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Hannah Stocking biography
photo instagram / hannahstocking
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Hannah Jo Stocking-Siagkris


social media star

Birth Date

February 4, 1992


29 years

Zodiac Sign



Ashland, Oregon, United States


Ashland High School; the Dominican University of California



Hannah Stocking family members

Father's Name

Jon Stocking

Mother's Name

Holly Stocking

Siblings names

Ruby Stocking (older sister)

Is Hannah Stocking a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Hannah Stocking marital status?


Who are Hannah Stocking parents?

Jon Stocking (father)

Jon Stocking

photo instagram / rubystocking

Jon Stocking gained wide recognition as a father of an Instagram star Hannah Stocking. He isn’t active in social media, but his daughters upload pics with him from time to time.

Holly Stocking (mother)

Holly Stocking

photo instagram / rubystocking

Date of birth: October 18, 1955

Holly Stocking is Hannah’s mother. The woman has a really warm and close relationship with her daughter. Hannah never gets tired to thank her mom through social media for everything she did for her. Holly supported our today heroine in each her beginning – she helped her with her homework and cheered her at each volleyball game.

According to Hannah’s words, her parents created a great family and they are the most hard-working people she had ever known. Holly Stocking is a role model for her daughter.

Hannah Stocking siblings

Ruby Stocking (older sister)

Ruby Stocking

photo instagram / rubystocking

Date of birth: April 2, 1990

Holly and Jon Stocking gave birth not just to Hannah, but also to another beautiful talented girl. Their older daughter is Ruby Stocking.

She was born in Oregon but then moved to New York to study nursing at Columbia University. She spent long evenings studying everything about childbirth. In fact, during her trip to Western Africa, the girl witnessed the natural birth. She was so impressed by the birth process that she decided to assist other women in it. Ruby understood that female intuition is endless, and very often future mothers know better than doctors what is useful for their kids.

After that she began to study nursing and having got her certification, she began to work as a doula.

Now Ruby continues her education. Her dream is to become a doctor of Nurse Midwifery. In spite of a busy schedule, Hannah finds time for her family. She is very close to her younger sibling Hannah. Two girls are friends.


Hannah Stocking bio

photo instagram / hannahstocking

Very often Hannah is named as a self-made model. Many people know that to start a career in the model industry is not an easy thing – the girls very often have to visit castings and make lots of photos. But Hannah didn’t visit any reputable photographs; she just created an Instagram account. Now the leggy blonde boasts with 16 million fans.

She entered this world on February 4, 1992, in Oregon, USA, in the family of Holly and Jon Stocking, and has an older sister named Ruby. She graduated from the school there and after that, she decided to continue her education at the Dominican University of California. She majored in Biology and Chemistry and played volleyball.

Hannah started her social media activity from uploading her self-made content on the short-video service Vine in 2013. Nowadays she is an Instagram star and a model, who earns bunches of dollars through her endorsement deals.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Except for her mother, she has another role model – an actress Jennifer Aniston.
  2. Currently, the model is single, but previously she was in relationships with basketball stars Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson.
  3. She gained incredible popularity on Vine due to her fine entertaining videos. There her vids got millions of loops, which made her one of the brightest stars on the platform. He had millions of fans just before Vine cancellation. Her viewers followed her to other social platforms. She still posts short comedy videos on social media.
  4. Her YouTube account is followed by 5, 9 million subscribers. The most popular video she uploaded to the platform is called “Baywatch”, which she filmed in collaboration with her friend and YouTube star Lele Pons. Uploaded on March 2017 the video gained more than 34 million views and was liked 372k times.
  5. Hannah is a big animal lover. She is a participant of various programs, the aim of which is to protect animals. Not long ago she visited the sanctuary, where watched wild animals, which were saved by its workers.
  6. Unlike other young girls, Hannah uses her Instagram account not just for making money through ads, but also for making good deeds. In 2015 she asked her followers to support a Californian family, which dealt with a string of misfortunes. Earl Moon, the patriarch of the family, fell off a ladder and damaged his spinal cord. Around that time his daughter Skyler – Hannah’s college friend – was diagnosed with cancer.
  7. She insists that a beautiful girl can be clever. She tried to prove it to her haters, having uploaded one of her school papers, where her teacher wrote, that she was one of the best.
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