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Diedrich Bader biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Karl Diedrich Bader


TV actor, movie actor, voice actor

Birth Date

December 24, 1966


53 years

Zodiac Sign



Alexandria, Virginia, United States


Groveton High School; T.C. Williams High School; University of North Carolina School of the Arts



Diedrich Bader family members

Father's Name

Bill Bader

Mother's Name

Gretta Bader

Siblings names

Christopher Bader (older brother), John Bader (older brother), Kathy Bader (older sister)

Is Diedrich Bader a gay/bisexual?


What is Diedrich Bader marital status?


Who is Diedrich Bader wife?

Dulcy Rogers Bader

When did get married?

May 25, 1997

How many children does he have?

2 (son Sebastian Bader and daughter Ondine Bader)

Diedrich Bader wife

Dulcy Rogers Bader (wife)

Date of birth: 1965

Diedrich Bader could compete with his famous hero Greg Otto for the title of the best husband and dad in the USA. In fact, the actor is an exemplary family man who is marked by his constancy and responsibility. Since May 25, 1997, he has been married to a little-known actress Dulcy Rogers.

Dulcy spent her childhood years in Connecticut. But in her late teens, she moved to New York, after graduation from Yale University. She was intended to become a professional actress. The daughter of the talented playwright and holder of Tony award David Rogers, she knew everything about the problems a young actress could meet on her way. That’s why she had enough spirit and courage to trudge to multiple auditions and get refusals. But finally, she was signed as Laura in the theater production “The Glass Menagerie”, where she played a woman, who couldn’t have a baby. She refined her acting skills, playing in many theater plays, and participating in TV commercials. In 1989 she debuted on the big screen in the comedy “Rude Awakening”. After that, she featured on a super popular comedy “Father of the Bride Part II”.

Probably, Dulcy is not so active as an actress nowadays, but she is a happy wife of a talented actor Diedrich Bader and a mother of his two kids.

Diedrich Bader kids

Sebastian Bader (son)


photo instagram.com/baderdiedrich/

Date of birth: 2003

Diedrich is a father of three on the popular TV show “American Housewife”. In his real life, he is a father of two. His oldest child is a son Sebastian Bader. The teenager keeps out of the limelight; he is just a rare guest on his father’s Instagram account. According to Diedrich, he tries to spend as much time as possible with his son Sebastian. They try various kinds of activities – starting from hiking and ending with visiting archeological museums.

Ondine Bader (daughter)

Ondine Bader daughter Diedrich Bader

photo twitter.com/bader_diedrich

Date of birth: 2005

Ondine CaolIla Bader, Diedrich’s daughter, is not afraid of being in the center of attention. Like her father, she is bitten by an acting bug and plans to become not less popular than her daddy. Ondine has already tried some projects, which she chose with Diedrich’s help. Besides, she became recognizable after visiting the Radio Disney Music Awards ceremony with her dad.

Aside from her intention to become an actress, Ondine remains a typical teenager, who is very focused on her family members. Often Diedrich posts pictures of the pies and scones, which his daughter Ondine has made for him.

Who are Diedrich Bader parents?

Bill Bader (father)

Bill Bader father Diedrich Bader

photo facebook.com/debra.b.bader

Date of birth: September 8, 1931

Date of death: March 16, 2016

The actor used to tell so many times, that he had always respected his father for everything he did for his family and his country.

William B. Bader, Karl Diedrich’s father was not a mere creature. The grandson of the former Mayor of Atlantic City, William was aiming very high at school. Young Bader received an excellent education. He graduated from Pomona College, and there he met his future wife (and Diedrich’s mother), Gretta. They wedded in Munich.

William and Gretta have been happily married for over 60 years. They welcomed and raised 4 children. All this time, William worked for the sake of his country. His political career peak came in the late 90s when he was appointed as the head of the Educational and Cultural Affairs department.

Mr. Bader passed away in 2016. He is still alive in the hearts of his relatives and friends.

Gretta Bader (mother)

Date of birth: May 25, 1931

Date of death: August 1, 2014

You’ve already learned that Bader is the son of an influential father. But his mother, nee Margaret Marie Lange, was a talented personality, too. Widely known as Gretta Bader, she gained wide recognition as a skillful sculptor.

