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Lizzy Greene biography
lizzy_greene / instagram
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Elizabeth Anne Greene


actress, model

Birth Date

May 1, 2003


18 years

Zodiac Sign



Dallas, Texas, United States


homeschooled; John D’Aquino’s Young Actors Intensive; ouse Theater and Film School



Lizzy Greene family members

Mother's Name

Amy Greene

Siblings names

Garrett Greene (older brother)

Is Lizzy Greene a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Lizzy Greene marital status?


In fact, Lizzy Greene prefers to keep her family life in the shadow. According to TheFamousPeople, she resides in Dallas with her father, mother and brother. But in her interviews the girl has never mentioned her father figure. So, here’s some data on Lizzy’s mother and older brother.

Who are Lizzy Greene parents?


Lizzy Greene father

greene_lizzy / twitter

Lizzy Greene didn’t publicize her father’s name, but she congratulated him through her Twitter account in June, 2018. The girl gave lots of compliments to her dad through social media, so obviously, they are in good terms. Lizzy’s father is grey-haired and looks like a middle-aged man, so probably he welcomed his daughter Lizzy in mature age.

Amy Greene (mother)

Amy Greene mother Lizzy Greene

greene_lizzy / twitter

Amy is her daughter’s role model. It was she, who helped the girl start career of an actress and supported her during the years of filming “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn” (NRDD). On Mother’s Day Miss Greene posted an open letter to her mom through social media, where she thanked her parent for everything!

In her young years Amy was a gymnast.

Lizzy Greene siblings

Garrett Greene (older brother)

Garrett Greene older brother Lizzy Greene

greene_lizzy / twitter

Date of birth: December 3, 1999

Garrett Greene is Lizzy’s older brother. He has become popular due to his sibling. In 2017 the boy appeared at Kids’ Choice Sports Awards with his girlfriend Sydney. He came there to support his sister Lizzy.

Garret is a college student. He is fond of surfing. Lizzy’s brother can hardly be called an Instagram star, but he has an account with more than 17, 000 of followers.


Lizzy Greene bio

lizzy_greene / instagram

Lizzy Greene is just 15 years old, but she has already become a popular TV actress. She is widely recognized as Dawn Harper from the series “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”, produced by Nickelodeon. The family series about  three brothers and a sister – has already gained a large fan base. It has been on air since 2014 and is in its 4th (last) season.

Lizzy was born in Dallas, Texas. The cute active girl has been interested in music and gymnastics since the earliest years. Her music teacher advised Greene’s mother to send the girl to acting school.  From that moment Lizzy’s life has changed – she was bit by an acting bug.

Greene attended John D’Aquino’s Young Actors Intensive, when she was discovered by a talent scout. Having passed a long auditioning process, the girl was cast as Dawn to “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”.

In spite of the fact, that the series is in its last season, Lizzy is not going to stop. She plans to continue career of an actress and appear in new TV series and films. Her main aim is to play in a feature film.

In addition to acting, Lizzy is a great singer. She tells that she would choose singing as a career, if acting didn’t work out. Besides, she is a model. Not long ago a pretty teenager signed the deal with Maybelline to advertise its youthful line.

Interesting and fun facts

Lizzy Greene

lizzy_greene / instagram

  1. Lizzy Greene was bullied at school for being too short (as for now the girl’s height is 5 ft 2). That why she has become homeschooled.
  2. In spite of the fact that Greene was busy at NRDD film set for more than 9 hours per day, she had never forgotten to make her homework. In her interview to Seventeen magazine the actress told, that her colleagues insisted, she should have good marks to have a right to act in the series. So, Lizzy did homework first, and then began to study lines for her role.
  3. Lizzy tells, to balance her career with studying at school, she read time management books.
  4. Greene is a good singer. Before landing the role in NRDD, she participated in music talent contest several years in a row, and each time her result was good.
  5. Lizzy Greene is a very stylish girl. She tells, she dreams to design clothing line one day. In autumn, 2017 the young actress visited her first fashion show in NY.
  6. Although Lizzy Greene positions herself as a single girl, who is too young to date anyone, she was rumored to date 18-year-old actor Ricardo Hurtado. They met at NRDD film set.
  7. She has a dog Jett and a cat Coco.
  8. Lizzy’s favorite actress is Blake Lively. Greene told that she likes celebs, which are not afraid to take risks and to be unpredictable.
  9. Lizzy Greene’s food she can’t live without is sushi.
  10. Dawn Harper actress is a very athletic girl, who practices gymnastics, swimming and used to play soccer at school.
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