother in his videos from time to time. It seems that the woman gives her son sweet small presents.

Joan spent the major part of her life in North Carolina. She studied at Grimsley High School. She used to work at a big mobile company “AT&T”. She still lives in Greensboro, NC.

Marcus Oglesby (Lynn Spirit) siblings

Tameka Oglesby-King (older sister)

Tameka Oglesby King siblings Marcus Oglesby


Date of birth: March 9, 1983

Tameka Nicole Oglesby is Marcus’s big sister. As the YouTuber opened up in his interview, he was the smallest kid in the family, and his older sisters, including Tameka, pampered him.

The woman is single as of now. She lives in Charlotte, NC. She has warm relationships with her popular brother.

He has another older sister, too. Her name is not known to the wide audience.


Now he is a famous social media star and a bright woman with long multi-colored hair. He has more than 400k subscribers at his YouTube channel “Lynn Spirit” and about 660k followers on Instagram. Now it’s hard to believe that in his young years he was just an awkward bullied boy with a serious health disorder.

His real name is Marcus Lynn Oglesby. He was born in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is the youngest kid and the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Oglesby.

From the first days of his life, the boy was different from the others. He had a rare genetic disease -ectodermal dysplasia. This condition influences almost everything – the boy had no hair and no teeth, he was very slim and his lips were too big. Besides, his skin was very dry.

No need to say that Marcus was bullied. Life was not kind to him at first, and he even tried to commit suicide. But in 2013 he opened for himself a great way out – social networks.

Thus, the unhappy man Marcus Oglesby turned into the beautiful self-confident woman Lynn Spirit. He chose this nickname, not by chance – Lynn is Marcus’ middle name and “Spirit” means his spiritual inner world.

Now Marcus blesses the moment when he decided to start the channel on YouTube. “Social media helps people to express themselves and to be accepted”, he told in a rare interview. By the way, he started making money – his only source of wealth is the income from his social media accounts and selling off his merchandise goods. His merch is sold in the online store, named “Girl You See That Glitter”.

In spite of his incredible popularity, Marcus is still single. He dreams to meet a great person in the nearest future and he hopes, that person would have a chocolate skin color. The YouTuber doesn’t have kids and doesn’t plan to adopt them. But he considers his two nephews (his sister’s kids) and his sons.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Even if he had such an opportunity, he wouldn’t change anything in himself. “I would become another person in this case”, he explained.
  2. He likes to travel. He dreams to go to Greece or to some desert island to go naked there.
  3. His fans are interested if Marcus is a transgender or gay. He denies such speculations and insists that he was born a man and he feels like a man. When he travels, he uses men’s bathroom, and some people tell him, that he had mixed the rooms, and had to go to women’s one. “But I’m a man, and I am accepting, who I am”, he told in his Q&A.
  4. He has already bought the house of his own, which is quite big and luxurious. By the way, Marcus doesn’t live alone – she shares the building with his uncle, whom he names “Big Daddy”. His residence is in Charlotte, NC.
  5. His hobbies are singing and dancing. He plans to make the music video one day.
  6. If he could marry a celebrity, it would be his favorite performer Fantasia Barrino. By the way, he used her song “Free Yourself” in one of his first videos, which went viral.
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  • yubaba says:

    “His fans are interested if Marcus is a transgender or gay. He denies such speculations and insists that he was born a man and he feels like a man.” girl please he has stated many times that he his gay

  • Nana says:

    I think that Lynn can highly motivate ppl who were in her position she can save others from suicide Lynn has a testimony to tell