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Jasen Rauch biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jasen Ryan Rauch


guitar player, musician, breaking benjamin member

Birth Date

April 24, 1981


42 years

Zodiac Sign



United States


Edward S. Marcus High School



Jasen Rauch family members

Father's Name

Tim Rauch

Mother's Name

Donna Rauch

Siblings names

Katelyn Rauch (sister), Tanisha Rauch (sister), Joseph Rauch (brother), Nika Rauch (sister)

Is Jasen Rauch a gay/bisexual?


What is Jasen Rauch marital status?


Who is Jasen Rauch wife?

Heather Rauch (wife), Ashley Rauch (ex-wife)

How many children does he have?

5 (daughters Eden Rauch, Lyric Rauch, Aspen Rauch and two adopted sons)

Jasen Rauch wife

Ashley Rauch (ex-wife)

Ashley Rauch

photo instagram.com / jasenrauch

Date of birth: May 3, 1982

Previously, Jasen Rauch was married to a beautiful woman and hot mommy Ashley Nichole Rauch. Ashley and Jasen seemed to be happy together, but something went wrong, and they separated in 2015-2016. They gave birth to two beautiful fair-haired daughters.

Ashley lives in Springfield, TN. She is a big sports enthusiast. Ashley earns her living as a makeup artist.

Heather Rauch (wife)

Heather Rauch

photo facebook.com / mattymulls

Date of birth: March 17, 1986

The love story of Jasen Rauch and his current wife Heather is not known, but for sure, it is extremely short. Jasen separated from his first wife Ashley in 2015, and the year after he announced that he tied a knot with another beautiful blonde, Heather Coyle. In 2016 the couple announced, they are expecting their first common child – a boy, whom they planned to name Henry. But the baby was stillborn.

In 2017 Heather got pregnant again, and then she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, named Aspen. Thus, Jasen has become a father for the third time.

Heather lives in Portage, WI. She was previously married and has two sons from that relationship, whom Jasen considers as his own ones.

Jasen Rauch kids

Eden Rauch (daughter with Ashley Rauch)

Posted by Donna Prendes Rauch on Saturday, August 13, 2016

Date of birth: September 22, 2008

Eden is the first child of Jasen Rauch. She was born in 2008 in the family of a famous guitar player and his then-wife Ashley Rauch. The girl is pretty and smart. In 2013 she became a school pupil, and as her father shared on Instagram, she is keen on studying and loves schooling all day long.

Currently, Eden lives with her mother in Springfield, TN, but she spends a lot of time with her father and paternal siblings.

Lyric Rauch (daughter with Ashley Rauch)

Date of birth: November 21, 2010

Lyric is the second girl of Breaking Benjamin’s musician. Her father loves her most of all and names her “my little angel”. According to Jasen, his little daughter is a real blessing for him. He tells she has lots of talents, including the gift of a comedian.

Aspen Rauch (daughter with Heather Rauch)

Date of birth: January 17, 2018

Her mother Heather was pregnant with her when she was marrying her father Jasen. The girl has become the first common child of Jasen and Heather Rauch, and the third one for both of them, as they had already been married before and had kids. Thus, the girl has two older half-sisters and two older half-brothers.

Aspen Olivia Rauch has become a blessing for both her parents. She was conceived after the sad event in Rauch family – their baby boy Henry was stillborn. Now Jasen is extremely proud of his little girl and names her “My Bird”.


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How lucky am I? So hard to say goodbye.

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Jasen names these two cute boys as his sons. He is not their biological father. They are his wife’s kids from previous relationships. But he likes them very much and insists that they belong to his “tribe”. The name of the oldest boy is Mitchell; the name of the other one is not publicized.

Who are Jasen Rauch parents?

Donna Rauch (mother)

Donna Rauch

photo facebook.com / donnapaylor.rauch

Date of birth: October 8, 1960

Jasen is closely-knitted with his mother. He tells that he owes her a lot and that she had to deal with the tricks he played in the past. He is so thankful to her for everything she did for him.