She was born in Glen Ridge, USA. Since the earliest years, Gretta liked painting and making sculptures from bronze and other materials. She studied fine arts at Pomona College in Munich, and there she met her future husband William. Later she continued her education at the Rhode Island School of Design. Gretta has never stopped learning and attended lots of art schools in the USA, Germany, and Italy.

She gained wide popularity as a sculptor, who made bronze portraits of outstanding people. Her artworks were exhibited in museums all over the USA.

She passed away in summer 2014, and one of her kids, Diedrich, shared on his Twitter page, that he missed his mom every single day.

Diedrich Bader siblings

Christopher Bader (older brother)

Christopher Bader brother Diedrich Bader

photo facebook.com/cbbader

Diedrich highly values ​​his siblings, and although they do not see each other often, he always keeps them in his heart and congratulates them on various holidays through the social network.

Christopher is one of his older brothers and he is a dark horse. The man does not demonstrate his life on Facebook and other social media platforms, and his photo is very difficult to find on the Internet. The only thing that is known about him is that he is well educated. Bader knows French and German, and he loves classical music. Christopher easily deals with animals. Previously, he owned Primo, the dog who died of cancer. There is also a lovely Siamese cat in his household.

John Bader (older brother)

John Bader

photo facebook.com/john.bader.731

Date of birth: 1963

The second oldest brother is the Bader family is much more open-minded of all the siblings. John enjoys sharing photos of his family as well as the main achievements in his career. Let’s start with the family. The man has a beautiful wife Debra (with whom his brother Diedrich maintains warm friendly relationships) and two teenage sons. The family lives in Maryland. John also works there – he is the Executive Director of the educational organization Fulbright Association. By the way, John is a graduate of Yale University.

Kathy Bader (older sister)

Kathy Bader older sister Diedrich Bader

photo facebook.com/kathy.a.bader

Date of birth: 1957

Katharine is the only girl in Bader’s family. She lives in Washington D.C. Previously, she worked as an educator. Kathy is close with her famous brother Diedrich, but she prefers to stay in the shadow, so rarely posts their common pictures to avoid some extra public attention.


Diedrich Bader has portrayed several interesting female characters, versatile and very realistic. He starred as Frank on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, as Dirk on “Two and a Half Men” and reached the highest level of popularity as Greg Otto from “American Housewife”.

He was born and raised in Alexandria, the picturesque city in Virginia. He has German ancestry. His parents were representatives of the creative professions and led an impressive interesting life. The future actor was only two years old when his family moved to Paris for a few years, and he was introduced to the world of French cozy coffee houses and well-dressed residents. But the family didn’t live for long in France. Very soon they returned to their motherland, and Diedrich went to his first grade.

He studied at Groveton High School and then transferred to T.C. Williams High School. After that, he attended the School of the Arts, which belonged to The University of North Carolina. After graduation, Diedrich dreamed of interesting roles, but it was not easy for an inexperienced actor with no connections in the movie world to get a job. To make ends meet, he got a job as a security guard at a local television studio, but his duties seemed too boring to Bader. Two weeks later he was fired. After a while, suddenly luck smiled down on the young actor.

Diedrich debuted in the western film “Longarm”. He gained initial popularity as “a white dude” from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. Diedrich Bader gained wide popularity as a voice actor, too. He gave his voice to Oscar from the animated comedy “Ice Age”, to Steve Lombard in “Superman: Unbound” and to many other fictional characters.

Recently, Diedrich Bader has been called as the busiest actor on TV. He did three shows simultaneously – “Veep” on HBO, “Better Things” on FX, and “American Housewife” on ABC.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In his early years, he was obsessed with Charlie Chaplin. Every day he copied his walk and gestures. Once he even performed as a Chaplin in public as a kid. Then he was in a movie theater and the film was postponed because of technical problems. To entertain the crowd, Diedrich jumped on the stage and depicted Charlie Chaplin’s moves.
  2. His favorite voice acting work was for the animated series “Batman: The Brave And The Bold”. He voiced the main hero.
  3. Diedrich not just talks for his animated heroes but also sings for them (although it happens not so often). His vocal talent was demonstrated in the series “Pound Puppies”.
  4. His height is 6 ft 2 in and his weight is 187 pounds.
  5. His net worth is $6 million.
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