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Jess Bauer-Conte biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jess Bauer


YouTube star, Instagram star, singer

Birth Date

July 23, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia


private school in Brisbane



Jess Bauer-Conte family members

Father's Name

Russell Bauer

Mother's Name

Janine Bauer

Siblings names

Sarah Bauer (older sister), Toby Bauer (younger brother)

Is Jess Bauer-Conte a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jess Bauer-Conte marital status?


Who is Jess Bauer-Conte husband?

Gabriel Conte

When did get married?

December 18, 2016

Jess Bauer-Conte husband

Gabriel Conte (husband)

Gabriel Conte husband Jess Bauer-Conte


Date of birth: October 24, 1994

Gabriel Conte and his young wife Jess maintain extremely beautiful romantic relationships. They inspire their followers with their pure love. The couple shares lots of common interests. They work on their YoUTube channel together. They reside in Los Angeles, USA. Jess and her husband haven’t welcomed kids yet. But they care about their dog, Milo Conte. Jess and Gabriel wedded on December 18, 2016. All their family members were present at an extremely beautiful wedding ceremony.

Gabriel Conte entered this world in Miami, Florida, United States. He grew up with two siblings. He was a middle school pupil when he got registered on Vine and uploaded his first video. Thus, his social media fame started to grow.

After graduation from school, Gabriel attended Florida State University. Their he studied theater art. Now he is widely known as a YouTuber and Instagram star. But Gabriel achieved some kudos as a movie actor, too. In 2017 he appeared in the film “Like.Share.Follow.”.

Gabriel and Jess seem to enjoy their life as a couple.

Who are Jess Bauer-Conte parents?

Russell Bauer (father)

Russell Bauer father Jess Bauer-Conte


Russell, or Rusty, as he is called by friends and family members, is Jess’s beloved father. As he wrote on social media once, he is so proud of their big friendly family of five. Although they can’t see each other too often anymore as they live in different countries, nothing can separate them.

Russ did a lot to build such a great family with his wife of many years Janine. He worked hard to be a provider for his family members. Mr. Bauer earns his living as an educator. Currently, he works at Sheldon College, Brisbane. As of 2020, he has been teaching for 30 years already. He used to work at a theater school. Rusty is a good singer and theater actor. Probably, Jess inherited her talent for acting and singing from him.

In his free time, he likes to visit American football matches and going fishing with his dad.

Janine Bauer (mother)

Janine Bauer mother Jess Bauer-Conte


Jess’s mother’s name is Janine. She is the daughter of Joan and Max Davies. Her parents celebrated the 69th anniversary of married life in 2020. Janine confessed that her parents are role models for her. She used the family they had built as a model to create her own one.

By the way, Rusty and she have been together for several decades, too. They brought up three beautiful and talented children. Janine is thankful to her great husband for everything.

Like her husband, she started her career as an educator, too. During many years she worked as a teacher at the girl’s boarding and day school in Australia.

Nowadays she tries her hand in business. She serves as a sales representative at an apparel brand. Besides, she is a consultant at a cosmetics company.

Jess Bauer-Conte siblings

Sarah Bauer (older sister)

Sarah Bauer sister Jess Bauer-Conte


Date of birth: July 4, 1994

Jess is the middle child in her parents’ family. She has an older sister and a younger brother.

Her sister is named Sarah Bauer. She lives not far from her parents’ house in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Sarah is in relations with a handsome young man, named Luke Bishop. Her professional background is not known. But in her free time, she likes swimming, diving, and hiking. Besides, the girl loves animals. He owns a cute pet – a dog Hershey.

Toby Bauer (younger brother)

Toby Bauer brother Jess Bauer-Conte


Date of birth: March 21, 2004

Jess has a younger brother Jess. He is a teenager as of 2020. The boy lives with his parents in Australia. He is a high school pupil.


She was born in Kingaroy, Australia. Since the earliest years, she was very religious. Each member of her family was a devoured Christian and visited church every Sunday. Jess was educated at a Christian school. She was 15 when her parents moved their family to Brisbane, Australia. She changed her Christian school for a Private one. Her peers there were not so religious; some of them smoked and drank alcoholic beverages. Jess didn’t like her time at that school.

Her life changed immediately when she got acquainted with Gabriel Conte, her current husband. They crossed their ways for the first time on a social media platform. They started to communicate, and immediately felt, they had lots in common. Gabe invited Jess to visit him in Florida, USA. She agreed, and thus their romance started.

Now they are married, and she is an American resident.

Jess is a famed YouTuber as of now. She has 2.3 million + subscribers on her channel now. She is also a co-founder of the channel “Jess and Gabriel”, which she created with her husband.

Mrs. Conte is not just a beautiful young girl, who serves as an inspiration for others. She is also an aspiring singer. From time to time she uploads the covers of various popular songs on her channel. Thus, her version of Ed Sheeran’s song “What Do I Know” gained more than 1 million views. After marriage, she changed her surname “Bauer” for “Conte”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Since she was 10, she dreamed to become an American resident.
  2. She is a graphic designer by profession, and she does some projects from time to time.
  3. Her role model and inspiration is Selene Gomez.
  4. Her height is 5 ft 8 in and her weight is 117 pounds.
  5. Her net worth is about $200, 000.
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