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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Drake & Josh (TV series)

Birth Date

January 11, 2004

Death date

September 16, 2007 (3 years)

Zodiac Sign




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If you want to see little Miranda Cosgrove, to listen to Drake Bell’s rhythmic music and to laugh at plump Josh Peck, then you should re-watch the cult comedy “Drake & Josh”.

The story of friendship, first love and funny pranks between siblings, who are not blood-relate, Josh and Drake, and Megan, who is a sister to one of them, saw the world for the first time in 2004. After the pilot episode it was clear that the new TV show would be successful.

During 4 seasons of the show, Drake and Josh entertained people all over the world. The hit series were continued with two big screen movies. The plot of the show is simple – Drake and his sister Megan have to share their house with their mother’s new husband, who has a son from previous relationships – Josh. Drake and Josh have to live in one room and they are not doing well at first, but then they become friends. The boys are joint by their common interests and common feud with little Megan, who always finds the way to tick off the older brothers.

“Drake & Josh” propelled careers of Peck, Bell and charming Cosgrove. These entertainers are the stars with a massive fan base now. Drake and Josh followers can read about the favorite actors and their families here.

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