By the way, Donna did a lot not just for Jansen, but for her four other kids, too. She has two sons and three daughters, two of them are black, so probably, they were adopted, or their daddy was Afro-American.

Donna Carol Rauch is divorced from Jasen’s father, Tim. Currently, she is in relationships with Emil Prendes, a doctor. The couple resides in Bradenton, Florida.

Tim Rauch (father)

Tim Rauch

photo facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1390155721234570

Date of birth: September 1960

The name of Jasen’s father is Timothy Rauch. In spite of the fact, that Tim and Donna, the guitarist’s mother, are divorced, Daddy Rauch didn’t disappear from his son’s life. They like to spend free time together.

Tim lives in Allen, Texas. He grew up in Elk Grove, California and graduated from a high school there. Then he continued his education at Illinois State University. He is married to Abigail Velazquez Rauch, who works in a car dealing company.

Jasen Rauch siblings

Katelyn Rauch (younger sister)

Katelyn Rauch

photo instagram.com / jasenrauch

Date of birth: June 8, 1988

Jasen has cordial relationships with his younger sister Katelyn Rauch. The woman lives in Lewisville, TX. She is single.

Tanisha Rauch (sister)

Tanisha Rauch

photo facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=100533053310073

Tanisha is one more sibling of Jasen Rauch, Breaking Benjamin participant. She names Donna “my mother”, so she is the member of the Rauch breed, but she is black-skinned. Probably, she was adopted; otherwise, she was born from Donna’s relationships to a black-skinned man. Tanisha has already become a mother. She works as a car dealer.

Joseph Rauch (younger brother)

Joseph Rauch

photo facebook.com / joseph.rauch.180

Date of birth: September 24, 1989

Joseph Jesus Rauch is Jasen’s younger brother. It’s not publicized, whether he is musician’s full of half-sibling. Joseph lives in Lewisville, TX as of now. He is single.

Nika Rauch (sister)

Nika Rauch

photo instagram.com / jasenrauch

Date of birth: July 28, 1994

Nika is another black-skinned sister of Jasen. Again, probably, she is not blood-related to him, like Tanisha. She is easy-going and humorous, as her mom Donna tells about her. Her full name is Unika Laquisha Rauch. In 2013 she graduated from a high school. She resides in Bradenton, Florida.


Jasen Ryan Rauch is not just a celebrated guitar player, music producer, and songwriter, but also a great family man. He calls his family “my tribe”. The talented guitarist was blessed with a big friendly family: he has 4 siblings and 5 kids. He misses his relatives when he is away on tour.

Jasen Ryan Rauch was born in 1981 in the family of Donna and Tim Rauch. He spent the major part of his teen years in Texas, USA. The future music star graduated from prestigious Edward S. Marcus High School, located in Flower Mouth, TX.

He was keen on music since his teens. For the first time, he went into prominence as the member of a Christian metal group “RED”. The band was formed by several enthusiasts in Nashville, TN, where Jasen resided at that time with his wife and daughters. “RED” was formed in the middle 2000s, and during many years of its activity, it earned lots of accolades. “RED” was nominated for GMA Dove Award and for Grammy, too. Their debut album “End of Silence” brought the musicians international fame.

Later Jasen left the band (but he joins his colleagues from “RED” on the stage from time to time till now). He focused his mind on other projects, which include producing the nu-metal band “Korn” and others. He is also a songwriter. In 2010s he wrote several songs for the band “Breaking Benjamin”, and in 2014 he became its permanent member.

As part of “BB”, Jasen has already reached a lot. He participated in the band’s fifth album recording. It’s title is “Dark Before Dawn”, and it became commercially successful. In 2018, as the part of Breaking Benjamin, he presented the great album “Ember”, the single from which (“Torn in Two”) topped the Billboard 200 chart.

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