Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson)

Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jimmy Donaldson


YouTuber, Instagram star, philantropist

Birth Date

May 7, 1998


25 years

Zodiac Sign



Kansas, United States


Greenville Christian Academy, East Carolina University (dropout)



Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) family members

Father's Name

Mr. Donaldson

Mother's Name

Sue Donaldson

Siblings names

CJ Donaldson (older brother)

Is Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) a gay/bisexual?


What is Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) marital status?

In relation

Who are Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) parents?

Mr. Donaldson (father)

Some sources state, that the name of Mr. Beast’s father is Stephen. This information is not confirmed. But it is known, that Mr. Donaldson separated from Jimmy’s mother when the future YouTube star was a little boy. Nevertheless, he stayed connected with his sons, Jimmy and Charles.

Mr. Beast mentioned, that his dad gave him a used iPhone to make more videos for his YouTube channel more high-quality. He stays connected with his father Mr. Donaldson, who runs his own business. Nevertheless, Jimmy stressed the fact, that he has never been rich in his childhood. His father had an average level of income. That’s why in his early years Jimmy was happy to have $50 as a gift. That’s why it was so amazing when his income reached the multi-dollar mark.

Sue Donaldson (mother)

Mr. Beast mother

Mr. Beast mother

Jimmy Donaldson is incredibly close with his mother. Although the woman tries to keep her privacy and she isn’t present on social media, Jimmy’s fans could see her in several of his YouTube episodes. The most famous of them is “Giving My Mom $100,000”.

Sue divorced Mr. Donaldson when both her sons were little. Mostly, Sue raised her kids by herself. She used to serve in the military, and during his childhood years, Jimmy had to move a lot. His older brother and he were born in different states. She was on active army duty for 21 years before her retirement. Jimmy used to tell, that he liked such an active childhood. With his mom, he had to change several army installations. That was not boring.

Sue Donaldson mother Mr. Beast

Sue Donaldson mother Mr. Beast

Later Sue re-married. The name of Jimmy’s stepfather is undisclosed. But he has been featured in some of Jimmy’s videos. For the first time, Jimmy mentioned and showed his stepdad in an episode “Bought A Car Using Only Pennies”.

Jimmy’s mother is so close with her son. She used to tell in her interview, that her second son was a very obsessive personality. She supported him when he started posting on YouTube. Nevertheless, she wanted Donaldson to go to college. If he refused, she would ask him to move away.

Mr. Beast hated the idea to study in college. He entered East Carolina University but didn’t visit his classes there. He just cheated his mom that he was studying not to move out of her house. After a month of such “studying,” he quit college and rented his own house.

Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) siblings

CJ Donaldson (older brother)

CJ Donaldson brother Mr. Beast

CJ Donaldson brother Mr. Beast

Date of birth: April 26, 1996

Mr. Beast grew up with an older brother Charles Donaldson, widely known as “CJ”. At first, CJ appeared on some episodes of Mr. Beast’s videos. He was featured on “Surprising My Brother with a Laptop”, “I Gave My Brother 24 Hours To Spend $100,000” and others.

Charles was born in Georgia when his mother served in an army installment there. He grew up in Greenville, NC and always was very close with his brother Jimmy.

In August 2019 CJ started his channel. At that time it was called “Mr.Bro”. As of February 2023, it is called “CjTheseDays” and it boasts 4.3 million subscribers. Although CJ’s content is similar to his brother’s one, still people like his videos and consider them funny. Unfortunately, CJ doesn’t develop his channel. He hasn’t posted any new videos within a year. But he has another one, “CJTheseGames”, with 82k+ subscribers. He is a bit more active on this channel. He is also active on Instagram. Charles’s Instagram account is followed by 124k people.

Mr. Beast helped his brother to launch his YouTube career. He encouraged his followers to subscribe to his brother’s channel. Besides, he asked his team to help CJ with his videos. He also gave his brother the old equipment.

CJ is a Greenville Christian Academy graduate. Just like his brother, he used to play baseball and basketball in his school years. As of 2023, Charles is single.

In one of his videos, Mr. Beast mentioned, that he also has a sister. But there is no other evidence about that girl.


Mr. Beast is a super popular YouTuber. He manages several channels on this platform. The main channel has already accumulated 132 million subscribers.  This channel is the 4th most subscribed on YouTube. It has the biggest amount of subscribers for incorporative channels. His other channel, “Beast Philanthropy”, has 11.7 million viewers.

It’s hard to believe it now, but Mr. Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, doesn’t come from a rich family. He was born in Kansas, while his mother served in the army there. Later his parents divorced, and he relocated with his mother and older brother to Greenville, NC. There he attended the Greensville Christian Academy.

As Jimmy told in his interviews, he was an obsessive person. His first obsession was lego. He was building lego forts all the time, that’s why the floor in his room was covered with lego pieces. His other obsession was baseball. He was playing all day long. Jimmy was part of the school sports team. He had to quit his baseball career when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  This health disorder is characterized by digestive tract inflammation. Jimmy weighed 139 pounds at that time. And he was 6 ft 2 in high. The boy was lying in bed almost all day long. He had no energy. But after months of right treatment, he came back on YouTube.

Donaldson started his YouTube career at the age of 12-13. At first, he made no money at all. But he was so passionate about making videos. At first, they were of low quality. But later he saved some cash to buy better equipment.

In 2016 he graduated from high school and then quit college. That was the first year when he got initial success on YouTube. He put lots of effort to generate high-quality content. Jimmy posted “Worst intros on YouTube”, and then he created the video, where he read the vocabulary. In another video, he was counting up to 100, 000. The number of his subscribers was growing up rapidly.

When he reached 475k subscribers and started making money, he spent almost all his income on philanthropic videos. Thus, he gave $10, 000 to a homeless person and made many other good deeds. He supported people financially during the pandemic and encouraged them to care about the environment with his “Planting 20 Million Trees” project, for which Elon Musk donated $1 million.

In 2022 Mr. Beast was included in Guinness World Book as the most subscribed male individual on YouTube.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Mr. Beast hasn’t been officially married as of 2023. But he has been dating a model Maddy Spidell since 2019. They got acquainted through Twitter.
  2. In his middle school years, Mr. Beast was a super shy person. He had to perform for Baseball Little League but avoided it not to be in the center of public attention. His coach used to put the baseball cap very deeply on his forehead to cover his eyes.
  3. His friend, Chris Tyson, was in his videos from the very beginning. Chris is Jimmy’s oldest friend. He was a high school pupil, while Donaldson was in middle school. Mr. Beast calls Chris “the funniest person I’ve ever known”. He made Jimmy’s videos much funnier.
  4. Mr. Beast decided to start his channel, when his favorite YouTuber Woody’s Gamer Tech, decided to quit his job and make money through this video platform exclusively. Thus, 12-year-old Jimmy understood, that he can do the same and launched his channel.
  5. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated by Forbes as $500 million.
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